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these books are looking for a good home! And the same time your purchase will help a family in need.

prices do not include postage

Thank you for looking,

God Bless


My Australian Art : Inspired by the Art Gallery of NSW by Jo M Hein and Victoria Collings hb *NEW* $3 These Interactive books contain engaging and fun activities for children aged 5-10 years involving looking, making and learning at, in the classroom and at home. This book will engage and inspire children to look at art(in the book) understand more about artists and their work, and then make discoveries for themselves by painting the pieces included in the book. 

The Boy Who Changed the World by Andy Andrews hb wdj *NEW* (picture book) $6The Kid Who Changed the World tells the story of Norman Borlaug, who would one day grow up and use his knowledge of agriculture to save the lives of two billion people. Two billion! Norman changed the world! Or was it Vice President Henry Wallace who changed the world? Or maybe it was George Washington Carver? But what about Susan Carver?This engaging story reveals the incredible truth that everything we do matters! Based on his book The Butterfly Effect, Andy's timeless tale shows children that even the smallest of our actions can make a difference in someone's life. In turn, that person makes a difference in someone else's life, and the blessing is passed from person to person. Through each character's story, readers will see that they, too, can be the kid who changes the world. Andy Andrews tells the wonderful true story of how one person's positive action and influence on another can result in a chain of events with beneficial global outcome. You will be left with much to think about and discuss with your children after reading this book to them. Great for all ages, but excellent for older children….Guides, activities etc….here: https://www.andyandrews.com/curriculum-guides

And here: 



 My Story Adelaide Hills 1915: Our Enemy, My Friend the Diary of Emma Shelldrake by Jenny Blackman pb *as new* OOP $4…the Diary of Emma Shelldrake, Adelaide Hills, 1915. It is 1915 and Australia is involved in the Great War. Young Australian men are dying in the trenches of Europe. To soldiers fighting in France and Gallipoli, the village of Wirreebilla in the Adelaide Hills seems peaceful and far away. But is it really so peaceful? German settlers are being treated increasingly as aliens by Wirreebilla locals and old friends become the new enemy. When Emma Shelldrake experiences this hatred first-hand, she begins to understand how difficult wartime can be for everyone. This entire series is a wonderful way to learn history or teach it to adolescents.  You find today's generations seem to recall more when they learn through other people.. so what better way to teach history than through someone else's perspective? Ages 9-12

My Story The Rocks, Sydney 1900,  Plagues and Federation The Diary of Kitty Barnes by Vashti Farrer pb *as new*$4The year 1900 was a momentous one for Kitty Barnes. Bubonic plague, the Black Death, was killing large numbers of people; the country was on the verge of becoming a federation; Kitty's brother was in Africa fighting in the Boer War. Ages 10 and over.

Animals We Know hb vintage book ec $2.is a book about known and some unknown animals that children will like to learn about, book includes wonderful colour plates and chapters are short enough making them excellent for narrations and a complete study of animals….you could actually do a mini-study just by using this book. Excellent for ages 6-10

Emil and the Three Twins by Erich Kastner pb ec $3.In this story Emil and his friends "The Detectives" meet a team of acrobats, The Three Byrons, and discover by accident that the father is planning to desert one of them. So of course they come to the rescue, but not before they've been cast away on a desert island and had lots of other hair-raising adventures. 'Password Emil!' Emil and the detectives are on holiday by the seaside when they meet the three Byrons. One Byron is the father and the other two are the sons, Mackie and Jackie. Jackie is bigger than Mackie and Byron Senior is very annoyed about it. But what is Jackie to do? When Emil and the detectives discover that the father is planning to desert poor Jackie they are determined to come to the rescue but not before they've been cast away on a desert island…Ages 9-12…We all loved Emil and the Detectives


The Black Stallion’s Filly by Walter Farley pb gc $3Black Minx has the strength and stamina to win the most famous horse race in the world, but she doesn’t seem to like racing. So strongly does she resist training that Alec Ramsay and Henry Dailey have to trick her into running! But Black Minx has a few tricks of her own … In 1952, Walter Farley crated Black Minx, the first daughter of the famous Black Stallion. At the time, only one filly had ever won the Kentucky Derby in its seventy-seven-year history. In this classic racing story, Black minx just might be up to the challenge.  This book is Walter Farley at his best-- believable, drawing, captivating. As the reader, you will be drawn into every hoof beat, every struggle, every moment of Black Minx and her journey into becoming the first filly sired by the great Black Stallion. This fast-paced racing story follows a great horse' s journey through training and preliminary races to the opening gate at America' s most famous racetrack: Churchill Downs. Ages 10++

Son of the Black Stallion by Walter Farley pb gc $3…You will  immediately drawn into the wild, unpredictable, even dangerous colt of a famed stallion who seemed to be at war with the whole world. Beautifully written, you will be  drawn into the struggle of Alec's blind love for a colt who truly deserved the name Satan.  Grade 6-8 guide:https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/books/son-of-the-black-stallion-by-walter-farley/

Eyewitness Science Guides : How Science Works ; fascinating projects and experiments that reveal the secrets of science by Judith Hann hb wdj  *as new* $8…This book explains, to the entire family, the nature of the universe. It is packed with projects and practical, hands-on-experiments that all family members can do in the home. The book features photographic sequences of experiments and the text guides the reader through each step. The book also provides an overview of each subject as well as the most up-to-date discoveries in the world of science. Explorations of subjects such as genetic coding, the greenhouse effect, carbon dating and the life and death of a star are given as are features on famous inventors and scientists. A very helpful book indeed! Full of interesting experiments of physics and chemistry. We have performed some of the experiments from it. More over, the description given in the book , for a particular topic is logical enough to satisfy the reader. The language is simple and lucid, easy for a 7th-10th grader to understand.


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Hello Joseph, Could I have "Miss Carter Came with us" . Thank you, Mrs Muldoon.

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Have put it aside!, Mrs Muldoon,



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