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Hello Everyone,

Am selling these for friends...

Postage is not included..


Thank you for looking!

God Bless

T & Joseph

Abeka - Arithmetic 4 Student Book pb gc $5…

Abeka - Arithmetic 4 Test and Speed Drills pb ec $3…

Abeka- Arithmetic 4 Teacher Key (Test & Speed drill) pb ec $3OR TAKE the LOT for $10

Lingua Mater Primary Language Lessons byEmma Perl revised edition by Margot Davidson spiral bound $5…..Very appropriate for 2nd-3rd grades. It actually cycles through quite a bit of basic English in a way to expose grammar without bluntly learning it as in traditional studies. There is dictation, copy-work, poem memorisation, picture study, nature study, oral recitation, appropriate word usage in sentences and so forth.The Hillside Edition of this classic book retains the charm and grace of the original with some Hillside additions: colour pictures, larger page size, updated poems, and several new lessons. Added Catholic content includes a beautiful image of St. Joan of Arc, some poems by Father Faber, and a quote by St. Dominic Savio. Used in MODG Homeschool for 3rd grade. Download the answer key for free: http://www.hillsideeducation.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/PLLanswerkey.pdf

If You’re Trying To Teach Kids How To Write…..You’ve Gotta Have This Book! By Majorie Frank pb gc $5……This book is loaded with ideas that can be used in the classroom and can be used with teaching teachers how to teach writing skills. This book has some of the most creative and effective ideas you will have come across in a long time. It is an easy read with samples that one can use in a class forever. Recommended  highly.Worthy investment and definitely one that won't just sit on the shelf and collect dust.

Awakening  (Crossroads in Time Book) by Claudia Cangilla McAdam pb *as New* $12…Awakening, by Claudia Cangilla McAdam, is a marvellous book that expertly weaves many of the Bible accounts around the events of Good Friday into an enjoyable young adult novel. McAdam uses a simple and effective device to bring this ancient world to new life and does so with such wonderful invention and skill that you find yourself surprised by the stories you have heard so many times before. Awakening, published by Sophia Institute Press, follows the touching story of Veronica, a young teen struggling with the loss of her father and brother. Her relationship with her mother has become strained as the world she knows and loves seems to be falling apart around her. Struggling with a high fever, she falls asleep and awakens to find herself in Jerusalem during the time of Christ. As a matter of fact, she not only is living in Biblical times, she is one of the characters in the Bible, the young girl who was brought back to life by Jesus himself. Yet, unlike that little girl, she knows what is about to unfold. She knows Jesus is about to be betrayed. She knows he will be crucified and buried. What should she do? Try and stop it from happening or watch Jesus suffer and die? Here is where McAdam's skill as a writer shines bright. Attempting such a retelling is fraught with danger. Will she do so respectfully? Will she resort to cliche? How can you retell a story we've heard so many times with a new voice that doesn't diminish the events it relives? McAdam brilliantly weaves characters from Veronica's modern-day life into her biblical one. Within a few pages you find yourself transported along with her, believing that her family is in the inner circle of followers of Christ. As Veronica juggles learning how to live in the Biblical world with her knowledge of what will happen there, we can't help but be drawn into the story. The reader finds themselves where most people have only dreamt of existing; in the presence of a living, breathing Jesus. How wonderful would it be to be transported back and to have a conversation with Jesus? Or to be at the Last Supper? How extraordinary would such an experience be? That's what McAdam's book brings, extraordinary and awe. I can't delve into the details about how she interjects Veronica into the events around the Good Friday without taking away from McAdam's mastery of storytelling, but she subtly ties numerous Biblical events seamlessly together in a way that makes them fresh and new again.

Favourite Fairy Tales Told In Japan retold by Virginia Haviland hb wdj ec $3…Simply told and beautifully and amply illustrated.Great for less advanced readers.Great for me, who loves old tales, and where you can also get a look at early myths, early explanations of how the earth was made and where we came from etc.We now call it "Science" now, and it is no less, perhaps more, entertaining and wondrous.Stories like these give you a Magic Portal  into the minds and customs and beliefs of different peoples. So original and sometimes so familiar or resonant.This book is part of a collection of favourite fairy tales from around the world. Truly enjoyable!

Amazing Mazes: Mind Bending Mazes for Ages 6-60 by Role Heimann pb gc $2…Lila, Tom, and Ben attempt to solve a series of mazes, including a labyrinth, a pipeline, gears in a machine, a ship, a bramble bush, castle chambers, mine shafts, a log jam, tracks in the snow, and roads. Rolf Heimann maze isn't just a maze. It's a messed-up jumbled-up world, ready for you to navigate. And unlike traditional mazes, these aren't your draw-a-pencil-line-thru-the-maze type. These involve critical thinking, like finding the right ingredients to prepare drinks, and moving across logs to get to an island. Really, an excellent gift for any child is one or all or Rolf Heimann's maze books.

Animaze! : A Collection of Amazing Nature Mazes by Wendy Madgwick pb gc $2…A little zebra is trying to reach his mother in the grasslands, but hungry cheetahs lurk nearby. Kids can help by finding the right path through the grassland maze--and 11 other nature mazes--in this unique natural history book for preschoolers and young children just beginning to read. Wonderful illustrations: colourful, full of small little treasures amongst the mazes in the book. The best part of the book (in MY opinion) is the little index/glossary at the end which gives a detailed description of each animal featured in each painting. Not just "Iguana eat plants", the author goes into mating habits, parenting, migration and many more amazing facts.  Fantastic book for younger AND older children.

Red Riding Hood’s Math Adventure : A Subratction Story Book by Lalie Harcourst hb ec $5….Learn simple addition and subtraction by turning a wheel to determine how many cookies Red Riding Hood should give away or save for Grandma. The surprise ending will delight readers of all ages. Includes activities and game ideas for children and adults.  This book is great because it’s interactive.Most importantly it helps young ones who find Math tedious, fun!

Fun With Sizes by Peter Patilla and Kirsty Asher hb ec $3…Developing awareness of size, area, and space is a foundation of math, and "Fun with Sizes" uses picture puzzles to draw kids in and teach size and spatial concepts. Kids are invited to compare sizes of objects and evaluate area and space in these puzzles, which vary in complexity. This book invites children to find the longest and shortest snakes in the "snake pit" and find the tall, small and widest bottles on the shelves. Through twelve or more bright matching and sorting puzzles it is hoped children will grasp the important concept of size. The puzzles are intended to encourage them to learn words which will help them to express size differences. The games and puzzles have been created to show the differences between size opposites, such as thick and thin and big and small. Size comparisons, such as longer and shorter and small, medium and big, and objects which are the same size, are also introduced.

Fun With Patterns byPeter Patilla and Kirsty Asher hb ec $3…The text in this book invites children to match the footprints and follow the maze to link different patterns together. Through these bright matching and sorting puzzles it is hoped children will be encouraged to develop mathematical concepts such as matching, sorting and categorising skills. OR TAKE BOTH FOR $5…


Where’s Wally? By Martin Handford pb gc $2Get ready for the original Wally challenge! The first title in the amazing Wally phenomenon. Join Wally on his worldwide hike! He's hidden in every scene - along with lots of friends!  Perfect entertainment for rainy days and school holidays.  The eye-boggling Where’s Wally? series has sold over 43 million copies in 33 countries around the world.  "Just the thing to keep kids enthralled for hours. But Beware! Grown-ups might find they get just as hooked." Wheels.Wonderfully challenging. You will love the challenges of finding Wally not to mention many unknown wonders along the way!I Illustrations are beautiful and very very detailed. Each time you look at the pages, you will discover new things that you missed previously. This book it great…..(with this copy you receive another copy FREE)

Where’s Wally? The Bumper Activity Book (FOUR Fantastic Books in ONE)  by Martin Handford pb ec $7…There are games, tongue-twisters, riddles, fascinating facts and lots more in this bumper activity book compiled from four popular Wally titles.Wally is now a global phenomenon, and this book is truly Wonder-full! Take the Wally challenge and go up and down the Corridors of Time, wander around the Fantastic Flower Garden, witness the Mighty Fruit Fight, visit Clown Town and see many other wondrous Wonderlands! Wally and friends are hiding in every detailed scene. Full of eye-boggling extras and hours of fun, this is the fifth classic Wally adventure. Wow! Amazing! The Where's Wally? series has sold over 72 million books worldwide.


Digit Dick and The Zoo Plot hb wdj gc $6… 

The Story of Sarli The Barrier Reef Turtle by Leslie Rees hb wdj ec $7….

Blue Willow by Doris Gates pb gc $3…

My Story: Plagues and Federation 1900 by Vashti Farrer pb *as new* $3…You’d hardly know our street anymore… it looks like some place in Africa where there’s been fighting, not like Sydney. I know they had to pull down houses that you couldn’t live in no more and they’ll put up new ones instead only they’ll be different so The Rocks’ll really never look the same again, will it? The year 1900 was a momentous one for Kitty Barnes. Bubonic plague, the Black Death, was killing large numbers of people; the country was on the verge of becoming a federation; Kitty’s brother was in Africa fighting in the Boer War. 10+

Song For A Dark Queen by Rosemary Sutcliff pb gc $3…

My Royal Story: An English Princess’s Diary 1829 Victoria by Anna Kirwan pbgc $4.. The young Queen Victoria was brought up hidden from the world she would one day govern. In 1829, aged ten, Princess Victoria is a lonely little girl, but she is about to make a startling discovery. She is closer to the throne than she ever imagined. My Royal Story offers a fascinating insight into the childhood of a young princess. Ages 10+

The Royal Diaries:  Jahanara Princess of Princesses India 1627 by Kathryn Lasky hb gc $4…

Anila’s Journey by Mary Finn pb ec $4….Set in colonial India, this richly layered coming-of-age tale follows a spirited young artist on a journey up the Ganges — and through the enigmas of her past.How can Anila Tandy, left to fend for herself after her mother's death, dare to apply for a job that is clearly not meant for a woman? But somehow the "Bird Girl of Calcutta," art supplies in hand, finds herself on an eye-opening journey up the Ganges, apprenticed to a gentleman scientist. As the lush landscape slips by, Anila dives into her past — a past where her beautiful Bengali mother still tells stories and her Irish father's mysterious disappearance lingers. Gorgeously written and rich with atmosphere, Mary Finn's debut novel tells the story of a determined young artist who must make her way in the dangerous world of late-eighteenth-century India.  “Anila’s Journey” is an immersion into Calcutta and Madras, the Ganges and other wonderful places in India. It will provide a good point of entry into a landscape of wonder and artistry set in that important time of worldview expansion, which Mary Finn seems to capture as if it were a *mere* few centuries ago. Anila’s story is a heartwarming, rich, believable. Ages13-15.

Put Out the Light by Terry Dear pb ec $6…

TALES OF WAR BOXED SET - the  6 books below are in this boxed set( if you would like a photo happy to oblige) ec $25 for the boxed set.

B Flight by Bruce Carter pb ec.  The Dolphin Crossing by Jill Paton Walsh pg ec..Fireweed by Jill Paton Walsh pb ec…Great Escape Stories by Eric Williams pb ec …I am David by Anne Holm pb gc… The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier pb ec ..

Our Australian Girl series : School Days for Ruby (bk3) by Penny Matthews pb gc $3….It's 1931 . . . and Ruby is settling into life at her school in the country. But when a desperately poor family moves to the area, no one wants to be friends with them. Ruby will have to choose sides, and she has already made one enemy at school - Doris Spinks. Will Ruby do what she believes is right? And what does Doris know about Ruby's beloved dad? Follow Ruby on her adventure in the third of four exciting stories about a happy-go-lucky girl in a time of great change.

The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier pb gc $1….Although the silver sword was only a paper knife, it became the symbol of hope and courage which kept the Balicki children and their orphan friend Jan alive through the four years of occupation when they had to fend for themselves. And afterwards it inspired them to keep going on the exhausting and dangerous journey from war-torn Poland to Switzerland, where they hoped to find their parents. Based on true accounts, this is a moving story of life during and after the Second World War. (spoiler):The children had found their hearts desire in being with their family again, but what they went through left scars. The scars would be there forever, but they were also a testament to their strength, their will to live, and God’s grace.

I Am Helen Keller by Grace Norwich pb *as new* $3…

The Most Charming redhead in fiction…..Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery pb ec $3As soon as Anne Shirley arrives at the snug white farmhouse called Green Gables, she is sure she wants to stay forever . . . but will the Cuthberts send her back to to the orphanage? Anne knows she's not what they expected—a skinny girl with fiery red hair and a temper to match. If only she can convince them to let her stay, she'll try very hard not to keep rushing headlong into scrapes and blurting out the first thing that comes to her mind. Anne is not like anyone else, the Cuthberts agree; she is special—a girl with an enormous imagination. This orphan girl dreams of the day when she can call herself Anne of Green Gables.You can’t help but fall in love with Anne. She is the friend you have always longed for, the daughter that will bring that much-needed light in your life, that student that any teacher would be proud to instruct. She is funny, imaginative, bright, and a regular chatterbox. She laments about her red hair, apologies for being a ‘great trial’ to Marilla, and always manages to see the positive in most everything. However, she does maintain a long-standing rivalry with her peer, Gilbert Blythe. "She was as intense in her hatreds as in her loves." Nothing is ever lukewarm when it comes to Anne’s feelings.  Some might say this book is too wholesome, too charming, and perhaps too unrealistic. I have to say that I don’t believe those are good enough reasons to skip reading this enchanting novel! It didn’t take place just yesterday so I didn’t expect the trials and tribulations of today’s day and age. The events do occur on an idyllic island, so I felt the beautiful scenery I was immersed in was wholly believable. Anne is not a perfect little girl and each character has their share of flaws. Not every story has to be full of doom and gloom to get all the stars! Sometimes one just needs to sit back, relax, and just surrender to the small pleasures in life. We could all use a lesson from Anne’s book of optimism here and there!

Mandie and The Abandoned Mine (Mandie Bk 8) by Lois Gladys Leppard pb ec $6…

On The Banks of Plum Creek by Laura Ingalls Wilder pb ec4....This one has some of the most memorable moments in the Little House series: the little dugout house, the cow putting his foot through the roof, leeches in the creek, locusts, doing chores by following a rope between the house and barn in a blizzard..... all those moments of life in a pioneering era of hardship and pure heart. Despite knowing how these stories turn out, I still get anxious for Pa coming home in the storm, or when trying to put out a prairie fire, and get grossed out by the leeches, cheer for Laura in her troubles with Nellie Oleson, and long to see the beautiful sunsets and sunrises described. Wilder tells stories with such remarkable narrative ability, you can't help but get deeply buried into each story. 

The Hollow Hills by Mary Stewart pb ec $7… T

Dead Famous: Alexander The Great and his claim to fame by Phil Robins pb ec $5…

Horrible Geography: Perishing Poles by Anita Ganeri pb gc $4…

10 Best Shakespeare Stories Ever! By Terry Deary pb gc $5…

Horrible Histories: The Rotten Romans by Terry Deary pb gc $3 Follows life for folks in Roman Britain from Nero to Boudicca and includes a look at gory games, rotten recipes, and loads of frightening facts. A good information book about how clever the Romans were in war, how Julius Caesar was assassinated and much much more!

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien pb gc $3…

In My Father’s House : Years Before the Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom pb gc $3.. 

 Lost Shepherd by Agnes Sanford pb gc $2In this dramatic and inspiring novel we follow the upswing of a man's spiritual growth as he leans to break through the barriers of convention to a richer life illuminated by faith and hope. Paul Forrester is the minister to the church of All Saints in the small city of Mapleton where he experiences all the trials that beset a young clergyman - from economy-minded vestrymen to the attentions of spinster parishioners with matrimony on their minds. The most serious crisis of Paul's life arises when his failure to save a boy from ultimate tragedy drives him to question the reality of his own faith.The twist and turns all lead to an end only God can ordain.One of Agnes Sanford’s novels full of insight into how God beings healing into our lives. A Lovely book hard to put an age to it….Ages 15 to adult.

Stories for a Teens Heart Book 1 : Over 100 Stories, to Encourage a Teen’s Soul compiled by Alice Gary pb gc $4 Alice Gray has compiled 110 inspirational stories that are sure to touch the hearts of teens in this title in the bestselling Stories for the Heart series. Through an even blend of humorous, often poignant tales, teens will be encouraged in life’s journey and reassured that they are not alone on the road to becoming adults. Many popular CBA authors offer valuable insights into the human condition in a manner that is warm and uplifting. Stories for a Teen’s Heart will revitalise the spirits of young people. Alice Gray's purpose of writing this book was to open teenagers eyes to other peoples feelings, and to write stories that people can relate too. One story may make you laugh and one may make you cry, but they are all great stories. 

Beginning History: Crusaders by Joanne Jessop hb ec $3…

The Little Boys and Their Boats by Stephen Bone & Mary Adshead  (picture book) hb wdj gc $4…

For The Love of Autumn by Patricia Polacco  (picture book)hb wdj gc $2...

Christmas Tapestry by Patricia Polacco  (picture book) hb wdj ec $7…

Ben and Gracie’s Art Adventure by Mark Wilson hb gc $4…

Titanic Sinks! : Experience the Titanic’s Doomed Voyage in this Unique Presentation of Fact and Fiction by Barry Denenberg hb wdj ec $5..

.So You Want To Be Prime Minister? By Nicolas Brasch pb ec $5…



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Can I add these to my box please.

Song For A Dark Queen by Rosemary Sutcliffe

10 Best Shakespeare Stories Ever! By Terry Deary pb gc $5


Thank you,


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Hello Mrs Farrelly,

I have put these aside for you

God Bless

Song For A Dark Queen by Rosemary Sutcliffe$3

10 Best Shakespeare Stories Ever! By Terry Deary pb gc $5

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Hi there,  
I'd love to purchase the following if still available:

The Royal Diaries: Jahanara Princess of Princesses India

I am Helen Keller

Horrible Histories: The Romans

For the love of Autumn

Titanic Sinks
Thank you

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Hello Mrs MightyRock, 

I am sending you PM

Thank you

God Bless

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