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Just in case you don't know how to 'private message' a member, here's a quick 'how to'.  Click on the member's name who you wish to PM (private message) and their profile page pops up.  At the top of that page, next to their name, there are two buttons - follow member and message member.  Click 'message member' and a message box pops up.  To read messages that are sent to you, just click the envelope symbol at the very top of any page of the forum, and you'll be taken to your messages.  I think you are also emailed an alert when a message has appeared, which is handy if you don't want to regularly check the forum.  I hope this helps.  :)  We'd hate for your private details to be blurted into cyberspace. 


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    • Mum06
      By Mum06
      World literature 4th edition teacher edition ONLY ... NOT A FULL SET  $20 + postage
      American Literature 3rd edition text book, test and quiz key NO TEST BOOK I typed up the test from the test key ... NOT A FULL SET  $30 + postage
      English Literature 3rd edition text book, teacher guide, test/quizzes and the test/quizzes key. FULL SET  $40 + postage
      The Grammar and Composition for years 10, 11 & 12 along with Vocabulary and Spelling for year 10 & 11 is to be sold as a set tho there is 1 workbook missing as it comes with the handbook required for the Grammar & Composition. The missing book is around $45 + postage
      Vocabulary and spelling poetry IV - YR 10 - Includes Workbook, teacher key, quizzes test book & answer key.
      Vocabulary and spelling poetry V - YR 11 - Includes Workbook, teacher key, quizzes test book & answer key.
      Grammar & Composition IV - YR 10 - Includes the teacher key for work book, quizzes/test book & quizzes/test key. NO WORKBOOK 
      Grammar & Composition V - YR 11 - Includes the student workbook, the teacher key for work book, quizzes/test book & quizzes/test key.
      Grammar & Composition VI - YR 12 - Includes the student workbook, the teacher key for work book, quizzes/test book & quizzes/test key.
      LLATL  VGC    $10 each + postage 
      THe Orange teacher book
      The Purple  student book
      The Green teacher book 
      OXFORD ENGLISH  -  $10 each + postage 
      Oxford Big Ideas Yr 8
      Oxford Big Ideas Yr 9
    • acullen
      By acullen
      Decluttering - selling as didn't end up using
      1. SOLD. Life of Fred - Elementary series. All 10 books for sale (from Apples to Jellybeans), prefer to sell as a set. Read first 2, but didn't suit our learning style. As new condition. They weigh in at just under 5 kg, unsure of postage but will work out cheapest option. $20 each
      2. LLATL Blue - Teacher, student workbook, all readers, cards, etc included. Good condition. Asking $60 plus postage.
      3. 6x Seuss Readers - a) The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories, b) The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, c) The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, d) Please Try to Remember the First of Octember, e) And to Think I Saw it on Mulberry Street, f) The Sneetches and other Stories.  $2 each plus postage.
      4. 4x Milly Molly Mandy books - a) More of Milly-Molly-Mandy, b) Milly-Molly-Mandy Again, c) Milly-Molly-Mandy Stories, d) More Milly-Molly-Mandy.  $2 each plus postage.
      5. Two Summers (John Heffernan) and A Year on Our Farm (Penny Matthews).   $2 each plus postage.
      I will endeavour to work out the cheapest option of postage.
      Thank you.
    • Kangocate
      By Kangocate
      LLATL blue book set
      I have the complete set :
      As new student activity book;
      Spare partly used student activity book;
      Well used blue book( for teacher);
      Materials pack, partly used.
      all Readers.
      $50 + postage
    • Saskia
      By Saskia
      Lightening the homeschooling past resources we will no longer be needing
      1. new Syllabus primary Singapore Maths 5B workbook 1 and workbook 2 (new and unused) paid $50.  Selling $27 including postage
      2. Rod and Staff Building Christian English Year 4,5,6,7 and 8.  Selling teacher's manual and pupil textbooks for each year.  all books in perfect condition  
      Selling combination of teacher's manual and pupil textbook for $20 per year or $85 for the lot plus postage.
      Sonlight Language arts 7 (Now Core 100 item ) American History curriculum, including instructor's guide and Notes.  Selling for $30 plus postage