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Hello everyone,

am trying to sell these for a family in need.

Postage does is not included.

Thank you for looking, can combine postage with my other list: 

God Bless you Joseph

Looking At Weather by David Suzuki pb gc $2.

Eyewitness book on Electricity by Steve Parker  hb wdj *AS NEW*(great to cover Technology too. $8 -

Usborne- Internet-Linked :  First Encyclopaedia of Space with over 40 Web sites by Paul Downswell hb wdj *AS NEW* $8.

Usborne- Internet-Linked : First Encyclopaedia of Seas and Oceans by Ben Denne hb wdj *AS NEW* $8.. t

Eyewitness Science Guides : How Science Works : Fascinating Projects and Experiments that Reveal the Secrets of Science by Judith Hann hb wdj ec $8

How High Can a Kangaroo Hop? By Jackie French pb gc $3….Why does Australia have animals that are so different from others anywhere else in the world? Why do kangaroos and wallabies have such big tummies? Why do joeys eat their mother's droppings? This book takes a closer look at Australia's best-known marsupials.If you have a child who doesn't like to read, or finds reading difficult this book great book for ages 7-12 will make a fantastic non-fiction read that can’t be put down. You will be captivated by Jackie French's accessible writing and by all that you will learn along the way.

Frontier Wolf by Rosemary Sutcliff pb ec $8

My Story: Voyage on the  Great Titanic The Diary of Margaret Anne Brady, 1912 ec $8.ent/voyage-great-titanic-discussion-guide/

Sam Martin The Curious Boys Book of Adventure : 100 High Jinks & Escapades hb *AS NEW* (great gift idea) $10.

The Night of Las Posadas by Tomie dePaola hb wdj ec $8

The Enchanted Forest by Idas Rental Outhwaite hb ewdj *as new* $4


Thunder Rolling in The Mountains by Scott O’Dell and Elizabeth Hall pb gc $4

Really So Stories by Elizabeth Gordon (vintage 1924) hb gc $4….. This book includes information much like the old Boys Book of Knowledge…It is part of a series but can be read on its own. Beautifully illustrated in colour plates. This book focuses on countries and their customs & traditions, such as Palm Sunday; The Story of the Bible; Lent; St.Patrick’s day; Good Friday; About Easter; Christmas; it also includes traditions of,  Candlemas Day; mother’s Day; Children’s Day; Fourth of July; How Thanksgiving Came…Also included are topics such as About the Telegraph; How a military salute came; About boy scouts; about pearls; about hats; about silk; about carrier pigeons; about clocks; about coral; about cotton and so much more……

Lucky, Lucky White Horse by Beryl Epstein hb wdj ec $3..A lovely story of friendship. Set in 1916, if only childhoods were still so innocent!  When Ellen's family moved to Columbus in 1916 she knew that her cousin Hetty's family would move next door three weeks later. That was the way it had always been and Ellen had grown up in bossy Hetty's shadow. The story moves through the three short weeks in which Ellen starts to establish a personality of her own in a new neighbourhood. The incidents are unified by Ellen's determined efforts at an easily adapted and amusing wish game. Every time she sees a white horse, it has to be counted along with a ritual chant. When the figure reaches 100, she is to walk around the block without stopping and find something. Just before the advent of Hetty, Ellen finds Mindy. The pace is easy, the story warmly real in its household and neighbourhood detail, and a natural for girls at this age level who are consciously making their first step into the world when they make their first friend outside the family. Ages 8-10

The House We Live In (or The Making of The Body) : A Book for Home, intended to assist Mothers in teaching their children how to care for their bodies, and the evil effects of narcotics and stimulants (Imbued with scripture VINTAGE  first edition pub C.1900 s) by Vesta J. Farnsworth hb ec $20.A quaint volume that is a book for home reading, Contents: Houses and Temples; The Outside of the Body; Substances in the Body; Our Frame; Proper Care of the Bones; The Walls of Our House; Weatherboards and Roofing; The Cupola; Our Telephone System; The Hall or Passage; Our Kitchen; The Eating Room; Food and Fuel; A Pumping Engine; The Caretaker; The Bath Room; How the House is Heated; The Music Room; The Hearing Passage; Some Wonderful Windows; A Good Servant; A Faithful Watchman; A Gentle Nurse; A Wicked Thief; A Cruel Murderer; and Character of the Master. A Mothers resource.

The Prayer of The Presence of God by Dom Augustin Guillerand A Carthusian Monk pb *NEW* $10…For nearly a thousand years, monks of the Carthusian Order have withdrawn from the world so they can place themselves in the presence of God. Alone in their cells, they pray, work, and take their meals, freed from worldly distractions and the cacophony of thoughts that course through your mind and mine, when, at the end of busy days, we finally kneel down to pray. A thousand years' silence has enabled the Carthusians to perfect a way of praying suited for the cloister, but it's also right for those of us whose obligations force us to work and pray in the rush and hurry of the world. In these pages, the monk Augustin Guillerand reveals the secret of the Carthusian's remarkable prayer of the presence of God, a habit of tranquil listening that allows God to enter our souls and establish His presence there. This book is most insightful on issues regarding the interior life. Specifically it is helpful in identifying what True Prayer is and the perfection of that prayer life as well as developing a more mature and intimate relation with God. The author shows off his inner poet with reflections in the last chapter that are largely "Praises" to God in the various means and ways we could understand as human beings. High School to Adult

Climbing Higher an Iceland Adventure by Elizabeth Yates hb (vintage book 1955) hb gc $8

Koronglea Cobbers by Far Hewston Stevens hb wdj ec $8.The Dixon family lives on a sheep farm 300 miles from Sydney. The oldest sister who has been living in America is coming to visit with her young son who has never been to Australia. The family looks forwards to sharing their farm and its special animals - the dog Benjie, the piebald pony Paint, the Clydesdale workhorse, and Flare the beautiful chestnut horse. A delightful story set in Farm land Australia, Ages 8++

The Iron Wolf and other Stories by Richard Adams hb wdj ec $7

Meet The Lees by G.E.Logue hb gc OOP 1946 $7This is a delightful book set after the war when times were tough but people were optimistic. The children aren’t perfect but they are fun. It is not a complicated read. Age: 10+

Mr. Fitton at The Helm by Showell Styles hb wdj ec $5….. First published in 1998, Mr Fitton at the Helm tells of the exploits of sailor Michael Fitton. When the commander-in-chief of the West Indies Squadron orders a second officer onto the schooner Gipsy, Lieutenant Fitton is far from pleased. Feeling his command threatened by this newcomer Mr Fitton also finds his search for the notorious pirate Van Horn's secret base severely hindered. His new officer quickly becomes a thorn in Mr Fitton's side - not only is he inept but he also falls hopelessly in love with the admiral's beautiful niece, Maud. However, when Van Horn kidnaps Maud, Mr Fitton must lead a dangerous attack on both sea and land, which could provide him with the opportunity of solving more than one of his problems. Showell Styles was born Frank Showell Styles in 1908. His childhood was spent in the Welsh hills and he became an avid mountaineer and explorer. During the war, Styles joined the Navy and was posted in the Mediterranean, but even there he walked and climbed as much as he could. An aspiring writer, Styles already had articles published in Punch, before setting out to make his living as an author. Great author, (I, Joseph own many of his titles and have enjoyed reading and re-reading his novels…a must for boys who love adventure but also find good qualities and character in books for their own self-betterment!) Ages 12+ 

HISTORY LINKS UNIT STUDIES FOR CATHOLIC FAMILIES by Jennifer Alles & Barbara Little: All  spb and in gc $20 each Unit -History Links are unit studies for Catholic homeschoolers. Each unit integrates Roman Catholic doctrine and tradition with the study of World History to help your children understand the past, make virtuous choices in the present, and look forward to the future. Each History Link is packed with thought-provoking questions, hands-on projects, and interesting research and report ideas that will have your children begging for more. Each unit is -Family-friendly: Designed to meet the needs of the large family. There are even ideas for the toddler listed on every page.- Easy: Teaches the entire family together, from preschool through high school. Supply lists and age levels are given for each project in the margin; simply scan to see which activities you wish to do that day or week, and then implement them. So easy that many parents do not even develop formal lesson plans when using this program.- Flexible: Designed so that the parent can tailor-make a unit that meets the needs of the individual family or child.- Family-centred: Builds family memories and family relationships while helping to solidify your children’s understanding of history and their Faith. - Orthodox: Incorporates encyclicals and documents of the Church, writings of the Saints and early Church Fathers, and Sacred Scripture throughout the program. - Academic: Critical Thinking Skills are foundational to this program. Original texts and classical works are utilised throughout the units.- Economical: No need to buy to buy a huge volume including many units that won’t be used.- Sequential: The material is presented in an organised and sequential manner; however, the units may be used in any order desired.- Enjoyable: Exploring ancient works, engaging in memorable activities, initiating research projects: History will probably become your children’s favourite subject!

Unit One. - General Studies: This introductory manual explores the authors’ teaching philosophies and techniques. It also gives practical help for teaching high schoolers and entertaining toddlers. This foundational unit covers the four pillars necessary for using History Links unit studies: history, archaeology, geography, and theology.Demonstrate geological layering with a Jello dessert. Explore the concept of timelines with a family photo-history. Apply the Church’s guidance for studying the Sacred Scriptures.

Unit Three  - Mesopotamia: Mesopotamia was the land of the patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. Study the culture of Ur to realise all that Abraham left behind to follow God's call to go to the land of Canaan.The Mesopotamians invented what might be considered the most important piece of technology of all times–make this invention out of a potato. Make a ziggurat cake. Compare the Code of Hammurabi to the Mosaic Commandments. Present a shadow play based on the Epic of Gilgamesh. 

Unit Five - Ancient Israel : Our Catholic worship is rooted in the traditions of the ancient Hebrew people. Delve into your Jewish roots by exploring the people and cultures of the Ancient Middle East. Enrich your knowledge of the historical, prophetic and poetic books of the Old Testament.Compose poetry in the style of the ancient psalmists. Celebrate the Jewish feasts as Jesus. Explore the four senses of Sacred Scripture as seen in the story of Naaman. 

Unit Six - Ancient Greece: Classical Greece was a prime contributor to civilisation as we know it. Compare the governmental styles, the arts, the architecture, even the philosophy of the ancient Greeks with our culture today.Don a chiton and work your math problems on an abacus or wax tablet. Act out the three principal forms of government the Greeks utilised. Read or perform some of the Greek tragedies and comedies.

Unit Seven - Ancient Rome Volume One The Republic :The Roman Republic volume focuses on the lifestyle, literature, military, and government of ancient Rome. Compare your government to that of the Roman Republic. Construct Roman shields and imitate the tortoise formation of the Roman soldiers. Dress in a toga and recite one of Cicero's speeches or act out a scene from Shakespeare¹s Julius Caesar. Practice your spelling words with pretzel letters and sandwich boards. Cook an ancient Roman feast using actual recipes from antiquity.

Unit Seven Ancient Rome Volume Two - Pax Romana :The Pax Romana showcases the life of Christ and the Apostolic Age. You will understand the political climate into which Christ was born and have the opportunity to meditate on famous works of art depicting scenes from Christ's life. Learn about Roman and Jewish law to understand more fully the trial of Jesus.Follow the development of the liturgy, the Sacraments, and the hierarchy of the Church in these early years. Play the Apostle Game to remember the twelve Apostles. Make a “Eucharist cake” for the Feast of Corpus Christi. Throw a birthday party for the Church. Truly celebrate the liturgical year.

Unit Seven Ancient Rome Volume Three - The Roman Empire :The Roman Empire unit accentuates the progression of the Empire and its eventual demise, while tracing the development of the early Church. Continue to follow the development of the liturgy and the sacraments, as well as the clarification of doctrine. Encounter the principal Saints, councils, heresies of the early Church. Act out the scene that most influenced Constantine's conversion. Host an Early Church Mystery Saints dinner. Demonstrate the invasion of Roman lands and the eventual destruction of Rome using marbles and a balloon, dominoes, or an edible map.

Unit Eight - The Medieval Era -Volume Early Medieval : The centuries following the fall of the Roman Empire are often called the “Dark Ages” but this fails to acknowledge that culture was preserved largely through the work of Catholic monks and Muslim scholars of that day.Make Ora et Labora bracelets while studying the Rule of St. Benedict. Make a jewelled Byzantine Gospel cover and a booklet of Arabic art. Write an icon of “Mother and Child”. Host a Treasure Hunt with clues written in Viking Runes.


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Is it possible to combine these books with the ones from your other listing please:

thankyou :)


Frontier Wolf by Rosemary Sutcliff pb ec $8…“We are the scum and the scrapings of the Empire. They tipped out the garbage-bin of the Eagles to make us what we are.” Britain, A.D. 343. Order slowly collapses on the northernmost edge of the Roman empire. Alexios struggles to contain, govern, and earn the respect of a small post of half-wild legionnaires, the Frontier Wolves.A mistake almost costs him his military career and he finds himself saddled with the hard bitten Frontier Wolves at a fort just south of the Antonine Wall. It is brilliantly written. In disgrace after a mistake that cost the lives of half his men, Alexios arrives in Castellum. It's his first command, but it isn't really a promotion. The Frontier Wolves who man this outpost in the far north of Roman Britain are a fierce and savage bunch, a far cry from the regular legions he'd served in before. Alexios will only survive if he learns to understand them and win their respect - and he's determined to try. Ages 15+


My Story: Voyage on the  Great Titanic The Diary of Margaret Anne Brady, 1912 ec $8…..On Thursday, April 4, 1912, Margaret Ann Brady, a young teen living at St. Abernathy's Orphanage for Girls, finds daydreams of her upcoming transatlantic voyage more exciting than arithmetic or literature: "I expect to learn a great deal from my journey...America is supposed to be the land of endless opportunities, and I see no reason not to try to better myself.” Five years earlier, Margaret's older brother left her in the care of Sister Catherine at St. Abernathy's and emigrated to America. Thus, when the orphanage receives an unusual request from an American woman looking for a traveling companion, Margaret's teachers agree that she is the perfect candidate. Margaret will accompany Mrs. Carstairs on the Titanic, and from the port of New York she will be free to join her brother in Boston. Margaret's diary entries progress from observations of indescribable luxury and excess to the terror of the ship's ultimate destiny — collision with an iceberg only five days out of port: "A very strange thing just happened. My hand seemed perfectly steady, and yet I spilled part of my hot chocolate. It was as though there was a jolt...perhaps the seas are beginning to get rough?" Within four hours, the Titanic would be at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and 1500 of her passengers and crew would be dead. Teacher lesson plans here:   https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/lesson-plans/teaching-content/voyage-great-titanic-discussion-guide/

Sam Martin The Curious Boys Book of Adventure : 100 High Jinks & Escapades hb *AS NEW* (great gift idea) $10….Bursting with things to make, learn, and discover, this is The indispensable weapon to blast rainy days or to pick up anytime you want something fascinating to do. Learn how to skate backwards, predict the weather, make a bow and arrow, track animals, launch a bottle rocket, make slime, create an indoor volcano and pages of other ideas guaranteed to annoy sisters and impress adventurous friends. Brilliant fun, accessible, with detailed explanations and illustrations, four-colour throughout, and a pick-up-able hardback format:  nice size to tuck in a satchel to carry around anywhere, anytime! The activities in The Curious Boy’s Book of Adventure reawaken the adventure instinct! The lightweight, format makes it perfect for kids to take along on expeditions, and its clearly organised advice ensures that every adventure is a success. A great gift that boys will enjoy all year round! for any boy age 9 and over. 

Thunder Rolling in The Mountains by Scott O’Dell and Elizabeth Hall pb gc $4….It is spring of 1877 when fourteen-year-old Sound of Running Feet, daughter of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce, sees white people panning gold in the little creek that feeds the Wallowa River, and brings word of them to her father. "They are the first, but more are on the way," he says. "We are few and they are many. They will devour us." It is Sound of Running Feet who narrates the story of her tribe's fate. Readers will be gripped as she shares with us her respect for her father, her love for handsome Swan Necklace, and her destiny.  The Nez Pierce tribe being driven from their homeland and going to war with the US army, told from the perspective of Chief Joseph's daughter, Sound of Running Feet. We see her tribe struggling to survive as they run from the army and slowly lose their possessions and many lives. Sound of Running Feet eventually strikes off with only her beloved to try to escape to Canada. Ages 12+

Climbing Higher an Iceland Adventure by Elizabeth Yates hb (vintage book 1955) hb gc $8…Fifteen-year-old Michael and his fourteen-year-old sister Merry accompany their adventurous Uncle Tony to Iceland, where they explore the remote mountainous countryside in search of a long-lost relative of one of their uncle's friends. Michael and Merry are invited to go along to Iceland to look for a missing young man. While they are there they have many adventures of their own. They help look for some lost ponies and do some mountain climbing. This is an enjoyable book which will inspire children to explore other countries and learn about other cultures. As alway Elizabeth Yates (author of Amos Fortune, Free Man) brings to life a wholesome story, with out being preachy your mind and heart are raised to higher things by reading her books! All ages, great read aloud.

The Iron Wolf and other Stories by Richard Adams hb wdj ec $7….In this volume, Richard Adams (author of Watershed Down) has collected together nineteen enchanting folk-tales from almost as many parts of the world - from Europe to China and from Polynesia to the Arctic Circle. Each has a special magic, an aura that is sometimes beautiful and fascinating, sombre and frightening, or exciting and colourful. But what unites all these stories is the essential quality of folk-lore, something that transcends the boundaries of nations, of custom and time, that gives them their permanence and universality of appeal. Richard Adams unique collection of fables is intriguing and thought-provoking...to see ourselves and others in each is a rewarding challenge -- well worth the effort! Ages12 +

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