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Old Book Clean Out!

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(Still available)

Old Books clean out!

All Hardcover, clothbound. In good condition.

20 books in total.

$3 each.

$45 for the lot.


Pickup Woodvale, WA or buyer pays postage.

Listed elsewhere.



Introduction to Philosophy of Education

Stella Van Petten Henderson


Hardcover. 401 pages


A Course of Pure Mathematics

G. H. Hardy

Tenth Edition. 1952 (First Edition 1908)

Hardcover. 509 pages.


An Introduction to the Infinitesimal Calculus.

With Applications to Mechanics and Physics

G. W. Caunt


Hardcover. 568 pages.


The Elements of Analytical Geometry, part III

J. T. Brown


Hardcover. 330 pages.


Teach Yourself Geometry

P. Abbott


Hardcover. 336 pages


Teach Yourself Mathematics

John Davidson & E.T. Moore.


Hardcover. 339 pages


Teach Yourself Chemistry

James knight and G. Bruce Macalpine


Hardcover. 240 pages.


A Class Book of Physics

Sir Richard Gregory and H.E. Hardley


Hardcover. 656 pages.


The Elements of Analytical Geometry

Parts I & II

JT. Brown and C.W.M. Manson


Hardcover. 180 pages.


A Key to School Geometry

Parts I & II

H.S. Hall and F.H. Stevens


Hardcover. 76 pages.


A Key to School Geometry

Parts I - VI

H.S. Hall and F.H. Stevens


Hardcover. 288 pages.



Part IV Spherical Trigonometry

With 20 diagrams

T.M. MacRobert and William Arthur




A Handbook of Literary Terms

H. L. Yellard


Hardcover. 221 pages


English Literature.

A Survey for Students

John Burgess Wilson

Sixth Edition. 1965

340 pages


In the Steps of the Brontes

Ernest Raymond


Hardcover. 324 pages.

Includes black and white photos.


In the Steps of St. Paul

H. V. Morton


Hardcover, slightly worn. 400 pages.

Includes black and white photos.


Thames Triumphant

Sydney R. Jones


Hardcover. 272 Pages



Anatomy of Britain

Anthony Sampson


Hardcover. 662 pages.


A History of the English-Speaking Peoples

Volume II - The New World


Hardcover. 344 pages.


British Herbs and Vegetables.

George M. Taylor

“With 8 plages in colour and 27 illustrations in Black and White.”

Undated, illustrations date from c.1100 to 1945

Hardcover. 50 pages.


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Would love the copy of :

in the steps of the Brontes by Ernest Raymond.

For my sisters birthday!!

thank you

postage to 5073

God bless


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