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Clearing out a pile of curriculum and children's books that are no longer needed.  Hope you might find something you need.  :)  

All items are in Excellent / Unused Condition unless otherwise marked. 

Photos can be emailed if needed.  

Postage extra, or free pick up from 4075.



* Brave Writer 'Jot It Down!'  $15

* Excel Basic Skills 'Reading and Comprehension' Years 1-2.    $3

* 'Naplan-style Writing' Workbook and Tests.  Year 3.  $3

* Heart of Dakota 'Drawn Into the Heart of Reading' Level 6/7/8.  $15

* Heart of Dakota 'Drawn Into the Heart of Reading' Level 4/5.  $5.  (Binding removed for ease of photocopying.  In a plastic ziplock bag.  First 2 pages only completed).

* 'First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind' Level 1.  By Jessie Wise.  $10

* 'The Great Editing Adventure Series' Vol 2. by Commonsense Press.  $5

* 'Queensland Targeting Handwriting' Years 1-3 Teacher's Resource Book.  $5

* 'Progressing with Courage' English 6.  Building Christian English Series by Rod & Staff Publishers.  $5 (exlib)



* 'Gamma' Teacher Manual by Math U See.  $5

* 'Delta' Teacher Manual by Math U See.  $5

* 'Geo All About Angles: Exploring Line and Angle' by Origo Education.  $5

* 'Geo Paper polygons: Exploring 2D Shapes through Paper Folding'.  $5

* 'Geo Plane puzzles: Exploring Properties of 2D Shapes'.  $5

* 'Geo Faces and Frames: Exploring Properties of 3D Shapes'.  $5

OR Buy all four 'Geo' books for $12.

* 'Algebra for All' ages 9-10 by Elizabeth Warren.  Origo Education.

* 'An Easy Start In Arithmetic' Grades K-3 by Ruth Beechick.  $4



* 'Encore on Keys Primary Piano' 4th ed Level 1.  Includes book, CD & flashcards.  Purchased less than a year ago for $38.  Selling now for $15.



* 'Window on the World' by Daphne Spraggett & Jill Johnstone.  $5

* 'Finding out about Mountains' - Usborne Explainers.  50c

* 'The Usborne Book of World Geography' (1997ed).  $1



* 'Space'.  Grades 1-3.  Primary Theme Series by Creative Teaching Press.  $2

* 'Spectacular Space' Years 1-3.  Reading, Writing & Speaking about Space.  By Annalisa Suid.  Hawker Brownlow Education.  $2

* 'Science is WOW: Working Out the World' A handbook of activities for children and teachers of early childhood science.  By Carmel Diezmann & James Watters.  $2



* 'Daily Physical Activity: A Guide for Schools' by Qld Govt.  $1



* 'The Fruit of the Spirit Crafts & More'.  Grades 2-6.  Christian Concept Series.  $2

* 'A Jesus Christmas: Explore God's Amazing Plan for Christmas' by Barbara Reaoch.  Published in 2018, we used this this past Advent.  Currently available at Koorong for $9.99.  I'm selling for $4.

* 'Long Story Short' 10 minute devotions to draw your family to God by Marty Machowski.  Front cover a bit dog-eared (we used this a lot!); but inside pages in excellent condition.  Currently available at Koorong for $34.99.  I'm selling for $10.

* 'The Advent Jesse Tree'.  Devotions for Children & Adults to prepare them for the coming of the Christ Child at Christmas.  By Dean Meador Lambert. (hard cover)  $4.



* 'Mountain Born' by Elizabeth Yates (Sonlight recommended).  $3

* 'My Story Surviving Sydney Cove: The Diary of Elizabeth Harvey' by Goldie Alexander.  $3

* 'Mandie and the Windmill's Message' by Lois Gladys Leppard (exlib) $1

* ' Mandie and the Trunk's Secret' by Lois Gladys Leppard (exlib) $1

* 'Mr Pink-Whistle's Party' by Enid Blyton (hardcover) $1

* 'The Adventures of Mr Pink-Whistle' by Enid Blyton (hardcover) $1

* 'Danger on Midnight Trail' by Mark Littleton (exlib) $1

* 'The Disappearing Jewel of Madagascar' by Sigmund Brouwer $1

* 'The Truth Chronicles:  The Ark' by Tim Chaffey & Joe Westbrook $1

* 'Esio Trot' by Roald Dahl (exlib) $1

* 'Secret Seven Fireworks' by Enid Blyton (old version, some browning of pages).  50c

* 'Well Done Secret Seven' by Enid Blyton (old version, some browning of pages).  50c

* 'Stranded on Terror Island: A Ladd Family Adventure' by Lee Roddy (Focus on the Family Publishing).  $1

* 'Stagestruck' by Tomie DePaola (picture book / hardcover w dust jacket).  $1

* 'Tasmanian Tiger' by Marion & Steve Isham. (fiction)  50c

* 'Dr Seuss' by Wendy Lynch (hardcover, exlib).  50c



* 'Learning In Spite of Labels' by Joyce Herzog.  $1

* 'Children at Play: Creative Games and Activities for 6-9 year olds' by Elaine Martin.  $1

* 'Books in the Life of a Child: Bridges to Literature & Learning' by Maurice Saxby.  $3



*  Joseph King of Dreams (by Dreamworks).  $2

*  The Adventures of Milo & Otis.  $2



*  Excel Basic Skills Comprehension and Written Expression Year 3.  (7 out of 60 pages completed.  Front cover is well worn, but inside pages are in good condition).


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3 hours ago, mumtothree said:

'Geo All About Angles: Exploring Line and Angle' by Origo Education.  $5

* 'Geo Paper polygons: Exploring 2D Shapes through Paper Folding'.  $5

* 'Geo Plane puzzles: Exploring Properties of 2D Shapes'.  $5

* 'Geo Faces and Frames: Exploring Properties of 3D Shapes'.  $5

OR Buy all four 'Geo' books for $12.

Hi Would I be able to take all 4 Geo books please. Postage is to 4655.

Thank you,


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Hi Melinda.

Yes, you most certainly may take all four of the Geo books.  Their combined weight comes in at a little over 1kg, so I'd have to post them in a medium satchel which means it will cost $14.55 for postage.  The total of the books and postage together is $26.55.  

I can fit another 1.5kg or so into the satchel (max 3kg), so if there is anything additional that catches your fancy I can add it in with no additional postage costs.


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      Hi, I am wanting sell these surplus home educational books.
      Rod and Staff History/Geography Grade 7 as new - Text, Teacher, tests - $60
      Rod and Staff History/Geography Grade 9 as new - Text, Teacher, tests - $60
      Rod and Staff Maths 3 and 4, old edition (unit studies) - $15 each
      Postage will be added at cost.  Please let me know where you are.  Posting from 3649.
      Payment can be via Paypal, direct deposit, or via cheque.

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      I'm selling HOD's World History Economy package for $288, and Health package  for $70. The prices for each set make them a bit more dearer, but I've listed them separately HERE if you are interested. Photos and details can be found at the link as well  Or feel free to drop me a line and I can answer questions
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      Rod and Staff Grade 4 English curriculum focused on grammar and composition.
      $20 plus postage 
      will post at cost or pick up central coast, NSW or North Sydney
      perfect condition
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      I am selling my used Sonlight Science C (Geology, Meteorology, Mechanical Technology). It is in excellent condition with only light erased pencil marks here and there. It comes with the following books for the 4 day program
      - Instructors guide and activity sheets all in a beautiful folder
      - All the needed books except a magic school bus book and Dinosaurs unleashed (both can be found at book depository)
      Science Discover and Do DVD Level 2
      Marie Curies search for Radium
      The Usborne Book of Knowledge
      Dk Weather book
      The usborne Book of Science activities
      Retail: $130 US dollars
      Price: $70 plus postage from 2582 (NSW)
      Thanks Ferris

    • Nooby
      By Nooby
      Hi all
      We have finished homeschooling and these are the last of our resources. All are in good to excellent condition. I have given a link to each resource and all are very similar or the same to the product seen in the link. I have tried to give a very fair price, as I want to be rid of these, but they did cost me some money. I have given weights in ( ) for postage. I would really prefer to post in pre-paid satchels as that it the easiest for me.  We loved these resources and found them very helpful for educating our kids. I maybe negotiable on price. Posting from 2830.
      Thanks for looking.
      MUS Pre-calculus Australian version -  All in very god condition, as we barely used the books.
      Teacher’s manual, back cover coming off slightly, but still very good condition
      Solutions text  - very good condition
      Test Booklet – very good condition
      Dvd – good condition
      To buy new from Maths Australia, it includes Honours book as well for $160
      Selling all for $100  (1.4kg)
      IEW’s SICC C  - Dvds plus student book, in loose leaf style in envelop. Not a book like in the link.
      Selling for new at $290
      Sell as a whole for $120 (820g)
      The Two Andrews on Writing and Teaching Writing – 3 dvds , 6 sessions with Andrew Pudewa and Andrew Kern – excellent talks
      $10 (240g)
      Write Now – Getty-Dubay Programfor Handwriting Success
      Excellent resource to improve handwriting, or teach it. Selling $20 US
      $10 (390g)
      Harvey’s Elementary Grammar and Compositionand answer key – an old fashion but good resource (400g)
      The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation Great reference guide with some practice chapters $6 (520g)
      Writer’s Inc  Great reference book on all things to do with writing. Helpful guidelines, models and strategies for writing. $8 (850g)
      Evolution The Grand Experiment vol 1 $5 (1.4kg)
      Tops Learning Systems Science with Simple Things series – 2 books - Electricity (230g)and Magnetism (206g) $5 each (Sonlight  Science Core D & E books)
      Apologia Multimedia Companion CD for Exploring Creation with Physical Science and Physics  $5 each (100g each)
      PAC System (Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum) – Integrated Physics and Chemistry– includes Teacher’s Resource Kit, Activities Books and texts for 12 chapters of work.  – great for someone who wanted to study physics and chemistry but not go into the detail of something like Apologia science.
      Good condition $20 for the whole thing  (4.7 kg)       SOLD
      Advanced Chemistry Lab Setfrom Nature’s Workshop plus - $20  (1.1kg)
      Mark Kistler’s Draw Squad x 2 books Great art resource for teaching drawing $5 each (730g each)
      Core 300 – 20thCentury History 2014 – Instructor’s Guide and Student guide each in Sonlight blue folder, with tabs. All set up ready to go, no writing in them. Complete gudies.  (Student 3.1kg, Instructors 3.2kg)
      $60 for both.
      Only a few books have changed from current list. 
      To Train Up a Child– Pearl 1st Edition, not one shown in link $5 (150g)
      Critical Conditioning– Stout Great resource for teacher to help student develop thinking and analytical skills $5 (260g)