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Hello we are trying to "move" these out to new homes, helping out a family with a crisis,

Postage Not Include.

Have and ENJOY!!

God Bless


Sword Song by Rosemary Sutcliff, Pb gc $5.....Discovered among Rosemary Sutcliff 's papers after her death in 1992, Sword Song is the swashbuckling epic of a young Viking swordsman, banished from his home for unintentionally killing a man, who takes up a new life as a mercenary. Whether Sutcliff is calling up the ale houses of Dublin or the battle-torn moors of Scotland, her descriptive language and dialogue transport readers back to a time and place not usually visited in young people's fiction.”Ages 13+

Along Came A Dog by Meindert DeJong pb gc $4....his book is well written. The characters are believable and likeable whether human or fowl. You don't have to be a backyard chicken farmer to appreciate the man's affection for his little red hen. You'll come to care for her yourself. Children and their parents alike will enjoy the development of this story. I am a teenager and still love this story, it’s on my shelf among other Meindert stories!!!  My dad introduced me to this author when long ago  he was studying to be a librarian- he loved this author, hoping one day his children will do too! And I do - a sensitive and delightful read. If you like animals, you'll enjoy this story. Ages 6- adult!!!

Night Race To Kawau by Tessa Duder pb gc $4....Tessa Duder writes excellent young women characters, including the fabulous Sam, the 12 year old at the heart of this story of adventure and crisis on a family sailing outing 40km or so across the Hauraki Gulf from Auckland to Kawau Island. The race, a regular event in Auckland sailing calendar, and Duder’s clear skill and knowledge in and around sailing grants this classic of New Zealand Young Adult fiction a sense of verisimilitude as well as a compelling sense of realism where a chain of events leave Sam, her mother and younger sister, all novice night sailors, keeping the family boat together as the weather unexpectedly turns. This is a classic adventure-cum-bildungsroman of finding new strengths to overcome adversity, of unexpected depths of courage, of recognition of the skills and abilities of others and new appreciations of the taken for granted. Duder’s skills as a writer keep this new and exciting. Ages 10+

Fairy Garden is a vintage reader - delightful stories, lovely ink sketches , I believe it would be or confident readers, probably age 9 or 10 + you would need to decide! It is still quite lovely I have a read a few pages and it isn’t stilted or choppy like some readers.... it’s quite  enchanting...as you can see it is vintage and well read and loved $2....

Mary Anne by Mary Mapes Dodge (author of the classic Hans Brinker & the Silver skates) is a rare and wonderful find....hb wdj gc picture book sells online between $59-$300....our price $30...A young girls receives a doll for Christmas with golden curls and hinged joints but not a stitch on. With compassion she declares, I'll dress you never mind." So step by step she stiches and sews this and that. so in the end the plain doll looks very grand. What a great book for teaching about disappointment and resourcefulness, every little girl should own a copy of this book.

The Fairy Flag retold by Gisele Flockhard pb gc picture book $5.....this is the story a magical, Fairy Flag, that belongs to the Clan Macleod fro the Isle of Skye, in western Scotland. The Clan has a stronghold, Dunvegan Castle. It was built in the 14th century by the first Chief of the Clan. It rises high above the rocks on the shore of a loch. There are many stories of how the MacLeods can to own a tattered, yellow silk banner, which they called their "Fairy Flag". The MacLeods, like many Scottish clans, trace their ancestry back to the Vikings. The material of the flag is very much like the silk woven in countries in the East. Some people think that, perhaps, one of the MacLeods' Viking ancestors brought it back from a journey to the East, perhaps from the Crusades.There are other stories surrounding the flag, often old long ago on winter nights, by a glowing fire in Skye....   all ages

Emma's Magic Glasses by Marlie Brande hb gc Picture Book $3....Emma is given a pair of binoculars, and when she looks through them everything is different and exciting.....when Emma looks at the keyhole of her play cupboard door, it is big enough for her to walk straight through...the daily excitement a child experiences with things can be so mundane to some but to children can be the whole wonderful new world unfolding! A Delight!! Ages 4-7

Magical World of Unicorns by Michael Hague hb wdj ec picture book $5.....This is a beautifully illustrated book about unicorns. This is a book of quotes from other novels and poems and ballads dedicated to the unicorn. The illustrations fantastically depict Pan playing a horn, fairies dancing in a fairy circle, a fairy with wings of a butterfly, and unicorns of course. if you have a child that likes unicorns or just likes the illustrations in this book, or bawls at copywork, you could use the ballads, poems etc... as copy work... Ages 7++

Korean Children's Favourite Stories by Kim So-un and Jeong Young-Sim hb wdj *as new* $8.....Korean Children's Favorite Stories is a captivating collection of Korean folktales for children which are still being told, just as they have been for generations. Some are Korean-specific, while others echo those told in other countries. Written with wit and pathos, they unveil the inevitable foibles of people everywhere and expose the human-like qualities of animals and the animal-like qualities of humans.These Korean fables pulsate with the rhythm of life and the seasons, transporting the reader to a wonderland where ants talk, a baby rabbit outwits a tiger, a tree fathers a child, and a toad saves a whole village. his is a lovely book! Timeless children's stories that reflect Korea's past with messages for today teaching kindness and mercy. The stories are a great length for reading out loud -- maybe ten to fifteen minutes, great for narrations. The illustrations are beautiful! Ages 5-15

The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo, retold by Tim Wynne-Jones hb wdj *as new*picture book $8....This is not only a fabulous translation, but an unbelievably helpful edition, it includes authors end notes for you delve deeper into the story. The Hunchback of Notre Dame , A storybook retelling of Hugo's classic of the lonely bellringer and his hopeless love for the beautiful gypsy girl, Esmerelda, whom he rescues from hanging and the evil archdeacon Dom Frollo and reunites her with her mother. While remaining relatively faithful to the original, this version from Wynne- Jones is well written and executed. Slavin creates lovely illustrations. Age 7-12

Harvey's Hideout by Russell Hoban and pictures by his wife Lillian Hoban pb ec picture book$5.....

Miss  Read The World of Thrush Green edited by John S. Goodall pb gc $7...Miss Read reveals the true-life background to her novels by returning to the small Oxfordshire village of Wood Green near Witney. She takes the reader on a personal tour of the village and its vivid host of characters from her books. Illustrated by John S Goodall in colour & b/w. Also photographs of the area. If you like the Miss Read books (my mum loves them, finds them comforting and true Mother Culture books) this is a wonderful companion to her books. No new stories, but autobiographical asides, period local snapshots, color drawings, area map, and recipes make this a lovely read.

The Story Vine : A Source Book of Unusual and Easy -to-tell Stories from Around the World by Anne Pellowski hb wdj $5....Throughout the world, nothing is so universally loved by young and old alike as a good story. And what makes a good story better is that something extra to embellish it - clever line drawings that follow the plot; a collection of nesting dolls, one for each character; a cat's cradle of string symbolizing the action. Here is the unusual collection of stories, each of which requires the storyteller to use string, nesting dolls, sand painting, drawings, or musical instruments. A piece of string can be manipulated into shapes to illustrate the story of an old weaver bothered by a mosquito, while a series of lines on a black-board make the tale of "The Wild Bird" come alive. Chosen from all over the world - Africa, Japan, America, Australia, central Europe - each story is accompanied by clear, step-by-step instructions as well as line illustrations, so even a beginner can become a skilled storyteller. THE STORY VINE is an ideal and unique source book for librarians, teachers, storytellers, parents and grandparents - anyone who wants to captivate listeners with a well-told tale.

Passion Week Figures Includes patterns for 57 figures; script for all the stories of Holy Week; directions for simple props; maps of Jerusalem. by our Father's House. These was put together for The Catechesis of The Good Shepherd classes. $8....

Prime Ministers of Australia by Sarah Russell & Kristy Grant hb ec $5......Bringing together a variety of topics, each book provides a comprehensive resource about an aspect of Australian history, culture, environment or people. The series includes maps, illustrations, photographs, fact files, timelines and resource lists. Ages 7-12. 

Cedar, Seals, and Whaling Ships: Transport, Trade and Travel in Australia 1788-1830's by John Nicholson hb *as new* $10....How did early white settlers in Australia survive and prosper?This book shows convicts manhandling carts and building roads, sealing gangs doing it tough on remote islands, whaling crews harpooning their prey, timber-getters razing vast tracts of cedar forest, woolgrowers experimenting with merino sheep, shipbuilders and sailors and trailblazers and bullockies. Merchants did a roaring trade in sealskins, whale oil and timber, until there were almost no seals, whales or cedar trees left. What could they sell to the world that would not be used up so quickly?
Nicholson's book in his groundbreaking series 'Transport, Trade and Travel in Australia' describes the early days of white settlement, and the first attempts to make Australia a trading nation. Ages 9-14

Tail End Charlie by Mick Manning & Brita Granstrom pb *NEW* $10....

Hercules by Diana Noonan hb ec $7....A beautifully illustrated story of a Christmas holiday at the beach, the arrival of a new baby, and other amazing and unexpected events.....the events include  the oystercatchers' eggs are laid, Sam and Mabel are very excited. They spent most of their time on the beach protecting them, until they are ready to hatch. Beautiful paintings....

Here are 10 stories from the Australian My Story Series... all in good to excellent cond. all pb except “Outback”is hb and Escape from Cockatoo Island is *new*... all $7each ... 

My Australian Story- OutBack 

My Story Plagues and Federation 

My Story Fords & Flying Machines

My Story a Banner Bold

My Story The Rum Rebellion

My Story Who Am I?

My Story The Yankee Whaler

My Story Surviving Sydney Cove

My Story A Different Sort of Real

My Story Escape from Cockatoo Island 

The Royal Diaries:Lady of Palenque Flower of Bagal Mesoamerica, A.D. 749 hb ec $7....

Tell Me About Composers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by John Malkovich he ec cond. $5....Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, where he was taught music by his father. Wolfgang began to play the harpsichord at three and by the age of eight had played to royal families. He composed some of the world's greatest music, yet he died a poor man and was buried in an unmarked grave. This book is one in a biography series which tells the stories of famous people from the past, including artists, engineers, scientists, inventors, rulers, pioneers and explorers. They are designed to support the understanding of The Arts to children aged 7 but can also be used as a learning resource for older readers. The text is simple and lively, and key events, people and places are shown in photographs.

Frederic Remington: Oaintings and Sculpture by Leopard hb wish  ec cond small edition $5..... Visiting various Indian and local museums throughout the country to see firsthand works of this magnificent artist would be your ideal...however, owning this detailed presentation volume will bring joy to your home for years. A history of both Remington as well as his Western encounters will delight and inform. All ages. 

My Story: A Viking Warrior AD 1008 Viking Blood by Andrew Donkin pb gc $5....

Bearing the Saint by Donna Farley Pb ec $10.....

The Wonderful Life of Saint Sergius of Radonezh by Alvin Alexsi Currier hb *as new* (picture book) $10......Bartholomew was a little boy who loved the forest, his family and God. But little Bartholomew was sad, because he couldn't read. One day he went into a forest and found a holy monk who gave him some blessed bread and prayed for him to read.and he did! Bartholomew became the monk Sergius, and soon grew into a holy saint who performed many miracles: a famine was ended through his prayers, a little boy rose from the dead, and a drought was diminished by a miraculous spring that rose up from his intercessions. Read about the life of St. Sergius from the age of seven until his repose several years, and several miracles later. A full-picture book that is beautifully written and illustrated. For ages 4-12.

Cleopatra by Diane Stanley & Peter Venema pb *NEW* $10..... 

Let Is Make History The Roman World: fascinating facts and authentic models by Paul Titley pb ec $5...these books are a great addition to your history studies especially for the tactile child. One of the mums on this list has already bought the others in the series, if you are interested in this title to finish your set I can give you a better price. Otherwise anyone buying this book not be disappointed.

Dear Cousin The Reibey Letters edited by Nance Irvine pb ec $10.....Mary Reibey arrived in Sydney in 1792, having been convicted and transported for horse stealing at the age of thirteen. She later married a free settler and upon his death pursued his business interests with vigour and skill. In 1820 she visited England with her daughters: a now respectable and wealthy woman. She died in 1855, aged 78, a legendary businesswoman who also took an active interest in community affairs. Dear Cousin provides insights into the life of this fascinating and heroic woman through her  letters held in the Mitchell Library of New South Wales.


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