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Hello everyone,

Thank you for looking...all books aid a family in need.

Buy more than 5 Titles receive further discount!!!!!

God bless and thank you for your support.


Mennyms by Sylvia Waugh hb wdj ec $3The Mennyms are a devoted family living together at No 5, Brocklehurst Grove. It is a big household in which the five children are fussed over by their mother and the father worries about his job. Any normal family, you might think - but you would be wrong, for No 5 is home to a secret.This is a great story about a family of "human-size sentient rag dolls" who live in an old house together. Unlike so many books for this age range (probably late elementary/early middle school), there's nothing "edgy" about this book, but, at the same time, the characters  Waugh is a gifted storyteller and is able to draw readers into the lives of these unlikely protagonists. She’s created characters that are captivating and relatable, and the troubles they face are familiar and real, even if the Mennynm’s are not. Ages 10+

Out Cast by Rosemary Sutcliff pb ec $6…

Song of The Dark Queen by Rosemary Sutcliff pb ec $6…

A Traveller in Time by Alison Uttley pb ec $7

These Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder pb ec $3……Laura is teaching school, and it's terrifying! Most of the students are taller than she is, and she must sleep away from home for the first time. Laura is miserable, but the money is needed to keep Mary in a college for the blind. And every Friday—no matter what the weather—Almanzo Wilder arrives to take Laura home to her family for the weekend. Laura and Almanzo are courting, and even though she's not yet sixteen, she knows that this is a time for new beginnings.Another delightful book in the series. A heartwarming story of life on the prairie. Laura has grown up & begun her own life. Ages 12+

Meet The Austins by Madeleine L’Engle pb gc $3…This is a novel about a family whose members share their experiences with each other, who accept each each member with love, trusting each other enough to not feel the need to hide things. We could all learn a thing or two from them.Once in a while a book comes along that talks about life and God and the way things are, and it makes you think about your own views, challenging you, without making you feel threatened or as though you're being preached at. This is very much one of those books. The characters get up on soap boxes occasionally, sometimes finding out they are wrong, and sometimes teaching each other. They all grow and learn throughout the book, parents included, and you almost feel as though you are a part of the family along the way. Ages 12+

Daughter Of Venice by Donna Jo Napoli pb ec $5……In 1592, Donata is a noble girl living in a palazzo on the Grand Canal. Girls of her class receive no education and rarely leave the palazzo. In a noble family, only one daughter and one son will be allowed to marry; Donata, like all younger daughters, will be sent to a convent. Donata longs to be tutored like her brothers and to see the Venice she has glimpsed only on the map. What is the world beyond her balcony, beyond what she sees when she glides, veiled, in a gondola down the canal? She dresses as a boy and escapes the palazzo on the Grand Canal to see the world before she is shut away, and to try to find a way to escape her fate. Donata risks everything; she changes her life, and her family’s life, forever when she walks through the door and encounters a Venice she never knew existed. Ages 12+

Puck of Pook’s Hill by Rudyard Kipling pb $3….magical tale which starts when the two children, Dan and Una, are rehearsing scenes from A Midsummer Night's Dream in a field near their house on the South Downs. They enjoy it so much they rehearse three times in a circular clearing. This conjures up the last of the old hill people, Puck, who, through a series of narrated tableaux over several months, shows them the spirit of England, from Roman, Saxon, and Norman times, through Magna Carta to the Middle Ages.Readers of all ages will treasure Puck's ten magical tales of adventure and intrigue. Kipling's imaginative blend of fact and fancy transports readers back to the days of William the Conqueror, to the camps of the Roman legions who guarded Hadrian's Wall against the Picts, and to the thirteenth-century court of King John. All of the stories abound in the freshness of invention and narrative vigour that have kept the author's books popular for generations. Each enchanting myth is followed by a selection of Kipling's spirited poetry. Ages 9+ Best read aloud…we loved it!

Blood Feud by Rosemary Sutcliff hb wdj ec $10…

Bella at Midnight by Diane Stanley pb ec $4…In the little village of Castle Down, in a kingdom plagued by war, lives a peasant girl called Bella. Blessed with a kind family and a loving friend, she manages to create her own small patch of sunlight in a dark and dangerous world. Bella is a blacksmith's daughter; her friend Julian is a prince -- yet neither seems to notice the great gulf that divides his world from hers. Suddenly Bella's world collapses. First Julian betrays her. Then it is revealed that she is not the peasant she believed herself to be: She is Isabel, the daughter of a knight who abandoned her in infancy. Now he wants her back, so Bella is torn from her beloved foster family and sent to live with her deranged father and his resentful new wife. Soon Bella is caught up in a terrible plot that will change her life -- and the kingdom -- forever. With the help of her godmother and three enchanted gifts, she sets out on a journey in disguise that will lead her to a destiny far greater than any she could have imagined. Ages 13+

Prince Karl by Morice Gerard Hb Vintage with beautiful etched cover gc OOP $10….A historical novel of the Black Forest.

Mrs Leicester’s School by Charles and Mary Lamb hb vintage book ec $8…An early piece of juvenilia principally by Mary Lamb in which a new intake of pupils arrive at Mrs. Leicester's school for girls, and she suggests they spend their first evening together relating to each other the histories of their past lives, so that 'you will not then look so unsociably upon each other.' Many of Mary's stories for the volume deal with the girls' difficulties at home with their immediate family before their appearance at the school and are to a certain extent autobiographical, reflecting Mary's troubled childhood and history of that particular time and culture.

Dear America: West to a Land of Plenty The Diary of Teresa Angelino Viscardi 1883 hb gc $6…The first humorous book in the Dear America series follows an Italian girl's immigrant family as they move from New York City to a utopian community in the frontier West. While traveling in 1883 with her Italian American family (including a meddlesome little sister) and other immigrant pioneers to a utopian community in Idaho, fourteen-year-old Teresa keeps a diary of her experiences along the way. The entire series is a wonderful way to learn history or teach it to adolescents. Ages 12

Horrible Histories : Frightful First World War by Terry Dear pb gc $3…The Frightful First World War tells readers all the horrors an hardships of the war that was meant to last four months ... but ground on for four grim years. The Woeful Second World War reveals the dire details about the worst war ever - from snow-bound cities under siege to fly-infested jungle trenches. Packed with curious quizzes, rotten recipes, gruesome games and terrible tests... History has never been so horrible!  Well narrated stories with lots to keep the interest of the reader. Great for everybody, in particular children learning about the wars in school. The stories about life at the time were very good and  will leave you wanting more.

Castle Story by Gary Kilworth pb f-g $1….In the land of Welkin, ruled over by iron paw of vicious stoats, Sylver - the leader of a band of outlaw weasels - is on a quest: to find the humans who abandoned the land many years ago and bring them back to Welkin. With his small company of weasels, he journeys south, through myriad adventures, in search of an ancient castle wherein lies the clue he seeks - Castle Storm And meanwhile in the north, Welkin itself is under threat. For hundreds and thousands rats are pouring down from their marshland home in a bloodthirsty horde to seize power from the stoats. If you life Brian Jacques’ Redwall series, you will love these series….

Great Names In History Gutenberg by Patricia Green hb gc $5

First Overland : The Story of the Oxford and Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition by Tim Slessor hb wdj ec OOP $5…The 1955 expedition, comprising six students from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, was a true ‘world first’, capturing the imagination of an international audience thanks to three films commissioned by David Attenborough, who was at that time a young BBC producer.  Apart from the English Channel and the Bosphorus, and some necessary river crossings along the way, the team of six and their trusted Land Rover Station Wagons completed the long journey from London to Singapore overland, becoming the first ever to do so. First published in 1957 and since reprinted, the book ‘First Overland’ by expedition member Tim Slessor is still on sale today and is widely regarded as one of the finest travel books ever written.

When Iron Gates Yield by Geoffrey Bull : The Dauntless story of the British Missionary in Tibet, captive in Chinese Communist hands for three years hb wdj ec$5….Mr Bull's story is quite amazing! a young man called by God to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to Tibet, but who instead, after just a short while in Tibet, finds himself captured by the invading Chinese People's Army and subjected to imprisonment, psychological torture and torment, and eventual release, for no apparent reason - except, the will of God. Mr Bull does not reveal in the book why he thought all these things happened to him, except for the fact that he believed it was God's good will.  This is the story of his journey of faith and freedom. This is an important story for Christians to read today.

Juvenile Profiles : Winston Churchill by Iain Finlayson hb ecOOP $3…here is a photo of the book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Winston-Churchill-Profiles-Iain-Finlayson/dp/0241104823/ref=la_B00A1YVMJS_1_13?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1538993850&sr=1-13 it is a good and thorough biography, for children ages 10+ A good source for your studies of history, especially World War II.

The Morning Will Come by Naomi Jacob hb wdj ec (1953)OOP $5….At the age of six Isaac Noller is taken to Berlin by his uncle when his parents are killed in the pogroms in Poland in 1873. Isaac grows up to become a partner in his uncle’s merchandising business.  He marries an English girl, Rose, and they have five children: Max who goes to establish a branch of the business in London; Dan who moves to New York;  the patriotic Jacob who becomes estranged from his family and joins the Nazis; the handsome and idealistic Stanislaus; and the baby of the family, the beautiful Miriam. The family experience the horrors of the First World War in which Max, now married, is seriously wounded but recovers, and the growing menace of anti-semitism and Fascism in interwar Berlin.   Isaac, Miriam and Stanislaus all suffer at the hands of the Nazis but are either rescued or escape.  Most members of the family then play their part in the Second World War, fighting in the forces and working to help others escape from persecution.   Everyone survives apart from Rose who, already in ill-health, dies from a heart attack when her husband and son are arrested by the Nazis and the black sheep, Jacob, who is accorded a grand Nazi funeral, “either liquidated or advised to liquidate himself” (p.240). Although it spans some eighty years, The Morning Will Come is more a family saga than historical fiction. Ages 15+

The Phantom of The Opera (Stepping Stones chapter book level 2) by Gaston Leroux pb ec $3…

For Biddles Sake by Gail Carson Levine hb wdj ec $3….The young maiden, Parsley, will eat nothing but parsley, which in Snettering-on-Snoakes grows only in the fairy Bombina's garden. All is well -- until Bombina is released from the fairy queen's dungeon. Her crime? Failing to get along with humans. And turning them into toads! Meanwhile, twin princes Randolph and Rudolph are causing trouble at Biddle Castle and pinning everything on their younger brother, Tansy. Prince Tansy cares about Biddle. Randolph and Rudolph don't. But one of the twins will be king, unless Prince Tansy accepts help from a green Biddlebum Toad! A delightful retelling of the little-known German fairy tale "Puddocky," this fifth Princess Tale from Newbery Honour author Gail Carson Levine shows that nothing is quite as it seems and that anything is possible, with a dash of magic and a barrel of love.  For Biddle’s Sake is a retelling of The Frog Prince. All of the books by Gail Carson Levine books are so well-written, they feel real, and are a part of what inspires children to write.

Wonder Tales of Other Lands by Mortimer-Evans hb wdj (slightly damaged) other in ec OOP $3…..pub. in 1928, this book takes two children around the world. It describes culture, food, way of life and many other aspects of geography…all in a story. Ages 7++ read aloud with a globe or map by your side will make a simple geography guide….activities can then enhance your “travels”…

Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling pb ec $3…Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories, originally published in 1902, are perennial favourites, and can be read by adults and children alike. They are known as "pourquoi" stories; in this case fantasies about the origin of individual wild animals who live in different countries. The seed of the idea lies in the story "How Fear Came," within Rudyard Kipling's "Second Jungle Book" of 1895, when Mowgli hears the story of how the tiger got his stripes. It is possible this gave the author the idea for a whole collection. The stories are told quite colloquially, in a chatty, entertaining style. "Now this is the next tale, and it tells how the Camel got his big hump," is a typical beginning. Apart from some stylistic whimsical quirks, such as the narrator frequently calling the reader, "O my Best beloved", or commands such as, "Be quiet, O you person without any form," from the characters, they feel surprisingly modern and inventive.Like children's literature should be, these stories never lose their humour or punch. The language is rich and beautiful and a blast to read out loud. This book is an absolute must for your personal library.

Tom in the Mountains by Ingvald Svinsaas hb ecOOP  $3…It is a story of a cat and his family that summer in their cabin in the mountains. When it is time to go back home their house cat is nowhere to be found and they have no choice but to leave Tom behind. The story continues with the adventures of Tom and his survival over the winter. The question ...is Tom the same pet when the family returns the following summer? A delightful story. Ages 7+

The Sun on the Stubble by Colin Thiele: A Human Comedy of Australian farm Life hb ec $7…

Mr Popper’s Penguins by Richard and Florence  Atwater pb gc $1…Mr Popper is a mild mannered house painter who loves to listen to radio programs about penguins. So when an Admiral sends him a REAL penguin, he is delighted to have it for a pet. Only "Captain Cook" gets lonely, and needs a mate, so the Admiral sends "Greta". Soon there are 12 penguins living in the Poppers basement. And times are tough and the Poppers don't have much money to feed those penguins. What to do? This is a warm, funny, old fashioned family story that makes a wonderful read aloud. Sure to be loved by penguin lovers of all ages! A great read aloud…..

The High Deeds of Finn MacCool by Rosemary Sutcliff pb ec $7…I

The Painter by Libby Hathorn pb ec $4….A compelling story of a young man's struggle to find his true calling set alongside a heart-breaking account of Vincent van Gogh's last years. The room fairly sang to him... It sang colours such as he'd never seen before. It sang freedom, madness, joy! And the future was clear and certain. Bernard is an aspiring but alienated young artist living in the French city of Arles. He finds himself in conflict with his teacher who disapproves of his painting style, his contemporaries who are suspicious of him, and most of his family who do not understand. Only Bijou, his beloved grandmother, appreciates his originality and sensitivity. However, Bernard's life changes irrevocably when he meets the great Vincent van Gogh.'THE PAINTER is full of emotion and detail and is a very enjoyable read. ... this book will inspire you.’ Ages 14+

Children of The Dark People An Australian Story for young Folk  by Frank Dalby Davidson hb ec $7…

My Story The Fall of the Blade  : A Girl’s French Revolution Diary 1792-1794 by Sue Reid pb ec $5….It’s 1792. Isabelle, daughter of an aristocrat, lives in a chateau just outside Paris. But France is in the grip of the Revolution, and as terror takes hold of the city, Isabelle's family decides that they must flee to the countryside. But will they be safe there? Will they escape the guillotine's falling blade...?

Lizzie’s Wish by Ade’le Geras pb ec $3…On a visit to her cousins in London, Lizzie's passion for trees and plants is fuelled by a visit to the newly opened Kew Gardens. Like her cousin, who wants to defy her middle-class upbringing and become a nurse, Lizzie has the ambition and the will to go against the conventions of Victorian life and become a gardener.A historical fiction easy to devour. Ages 10+

Little Tom Little by Colin Thiele & David Simpson hb wdj ec $5.…Tom Little lives on the northernmost coast of Australia where his father is a ranger in the national park.  Story of the interaction between an Arnhem Land aboriginal boy Binda & a white boy from Adelaide. 

Usborne Cut-Out Models : Make This Amphitheatre pb all intact as new $6…https://www.amazon.com/Cut-out-Roman-Amphitheatre-Usborne-Models/dp/0746093446

Fortuyn’s Ghost  by Mark Greenwood hb  long older children’s picture book - *AS NEW* Signed by Author! $6.…In 1724, the Dutch East India Company ship Fortuyn vanished after leaving the Cape of Good Hope, bound for Batavia. Stowed below deck was the Company's trading cash (a rich cargo of silver ingots, bullion and coins), all sealed in ten oak money chests. Fortuyn's Ghost - a children's picture book - imagines the doomed ship's fateful voyage to its likely end on Western Australia's treacherous Shipwreck Coast, a place well known for nautical hauntings.The story is set on the Shipwreck Coast, well known for supposed hauntings. There's an explanation at the beginning of the book, since the story relies on basic knowledge of this history, then launches into a narrative about a real-life mariner, Pieter Westrik. The story takes place in 1723. Young readers taken with sea stories will no doubt be spirited away by this story, with its atmospheric illustrations and real, historical backdrop. A touch of paranormal helps to spin a story, too, even if you stop believing in paranormal events as soon as the story is over.The ship vanishes, of course. Parts of the wreckage may have been found. This is all explained on the last page, and feels like a damn good episode of Air crash Investigation.

Lost Farm of The Seven Hills by Valerie Hill hb *AS NEW* long picture book OOP $9….A fictional story about a real place in Australia - a pioneer farm dating from the first days of European settlement. When four children explore the complex of rough-hewn slab huts, sheds, cottages and the grand Victorian house, and hear stories of 200 year of Australian history, they sense that they are part of this history.' Ages 10-13 years. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lost-Farm-of-the-Seven-Hills-One-Day-in-Australia-Series-by-Valerie-Hill-Ha/263585348186?epid=1669168113&hash=item3d5ee93a5a:g:TLUAAOSwfEVaw~Ch

Enid Blyton’s Read & Play Book Bedtime Stories pb gcOOP $1…This title contains lots of fun and imaginative stories from the Enid Blyton library; just the right length for reading at bedtime with the added built-in light which makes it fun to read in the dark. With charming stories about animals, fairies, toys, pixies and children, the book is filled with magic and adventure to capture the imagination of all young children.

Games for Parties by Kate Stevens  : Competitions; Games for small Parties and many players; tableaux, and charades and ideas for dances….hb gc OOP$2….Great for children groups, large families, parish groups and just family fun!

Dirk’s Dog, Bello by Meindert DeJong hb gcOOP  $3…Meindert De Jong (Shadrach, Hurry Home Candy, The Wheel on the School) is one of the great children's writers. Good picture of life in a tiny Dutch fishing village, where prosperity hangs on how the fish run. (With occasional good fortune in salvage from sunken vessels). One of these brought additional luck to Dirk, in his rescue of the dog, Bello, but it also brought unexpected adventures. A good story in authentic setting. A little Dutch boy helps rescue a Great Dane washed up on the dike of his village. But the large dog eats so much that he becomes a problem that only the whole village can solve.

The Wide World Story Book for Girls by Fredrick Warne hb gc (vintage but  wholesome & exciting! OOP) $4. https://www.amazon.com/Wide-World-Story-Book-Girls/dp/B00L21KC0E

Little Magic Horse : A Russian Tale by Peter Ershoff hb ecOOP  $4….This book is a very old Russian fairytale. It tells about three siblings who are farmers. One of the boys happen to meet a magic horse. This horse will take him to adventures all over Russia. He will eventually find happiness, wealth and a beautiful girl to marry.

Usborne Young Puzzle Book : Puzzle Ocean by Susannah Leigh pb ec $2…Young readers solve a series of picture puzzles and search for items hidden in the illustrations while accompanying Rosie as she looks for the king's precious golden crown and dodges sharks, plays with dolphins, and crosses the maze.There is plenty to think about and solve on every page. The stories are interesting and the drawings are humorous and cute. Ages 5-7

My Farm by Alison Lester *as NEW* pb $7…

Alpaca in The Park by Rosemary Billiam (picture book) hb gcOOP  $1….Alpaca is a fantastic story about a toy rabbit, called Alpaca, who gets pushed aside in favour of new toys. When his owner starts to miss him she searches everywhere and eventually discovers him under the bed. As he is crumpled and squashed Ellen and her friend make a toy hospital and mend him. It is only when her friend offers to take Alpaca home that Ellen realises how much she loves him.This is a typical story of how little girls grow up but they still love there special cuddly toys no matter what, a must read for any young child, this story will never die…..

The Quiet Little Women by Louisa May Alcott hb wdj *AS NEW* long picture book ) $10…..THE QUIET LITTLE WOMAN by Louisa May Alcott is composed of three short stories. The stories were written by Louisa and given to the five Lukens sisters who had started a small publication called LITTLE THINGS. Like Louisa, the sisters were from Massachusetts and were huge fans of Louisa's work. They were also from a poor family which Louisa could easily relate to herself. The introduction is a darling poem written by Carrie, Maggie, Nellie, Emma and Helen Lukens.The book begins with The Quiet Little Woman. It's the story of Patty, a thirteen year old orphan girl. She sees other young girls being taken to different homes and she's beginning to think she will never get her chance to leave the orphanage. It's a story of what life was like for orphan children. Usually, the best you could hope for was to be taken into training as a servant in the home of a wealthy family.The second story is Tilly's Christmas. Bessie, Kate and Tilly, three young girls ponder what they will receive for Christmas as they walk home from school on a snowy day. Along the way, they find a robin who is freezing with the cold and can't fly. Tilly who knows her Christmas will be a merger one saves the bird because she wants to follow the golden rule and being good to your neighbours is important. She tells her friends that the bird is her neighbour! She's teased because they also tell her that her real neighbour is Mr. King who has lots of money, but does nothing to help the poor people who live nearby him. Tilly's just happy to have her bird and says he's her Christmas present. And of course, there's the rest of the story!The final entry is called Rosa's Tale. Rosa is an old horse, her owner is away and Miss Belinda, a young woman is caring for her during the owner's trip. Belinda goes to the stable late on Christmas Eve night with some apples and special treats for Rosa. Being a kind person, she sits down to spend some time with the gentle horse. As she sat there she remembered the old Christmas legend that some animals could be given the voice to speak on Christmas Eve for just a short time. It was their reward for sharing the manager with the Christ Child. To the young woman's utter amazement, Rosa starts to talk and tells her story.There is a short, but interesting biography of Louisa May Alcott at the end of this enchanting little book of stories.the illustrations by C. Michael Dudash are exquisitely beautiful, full of rich detail and emotion. All ages. A Treasure! Absolutely beautiful!!

Yonderbeyonder by Thyrza Davey hb wdj gc  (long picture book)OOP $3…A young girl mourns the death of her cat. Cycling home one day, she has a near-fatal accident and she goes into a dream-filled coma. She finds herself in Yonderbeyonder, a peaceful land where animals go when they die. Here you follow her discovering all the animals, and having adventures with them….Since the author is Australian, the main animals are Australian.

Flame Fairies : An Australian  Tale of a Bush Fire by Frank S. Greenop hb gc OOP $3….An Australian children's picture story book about the power of the bushfire to destroy the bush and anything in its path. In this story the bushfire was beaten by man before a lot of harm could be done.  https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/FLAME-FAIRIES-Frank-S-Greenop-col-cameron-HB-moorooba-books-/121329431637

Marvellous Maths : Subtraction by Alison Wells hb ec $3…This text, concentrating on subtraction, gives real-life examples showing how maths is an integral part of daily life, and encourages children to become successful problem solvers. It is one of a set of six, full of mathematical investigations, games and activities for Key Stage 2 maths.

New Moments In Science:  Munching Maggots, Noah’s Flood and TV Heart Attacks and other cataclysmic science moments by Karl Kruszelniki pb ec $4..…Are you curious about science? At last, you can learn the answers to all of your nagging scientific questions, such as . . .What is that gunk on my car after a long road trip? What do I have to do to get a star named after me? Does my name grant me superhero-like powers? Is maggot therapy the next medical trend? Explore the answers to these questions and more curiosities of science with Karl Kruszelnicki's unique fusion of bizarre yet amazingly true scientific facts. Munching Maggots, Noah's Flood & TV Heart Attacks also explains absolutely everything you ever wanted to know about the intricate pharmacology of caffeine, the surprising history of broccoli, the mysteries of flattened fauna, the magic of melatonin, and much more.Karl Kruszelnicki (Sydney, Australia) is the Julius Sumner Miller Fellow at the University of Sydney, and lectures at schools throughout Australia. He's also been a scientist, a medical doctor, an engineer, a car mechanic, a TV weatherman, and a roadie for Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry. He enjoys telling people about the wonders and curiosities of science through the radio, TV, Internet.Another excellent, amusing fact-filled book by Dr Karl. 

New Way Things Work by David Macaulay : From Levers to Lasers, Windmills to Websites, A visual Guide to The World of Machines hb wdj gc $30..….The information age is upon us, baffling us with thousands of complicated state-of-the-art technologies. To help make sense of the computer age, David Macaulay brings us The New Way Things Work. This completely updated and expanded edition describes twelve new machines and includes more than seventy new pages detailing the latest innovations. With an entirely new section that guides us through the complicated world of digital machinery, where masses of electronic information can be squeezed onto a single tiny microchip, this revised edition embraces all of the newest developments, from cars to watches. Each scientific principle is brilliantly explained--with the help of a charming, if rather slow-witted, woolly mammoth. This book beautifully illustrates and describes the way things work from basics like a lever to complex inventions like GPS. Great for explaining concepts to children. The book flows well, building in complexity and showing the progression of how we arrived to modern day inventions. There is tons of information in an easy to understand format that all ages can learn from.

A Victorian Flower Album : God’s Floral Gems Glistening on the Verdant Face of Nature. Collected and Painted in the Summer Evenings of 1873, as a Pleasing Recreation by Henry Terry hb wdj (somewhat torn) otherwise in ec OOP $5….One spring and summer in 1873, a Victorian Papa made a perfect keepsake for his children. No impressionism here, but exquisitely faithful recording and the Latin as well as the English names are duly recorded for the children's improvement.

The Story of Art and Music (The Bookshelf Series for children ages 9+++) hb *as new* OOP $6….for its illumination of painting, sculpture, architecture, and music as well as for the richness of its illustrations, this is by far a valuable book/resource. The Story of At is to show children how to look at a work of art intelligently. They will learn that in art every shape, every colour, every grouping means something. And armed with such understanding, they will come to recognise these meanings whenever they look at any art. The book begins with Greece, and Rome, for that was the fountainhead of most European Art as we know it today. The pictures are arranged in historical order. This is so that the children not only learn the history of art but to show them the logic of its development. The Story of Music is presented on the same historical principals as The Story f Art. Excellent resources… as the writing “speaks” in conversational style to the child…not condescending.

Junior Word book for grades 3, 4 and 5 Compiled by South Australian Teachers (1972)pb ec $5…

Senior Word Book for grades 6 and 7 Compiled by South Australian Teachers (1972)pb ec $5….

Charles Pearce : The Calligraphy sampler (Roman alphabets)  hb wdj ec $3…This book contains 25 handwritten Roman-based alphabets. 

Sketching Made Easy A Complete Beginner’s Guide by Helen Douglas - Cooper hb wdj ec $6……A comprehensive, practical guide written and designed especially for the beginner. Illustrations on every page mono and colour. Very good book! Goes into what variety of Colour Materials, Drawing Materials, Mixed Media, creating Textures, Landscapes among other Techniques.It even includes projects for you to do. A nice start for a beginner to give you the foundation of sketching! Definitely recommend!

Portrait of A Year by Ninette Dutton hb wdj ec signed by the authorOOP  $10…..A journal of a year in the life of South Australian enamelist, illustrator, author, mother, and housewife Ninette Dutton (1923-2007). Ninette Dutton published a number of books on the Australian landscape and gardening which she often illustrated with her own botanical drawings. Ninette also studied art in both Europe and America, establishing herself as an enamelist and often holding exhibitions of her work. Great Mother Culture Reading. (Ninette Dutton OAM (1923-2007), artist, broadcaster and author, was born in Adelaide and educated at Creveen and Woodlands before studying Social Science at the University of Adelaide. In 1944 she married the writer Geoffrey Dutton. They lived at Anlaby, the Duttons' family property at Kapunda, and later Piers Hill, a property near Angaston, before they separated in the early 1980s. During the 1950s she worked in Oxford and studied at the Ruskin School of Art and the couple travelled extensively and adventurously through Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. In the 1960s she learned enamelling in Kansas; her ensuing enamel works were widely collected, and she wrote Beautiful Art of Enamelling in 1966. In early 1968 she saved the life of Patrick White, a dear friend, by holding on to his arm when he fell into a blowhole on Kangaroo Island. Over the 1970s, 80s and 90s she published books and delivered radio programmes on cooking, flowers, gardening and the seasons, and for some years she wrote a column titled 'The Passionate Gardener' in the Advertiser, Adelaide. Her most recent book is Home (2000), which describes her decision to move from South Australia to Canberra.) https://biblio.com.au/book/portrait-year-signed-copy-dutton-ninette/d/957840017?aid=frg&utm_source=google&utm_medium=product&utm_campaign=feed-details&gclid=Cj0KCQjwgOzdBRDlARIsAJ6_HNksl_j--A02l7bNYYog5XRKRrtkogaTIcwfDgDs6fzwLRib-IQ2YE4aAk_MEALw_wcB

The Magic Island by Ethel Talbot hb (vintage  c.1930’s) gc OOP  $3….Included in this volume are two other stories;  Big Game and Helena’s Holiday…….as always Ethel Talbot can create a wonderful adventure story of seemingly everyday events. Her stories bring out friendship, courage, resourcefulness and camaraderie. “her” children are good in the sense that they know what they ought to do rather than do things out of mischief or malice….fun and wholesome reading…Ages 10+

Two on An Island by Ethel Talbot hb ec OOP $3……Another exciting story written by a wonderful author. Two children share this unexpected adventure on an Island, what they do and how is the premise of this story….Ages 10+

Instant Etiquette pb pocket size gc) OOP  50c….an instant guide to modern manners at work, and at home. Introductions; entertaining; eating out; telephone communication; common courtesies; letter writing; table etiquette and much more…..

Favourite Shakespeare Country Recipes compiled by Dorothy Baldock pb ec OOP $2.…Measuring around 16.75 cm x 11.75 cm, this charming little paperback has 48 quality pages, covering 34 recipes. It opens with an alphabetical list of the recipes contained within. Each recipe opens with the title, a relevant note, the list of ingredients and the method. Metric Conversion tables are given on the last page…Interspersed with sepia-coloured illustrations, my particular favourite being 'Kenilworth Castle from the Ramparts' by W W Quatremain, alongside a tasty recipe for 'Pheasant Casserole'. Other recipes include:* White Ladies Pudding* Warwick Chops* Baked Eggs with Herbs* Sherry Cake* Bosworth Jumbles* Malvern Pudding* Cider-baked Fish* Dumpsie Dearie Jam* Hunting Pudding* Malvern Apple Pudding* Grandmother's Cheesecake* Pork with Oranges* Tewkesbury Saucer Batters….(Excellent when studying England history or enjoying a true English meal)

Child of the Owl by Laurence Yep pb * as new* $3....CHILD OF THE OWL is about a 12 year old Chinese American who knows nothing of her ancestry and doesn't even know how to speak Chinese. Her father is a gambler and never has a cent to his name to be able to take care of his daughter. He sends his daughter Casey to live with her grandma known as "Paw Paw". Through the grandmother, Casey learns about her past, her heritage and in the end finds herself. 

The Riddle of The Sands by Erksine Childers hb wdj ec $3…..this story is one of a great series of classics…..The Riddle of the Sands was written in 1903. Erksine holders wrote half a dozen books aboutireland and the Boer War…..this book breathes a masterly atmosphere of sea, sand and wind….for ages 10 and over.

The Complete Drawing Course : A Comprehensive Learning Guide and reference Manual by Ian Simpson pb ec $5..…Written for beginning and advanced artists, this manual is packed with projects that teach basic drawing techniques and show artists how to develop their own individual styles. Traditional and experimental techniques are demonstrated, and analyses of classic works by historical and contemporary artists are also included. over all the drawing materials that you will need, or want...or want to need! Many of the pages are in colour, and there are 219 pages in this book! This is a real '' take it with you, anywhere..." book, in your car, or to school, to a café. There is so much in here to learn from and to be inspired by, for your drawing practice. Even the cover is inspiring....with a lot of drawing materials and a nice little sketch in the corner. Just looking at that cover should make you want to get your materials ( or get them out! ) and get started drawing again. There are "self critiques" for the drawing practices on the various lessons in the book. There are coloured mediums to see and learn, such as Pastels, coloured pencils and coloured inks. There is charcoals, and pen and ink, pen and wash, and various kinds of pencils to learn to draw with in this book. This is good for the individual, a very talented beginner from High School, Tertiary  and onward, or the Intermediate Artist, or the long-time-away-from-it Artist...returning to the art of drawing. it would be good for classroom instruction, as well, or as a textbook to accompany a drawing class. Excellent resources.

Favourable Fables of La Fontaine hb wdj ec OOP $3……Jean de La Fontaine (July 8, 1621 – April 13, 1695) was the most famous French fabulist and probably the most widely read French poet of the seventeenth century. La Fontaine's fables are choice in every sense: utterly correct, balanced, exquisite in rhyme, natural and easy, droll, witty, knowing, sage, utterly French. They were an immediate success. Many generations of French students have learned them by heart at school, and can quote the most famous lines which have become part of the common language. Ages 10+ and great for memorisation, poetry, and dictation…..

The Gnomes Book of Christmas Crafts by Carol Endler Sterbenz hb all Patterns still intact.t*NEW* OOP $5…Gnomes Book of Christmas Crafts" is wonderful. It starts out with carved gnomes, can’t carve try copying the design in clay!!!! There are full-sized patterns, detailed instructions for sewing, and full colour copyable pictures to work with. There are sewing projects, painting projects, and even ideas for baking and decorating cookies like gnomes. Lovely. You could go to a local bakery and see if they could colour copy the gnome figures onto edible paper to decorate the cookies. The little storyline about the author and her family is a delight, and give a real Scandinavian look to all the projects. This book is definitely for people who like gnomes. (And little red mushrooms with white polka dots.) It's Christmas-y enough with an Advent calendar and stuff, but it's for year-round gnome lovers. And oh, wow, the lady-gnome tea cozy!

Shirley Temple: American Princess by Anne Edwards pb f-g $2….At six, Shirley Temple was the number one box office draw. Her dimpled smile, singing, and dancing raised the spirits of Depression-era families. In this admiring account, Edwards, also the biographer of Vivien Leigh and Margaret Mitchell, writes of Temple's life her status as this century's most famous child star, her decline at adolescence, her reincarnation as a political figure, and her courageous, and barrier-breaking, acknowledgement of her struggle with breast cancer. Tales of Temple's childhood and relationship with her mother are fascinating. Great adult read

The Child In The Family: The Basic Principles of the World famous Maria Montessori. Method by Maria Montessori pb gc $4…

Behold Your Mother : Mary Stories and Reflections from A Catholic Convert by Heidi Hess Saxton pb ec  OOP $3….Full of stories that reach the heart of motherhood and the relationship all people can have with the Blessed Virgin Mary, "Behold Your Mother: Mary Stories and Reflections from a Catholic Convert" by Heidi Hess Saxton will draw you closer to Mary, and therefore, her Son, Jesus. Heidi Hess Saxton gently and lovingly draws her reader toward a deeper relationship with Mary, and ultimately with her Son and our Saviour, Jesus Christ through this resource filled with moving vignettes and scriptural context. Heidi paints vivid and compelling portraits of Mary as an intercessor who will take us by the hand and walk with us toward Jesus, who waits with open arms to receive our hearts and lives. This book is the perfect resource to employ as a daily devotional and as an informative guide to build a deeper prayer relationship and to better know our most gracious advocate.

The Beatitudes for Children by Rosemarie Gortler & Donna Piscitelli pb *as NEw* $5…8 Ways Children Can Grow Closer to GodWhen it comes to growing closer to God, children (and adults) have no better teacher than Jesus. His eight Beatitudes are a positive, proactive guide for children to love and serve the Lord as they mature in their understanding of their faith.In The Beatitudes for Children, each Beatitude is coupled with a child-sized explanation that makes it easy for them to relate to these powerful statements. There are "real-life" applications that children and their parents can participate in, which will inspire the whole family to apply the Lord's guidance to their lives.Enlightening, energising, and creatively illustrated, The Beatitudes for Children will help you encourage the children in your life to stay close to Jesus as they grow.Very well-done meditations and prayers on each of the Beatitudes for children. Ages 4-8

I the Lord Am with You Always : Prayers and Meditations for Eucharistic Adoration compiled by Christine McCarthy pb gc $3….The re-emergence and spread of regular, if not perpetual, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in recent years is most encouraging sign of hope in the Church today, though as the nuns of Tyburn among others would no doubt remind us, it never was abandoned by some! This booklet, compiled by the Australian lay apostle of Eucharistic Adoration, Christine McCarthy, brings together in a conveniently sized volume a wide selection of prayers, hymns, devotional and liturgical texts (from the traditions of both East and West) and passages from Sacred Scripture to assist those who spend time praying before Blessed Sacrament. Such is the breadth and the wealth of the material put together in this book that one could make a daily holy hour for many years before exhausting its abundance.For those `new' to Eucharistic Adoration, the booklet provides some simple guidance. It also offers suggestions for preparation and thanksgiving before and after Holy Mass, and includes sections on our Blessed Lady, the priesthood and consecrated life, and one for children. It is richly illustrated throughout. It would make an excellent gift to place in the hands of a devout young person or for someone entering a seminary or religious order.I The Lord Am With You Always is endorsed by the Archbishops of Sydney and of Perth, and bears the imprimatur of the former. For what it is worth, I add my commendation to theirs: no-one who opens this book in the hope of finding spiritual nourishment shall be disappointed.

Boundaries: When to Say Yes When to say No To Take Control of your Life by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend pb ec $2…Having clear boundaries is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. A boundary is a personal property line that marks those things for which we are responsible. In other words, boundaries define who we are and who we are not. Boundaries impact all areas of our lives: Physical boundaries help us determine who may touch us and under what circumstances -- Mental boundaries give us the freedom to have our own thoughts and opinions -- Emotional boundaries help us to deal with our own emotions and disengage from the harmful, manipulative emotions of others -- Spiritual boundaries help us to distinguish God's will from our own and give us renewed awe for our Creator -- Often, Christians focus so much on being loving and unselfish that they forget their own limits and limitations. When confronted with their lack of boundaries, they ask: - Can I set limits and still be a loving person? - What are legitimate boundaries? - What if someone is upset or hurt by my boundaries? - How do I answer someone who wants my time, love, energy, or money? - Aren't boundaries selfish? - Why do I feel guilty or afraid when I consider setting boundaries? Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend offer biblically-based answers to these and other tough questions, showing us how to set healthy boundaries with our parents, spouses, children, friends, co-workers, and even ourselves.

Capt. W.E. Johns Biggles Adventure Games : The Secret Night Flyer Game: Exciting! Mysteries to Solve, Maps to Follow, Codes to Break…..gc complete $12…….t

Catholic Mosaic : Living the Liturgical Year with Literature. An Illustrated Book Study for Catholic Children by Cay Gibson (OOP) spiral bound excellent cond. $25…

The Story of World’s Literature by John Macy hb (Vintage 1927) hb with gold embossing ec $12…

The Founding of Christendom : A History of Christendom Volume 1 by Warren H. Carroll pb *NEW* $35….This series is the only comprehensive narration of Western history written from the orthodox Catholic perspective still in print. How would a historical narrative read if the author began with these first principles: Truth exists; the Incarnation happened? This series is essential reading for those who consider the West worth defending.Carroll brings history alive and unfolds the great drama of world history in an entertaining way. Dr Carroll said that "any good history should be a good story... There is no law of nature or of scholarship which says that a scholarly and reliable history must be dull, and no reason at all why it should be." What makes this history book so important is its centre on Christ and in it, Carroll shows how all history relates to Christ. This book should be on your must read list. High School.

White Calf by Cliff Faulkner pb ec OOP $3….Eagle Child is sure that the little buffalo he has rescued is a spirit sent by the above ones to help his tribe. But ho will believe him? And how can he protect the calf when starvation and danger face the band? A gripping story from Canadas West. Author includes where he was able to find and research info on this story as it is based on the historical culture of the Blackfoot Indian Culture.

Rosina and Kate by Sally Farrell Odgers pb ec $1…Rosina and Kate have been best friends for as long as Rosina can remember. But what is Rosina to do when she finds herself at Activities Camp all by herself? Rosina and Kate’s friendship and story take all sorts of adventures and humorous turns!! (reading ability grade 3-4) others ages 8-10

Birds for Beginners by Olive Seymour  (Australian) hb wdj ec $6….https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Birds-For-Beginners-by-Olive-Seymour-V-G-Cond-S-C-1978-Oz-Seller-/302897307483?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10Birds for beginners is a book for children which adults new to the delights of bird watching will continually ask to borrow. Olive Seymour’s love of her study is seen so sincerely that this volume becomes an inspiration as well as an introduction. This marvellous book, (which our family has a copy and used over the years!) sets out the basic principles of bird studies and its approach to Nature Study from a practical point instead of an academic viewpoint. You are advised where to look, how to look, and what to look for. You are shown how to record notes, how to identify, birds, and how to encourage them to feed in his own garden. Bird classification, nests, eggs, camouflage, calls, and migration patterns are simply explained. Over 100 Birds are described in detail in the reference section. The expert illustrations aid identification and provide a model for the amateur comping his own notes. Birds for Beginners as not only a reference book in its own right but also a sound preliminary to an advanced study on birds. All ages.




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