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quality ingpen illustrated river murray mary by colin thiele

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River Murray Mary by Colin Thiele ex-lib. HC/DJ VGC $15

this is the large format, hardcover edition with lovely illustrations by Robert Ingpen...worth paying for this edition!

recommended for Education Reformation etc

"A story set in the 1920’s, about Mary Agnes Baker who lives with her mum and dad at Gum Flat Farm on the banks of The Murray. The story is filled with excitement, humour, drama encounter with a tiger snake and poetic description of the River Murray and it’s surroundings! It is a long picture book. Ages: 11yo and over"

see cover & inside:



highly recommended by homeschoolers:




The Hidden Forest by Jeannie Baker SC VGC $5

This is one of Jeannie's titles I can recommend

Looking for his lost fish trap, Ben thinks he sees something dark moving under the water. Is it a creature or only his imagination? Diving into the sea with his friend Sophie, he is amazed to discover a wonderful hidden world - and the rich variety of creatures that live there. 



Storm Boy by Colin Thiele with Ingpen illustrations (40th anniversary edition) PB VGC $6

CBCA commended

"Storm boy and his father live alone in a humpy among the sandhills between the Southern Ocean and the Coorong - a lonely, narrow waterway that runs parallel to a long stretch of the South Australian coast. Among the teeming birdlife of the Coorong, Storm Boy finds an injured young pelican whose life he saves. From then on, Storm boy and Mr Percival the pelican become inseparable friends and spend their days exploring the wave-beaten shore and the drifting sandhills. Mr Percival learns to help Storm Boy's father with his fishing and warn the other birdlife whenever poachers are coming, but his part in rescuing a shipwrecked crew leads to great changes in Storm Boy's life."

see inside:


note: this is a regular-sized PB with the same illustrations by Robert Ingpen as in the lovely large format hardcover i have for sale here:



Water Lilies by Diane Lucas / Colwyn Campbell SC cover creases GC $6

author wrote "Walking With the Seasons in Kakadu"

This is a story of a rich Indigenous food source and of traditional life that traces a young boy's instruction in food-gathering. With his mother he learns from their Indigenous family, how to collect the edible seeds of lilies and learns how to prepare this bush food.



review...mine just in English:



Amazing Australian Shipwrecks by Duncan Ball (A&R Young Australia Series) thin HC VGC $6

" The coast of Australia is littered with the wrecks of ships that sun in the last 360 years.

A few of them went down before there were European settlers in Australia, but most happened in the days when  convict and settlers were still arriving  

by the boatload in their new country.

Ships include....Batavia, Stirling Castle, Dunbar, The Loch Ard etc



Sandy The Cane Train  by Jean Chapman (Angus & Robertson Young Australia Series 1977)  HC GC $7

lovely illustrations by award-winning Walter Cunningham who has illustrated many lovely old Australian titles including Shy The Platypus

"Sandy was the smallest, oldest cane train in Budgery-budgery-doo."

A little petrol engine saves the day when five steam-driven sugarcane trains accidentally block the line to the sugarcane factory.


see inside:



The Australian Mother Goose by Colin Thiele HC GC $5

see inside...mine is HC:



A Year on our Farm by Penny Matthews & Andrew McClean SC VGC $5 (3 copies available)

CBCA award

Every month of the year there are jobs to do on a small Australian farm. Fruit ripens, lambs are born, hay is harvested. 'A Year on our Farm' shows the passing of the seasons through the eyes of the children for whom the farm and all its animals is home.


Fire-Engine Lil by Andrew and Janet McLean SC EC $5

illustrated did A Year on Our Farm

Old fire-engine Lil is still keen to fight fires, but these days she usually sits in the station while the smart modern engines do all the work. But one day there is an emergency at Brown’s Farm, and Lil is the only one who can help. Will she get there in time to save the farmhouse and all the people and animals? 
Fire Engine Lil addresses the serious topic of bush fires in a way that is just right for young children. 



The Best Beak in Boonaroo Bay by Narelle Oliver HARDCOVER EC* $8

required for Aussie Book Traveller

On most days Boonaroo Bay is a calm and quiet place. But this was not always so...One day the birds were quarrelling noisily. Which of them had the best beak? Find out how the wise old pelican restored the peace and quiet of Boonaroo Bay.



mine is HC:


* inscribed



Australian history in QUALITY *comics strip* format, told for children.

An investment you will NOT regret.!!

It is very rare to find either of the editions in such fine condition. Mine is also the better of the two editions....more details below...

HIGHLY recommended by homeschoolers....a superb supplement to any curriculum

it is very rare to find it in this pristine condition, with clean pages and no writing, scribbles, tears, loose pages*, stains etc, which is amazing as it was printed in 1958!

Ideal for reluctant learners...suitable for children and adolescents alike

Each of the twenty-five booklets has a sturdy cardboard cover and approximately 32 pages.

Many of the booklets have a colour, double-paged spread in the middle...either a relevant map or painting.

The two Parents' Guides include crosswords, games, review questions to consolidate learning etc.


They were republished in the 1960s in an inferior format, with a flimsier cover and smaller overall, such as the ones shown here in this excellent review:


another homeschooler recommendation:


individual titles recommended by AUSTRALIAN HISTORY IN PICTURES author



Take a look at some reviews/photos of the superb artwork inside...some are the 1960s edition:


http://pikitiapress.blogspot.com/search/label/The Australian Children's Pictorial Social Studies







My set has covers uniform with these:



Here are the titles:

1. Among the first Australians

2. In search of the Southland

3. A voyage to the South seas

4. Over the Blue Mountains

5. The Inland sea

6. The riddle of the rivers

7. With Leichhardt to the Never-Never

8. Flynn of the Great Heart

9. Parents guide no. 1

10. The rum rebellion

11. The first fleet

12. Macquarie the builder

13. The foundation of Melbourne

14. Eyre's dramatic journey

15. The foundation of Western Australia

16. The revolt at Eureka

17. Major Mitchell and "Australian Felix"

18. The story of Australian wool

19. From Stuart to the overland telegraph

20. Parents' guide no. 2

21. The tragic journey of Burke and Wills

22. The story of federation

23. The romance of gold in Australia

24. The history of Tasmania

25. The story of ANZAC.


$170 for the complete set

*well, ONE booklet has one loose page.



FICTION & LIVING BOOKS (not Australian)


The Hidden Girl: A True Story of the Holocaust (Scholastic) PB VGC $5

younger readers

A gripping tale of one young girl's struggle to survive during the Holocaust. When her mother is killed by the Gestapo, a Jewish girl named Lola is sent into hiding. At first, Lola secretly lives in the home of a Ukrainian woman. But when someone threatens to expose her to the Nazis, Lola must flee again, this time hiding with another family in a dirt hole beneath a barn.Struggling against cold and hunger, the hidden family lives under the constant threat of discovery. Lola has lost everything--her home and her family. All she has left is one article of clothing, a dress lovingly embroidered by her mother. Will Lola ever find safety--or freedom? 



The Loner by Ester Weir  ex-lib grubby pge edges HC/DJ GC $7

Newbery Honor..... was a Sonlight  title

I read this when my children were young and found it very moving.

The boy with no name doesn't remember his past; all he knows is that he has to survive, and that means picking fruit on various farms across the southwest. Staying with anyone who'll take him, he gives up all his wages for food and a place to sleep. Then he finds a loving home and realises he is no longer a loner. 

this one...mine not as good condition:




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