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living australian history for children

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Hello ladies,

I have for sale...the first two titles in the "John of the Sirius" trilogy by Doris Chadwick.

These are not *bargains* as I am selling these and other books to make some retirement income for myself, but they do represent significant savings over the prices offered by bookshops....and are usually very hard to find


Written for children aged about 7 and up. . They are in very good condition for their age. The illustrators were first-class. They have a colour frontispiece, lovely b&w illustrations throughout and interesting map endpapers. 


Doris E. Chadwick (1899-1979)  was assistant editor of the New South Wales School Magazine from 1929-1950 and editor from 1950-1959.


John of the Sirius by Doris Chadwick (illustrated by Margaret Senior) HC/DJ* GC $85

"In "John of the Sirius", we are introduced to John and Sue, who depart from England for Australia on the 'First Fleet'! John's father is a Captain of the Marines and the children belong to the small group of marine's children who emigrated to Australia. Along the journey we learn of life on a ship, the diet and monotony. We 'visit' the various places the First fleet 'put into' on the long voyage to Botany Bay. John always manages to become involved in adventures. The book concludes with the Fleet's arrival in Australia and the raising of the flag in Sydney Cove, 26th January 1788. "

John of Sydney Town by Doris Chadwick (illustrated by Adye Adams ) HC/DJ* GC $85

sequel to the above


A homeschooling mother has written a great review of the trilogy here:



homeschooler recommendations...and good book lists btw:





price elsewhere:



*The dustjackets are facsimiles from my own editions and were printed on A3 paper which means their back flap is a bit narrower than on the originals.


I have more quality living Australian titles for sale here:



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