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SOLD-------Wren Bay the Story of Making a Home by Clarice Fox-Hughes

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Hello we are trying to "move" these out to new homes, helping out a family with a crisis,

Postage Not Include.

Have and ENJOY!!

God Bless


JUST FOR MUM or Your DAUGHTERS, written by a homeschool mum.....

Wren Bay the Story of Making a Home by Clarice Fox-Hughes 298 pgs..pb*NEW* ..here is a review by a reader: I was excited when I discovered Wren Bay; a book about making a house a home spoke to my heart. When my copy arrived, I eagerly anticipated finishing my day & curling up with the book. I wasn't disappointed! The French influence in the book was a delightful surprise, from the fashions of the day to the delicious recipes included. Other books that I have read that included recipes only had one or two per book; having multiple recipes per chapter made this book a delicious read! Each step of a homemakers heart is addressed in this book. Gardening in a home garden to feed your family and herbal care; learning and creating a daily routine; home cooked goodness & cocooning a house to become a place of refuge for her family. Wren uses her time of separation to settle in and create that haven for Devlin & herself. The blessings book that helps Wren survive the separation (Delvin is at War) from Devlin is an inspiration to anyone going through a difficult time. She choose to focus on the positive in her life rather than her separation. Wren also choose to focus her daily activities to what she had on hand...creating her own style of dress, combining parts of the latest fashions with "a combination of Sophia's sleek, comfortable style & the romantic fashion of Grace's day." Wren also uses that creativity to mould her home into a personal oasis. "It is the small, simple things that makes a house a home," she states. In Wren Bay, I believe Clarice Fox-Hughes brings out the heart of the homemaker, evoking a response of "what more can I do in my home."


Wishes Are Like........by Clarice Fox-Hughes pb 444pgs. *NEW* here is a review by a reader: It has been three years since Devlin Bay has come back from the Great War. It was a struggle but Wren Bay has loved her husband through it all, and now they are back in France, escorting Wren's surrogate Grandmother Madam Mimi to her family's vineyard in Provence. This is the honeymoon Wren and Devlin never had. But Wren is holding a wish in her heart and it is one she cannot make happen herself, only time can. It is a hard place to be. Will the mysterious girl with sad eyes be the answer she has been praying for? All Wren knows is she wants to help this girl who pulls at her heartstrings. Wishes Are Like ... is a story of the importance of wishing but holding those wishes gently. For not all wishes can come true. In this sequel to Wren Bay, author Clarice Fox-Hughes has captured the sense of wonder and beauty in both the ordinary and extraordinary circumstances of a young woman, her husband, and their family and friends in the early part of the 20th century. The book is rich in atmospheric detail and emotions, not to mention delicious food and drink (it contains recipes). The author’s culinary skills, along with her love of nature, vintage apparel, art, and good literature shine through beautifully in this story. If you loved “The Secret Garden” or the “Anne of Green Gables” books as a child ( as an adult, I still do), you will enjoy this lovely continuation of Mrs. Bay’s world that calls us to slow down, love deeply, and enjoy life.


TAKE BOTH BOOKS FOR $40  (Not available  in Australia they are self-published, and since one is a hefty 440 +page plus book the postage alone can end up being  $15AUS each !!)

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