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Hi everyone,

these books are looking for a home!!!

Please help them out, they weep till they are in hands of excited youngsters hugging them happily!!!


thank you for looking

God Bless

Teresa (Joseph's sister)

Tell Me About Composers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by John Malkovich he ec cond. $1....Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, where he was taught music by his father. Wolfgang began to play the harpsichord at three and by the age of eight had played to royal families. He composed some of the world's greatest music, yet he died a poor man and was buried in an unmarked grave. This book is one in a biography series which tells the stories of famous people from the past, including artists, engineers, scientists, inventors, rulers, pioneers and explorers. They are designed to support the understanding of The Arts to children aged 7 but can also be used as a learning resource for older readers. The text is simple and lively, and key events, people and places are shown in photographs.

Frederic Remington: Paintings and Sculpture by Leopard hb wish  ec cond small edition $1.. Visiting various Indian and local museums throughout the country to see firsthand works of this magnificent artist would be your ideal...however, owning this detailed presentation volume will bring joy to your home for years. A history of both Remington as well as his Western encounters will delight and inform. All ages. 

Along Came A Dog by Meindert DeJong pb gc $1.....his book is well written. The characters are believable and likeable whether human or fowl. You don't have to be a backyard chicken farmer to appreciate the man's affection for his little red hen. You'll come to care for her yourself. Children and their parents alike will enjoy the development of this story. I am a teenager and still love this story, it’s on my shelf among other Meindert stories!!!  My dad introduced me to this author when long ago  he was studying to be a librarian- he loved this author, hoping one day his children will do too! And I do - a sensitive and delightful read. If you like animals, you'll enjoy this story. Ages 6- adult!!!

Night Race To Kawau by Tessa Duder pb gc $1..Tessa Duder writes excellent young women characters, including the fabulous Sam, the 12 year old at the heart of this story of adventure and crisis on a family sailing outing 40km or so across the Hauraki Gulf from Auckland to Kawau Island. The race, a regular event in Auckland sailing calendar, and Duder’s clear skill and knowledge in and around sailing grants this classic of New Zealand Young Adult fiction a sense of verisimilitude as well as a compelling sense of realism where a chain of events leave Sam, her mother and younger sister, all novice night sailors, keeping the family boat together as the weather unexpectedly turns. This is a classic adventure-cum-bildungsroman of finding new strengths to overcome adversity, of unexpected depths of courage, of recognition of the skills and abilities of others and new appreciations of the taken for granted. Duder’s skills as a writer keep this new and exciting. Ages 10+

Fairy Garden is a vintage reader - delightful stories, lovely ink sketches , I have included a page for your perusal. I believe it would be or confident readers, probably age 9 or 10 + you would need to decide! It is still quite lovely I have a read a few pages and it isn’t stilted or choppy like some readers.... it’s quite  enchanting...as you can see it is vintage and well read and loved 50c…

The Fairy Flag retold by Gisele Flockhard pb gc $1.....this is the story a magical, Fairy Flag, that belongs to the Clan Macleod fro the Isle of Skye, in western Scotland. The Clan has a stronghold, Dunvegan Castle. It was built in the 14th century by the first Chief of the Clan. It rises high above the rocks on the shore of a loch. There are many stories of how the MacLeods can to own a tattered, yellow silk banner, which they called their "Fairy Flag". The MacLeods, like many Scottish clans, trace their ancestry back to the Vikings. The material of the flag is very much like the silk woven in countries in the East. Some people think that, perhaps, one of the MacLeods' Viking ancestors brought it back from a journey to the East, perhaps from the Crusades.There are other stories surrounding the flag, often old long ago on winter nights, by a glowing fire in Skye....   all ages

Emma's Magic Glasses by Marlie Brande hb gc 50c…Emma is given a pair of binoculars, and when she looks through them everything is different and exciting.....when Emma looks at the keyhole of her play cupboard door, it is big enough for her to walk straight through...the daily excitement a child experiences with things can be so mundane to some but to children can be the whole wonderful new world unfolding! A Delight!! Ages 4-7

Magical World of Unicorns by Michael Hague hb wdj ec $1….This is a beautifully illustrated book about unicorns. This is a book of quotes from other novels and poems and ballads dedicated to the unicorn. The illustrations fantastically depict Pan playing a horn, fairies dancing in a fairy circle, a fairy with wings of a butterfly, and unicorns of course. if you have a child that likes unicorns or just likes the illustrations in this book, or bawls at copywork, you could use the ballads, poems etc... as copy work... Ages 7++

Hercules by Diana Noonan hb ec $1...A beautifully illustrated story of a Christmas holiday at the beach, the arrival of a new baby, and other amazing and unexpected events.....the events include  the oystercatchers' eggs are laid, Sam and Mabel are very excited. They spent most of their time on the beach protecting them, until they are ready to hatch. Beautiful paintings....

The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo, retold by Tim Wynne-Jones hb wdj *as new* $1....This is not only a fabulous translation, but an unbelievably helpful edition, it includes authors end notes for you delve deeper into the story. The Hunchback of Notre Dame , A storybook retelling of Hugo's classic of the lonely bellringer and his hopeless love for the beautiful gypsy girl, Esmerelda, whom he rescues from hanging and the evil archdeacon Dom Frollo and reunites her with her mother. While remaining relatively faithful to the original, this version from Wynne- Jones is well written and executed. Slavin creates lovely illustrations. Age 7-12

The Wonderful Life of Saint Sergius of Radonezh by Alvin Alexsi Currier hb *as new* (picture book). $5…PENDING….Bartholomew was a little boy who loved the forest, his family and God. But little Bartholomew was sad, because he couldn't read. One day he went into a forest and found a holy monk who gave him some blessed bread and prayed for him to read.and he did! Bartholomew became the monk Sergius, and soon grew into a holy saint who performed many miracles: a famine was ended through his prayers, a little boy rose from the dead, and a drought was diminished by a miraculous spring that rose up from his intercessions. Read about the life of St. Sergius from the age of seven until his repose several years, and several miracles later. A full-picture book that is beautifully written and illustrated. For ages 4-12.

My  Australian Story Surviving Sydney Cove pb ec $3….Lizzie Harvey, a convict transported to Sydney Cove, is starved and overworked. She has to fetch water, mend clothes, please her master, care for his china doll daughter and tiptoe around his moody soldier son. She can barely find time to dream about the way things used to be, let alone write in her diary. But write she must. It is her only hope of reaching out to the home she has left behind, all those thousands of miles across the sea.

My Australian Story Escape From Cockatoo Island pb ec $3…I am in the middle of Sydney Harbour, stuck on this place the masters call Cockatoo Island... I am here because I am an orphan, but I cannot help feeling like I have been sent here for doing something wrong. It is 1879 and life in the Biloela Industrial School is tough for eleven-year-old Olivia Markham. Her windswept days are filled with sewing, washing, and avoiding the girls from the Reformatory School. Sydney is rapidly growing and modernising, but Olivia can only imagine what life is like beyond the shores of Cockatoo Island. She dreams of freedom, friendship and, above all, family. Can she ever escape? Ages 10++

Winter Bacon: The Story of a Little Pig by Ilse Van Garderen hb ec 50c....Picture book for young children. Everyone in Matya's family, including Ponti the sheepdog, has a job to do on the farm. Matya's new pet piglet is in danger of ending up as winter bacon for Grandpa until she proves her worth and is saved. Beautiful illustrations. Ages 5++

Putting the World to Sleep by Sally Moore Thomas hb wdj gc 50c....The moon climbs over the mountain each night, putting the world to sleep. The crickets start singing farewell to the day, as the moon climbs over the mountain each night, putting the world to sleep. The stars shine across the sea and the land, as the crickets start singing farewell to the day . . . Each stanza in this gentle lullaby poem introduces another detail to the picture - a big dog drowsing by the fire in an old brown house, a mother humming, a baby yawning. And as the moon climbs over the mountain, one little girl goes to sleep. The pictures in this book were amazing and full of detail. The languages has a quality of music to it and when read out loud, it is calming. Ages 5++

The Little House from the Sea by Brigitta Gedin hb ec 50c...A small boat, wrecked in a storm, is salvaged and from its lumber a house is built. The little house, with views of the sea in all directions, harbours this memory only in the form of a longing to sail "to" the horizon. When he convinces the North Wind to blow him into the sea, the little house, in the ensuing gale, faces the terrible memories of his past. Left alone once more, he finds a friend in a cormorant who has been dropping philosophical hints as to the nature of horizon-searching. The opening lines of this story hold a promise of poignancy in the little house's plight. Ages 8+

Let Is Make History The Roman World: fascinating facts and authentic models by Paul Titley pb ec $1...these books are a great addition to your history studies especially for the tactile child.  

Sawdust Carpets by Amelia Lay Carling hb wdj *NEW*$4…(would make a lovely Gift) …The Lau Family have been invited to spend Easter with their cousins in Antigua, Guatemala. Though they are Chinese and Buddhist, Mami loves the pageantry of Easter. Antigua is renowned for its Easter processions, in which very old statues are carried through the streets. Even more striking is the creation of spectacular sawdust carpets, which people spend hours creating, only to see them disappear as the processions walk over them. On the morning of the most important procession, Mami makes her own small carpet with the help of her cousins and brothers and sisters. But when she realizes that the procession will destroy her precious rug, she tries to stand in the way. Guatemalan and Chinese religious observances, the Virgin of Guadalupe , Easter processions and dragon boat races, piniatas and baptisms and Chinese tamales all weave in and out of this story about beauty, religious celebration and understanding.Ages 7+

The Bat Boy & His Violin by Gavin Curtis pb *NEW* $5...Reginald loves to create beautiful music on his violin. But Papa, manager of the Dukes, the worst team in the Negro National League, needs a bat boy, not a "fiddler," and traveling with the Dukes doesn't leave Reginald much time for practicing. Soon the Dukes' dugout is filled with Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach -- and the bleachers are filled with the sound of the Dukes' bats. Has Reginald's violin changed the Dukes' luck -- and can his music pull off a miracle victory against the powerful Monarchs? Gavin Curtis's beautifully told story of family ties and team spirit and E. B. Lewis's lush watercolour paintings capture a very special period in history. Ages 9+

Kids Weaving book by Sarah Swett hb *NEW* $5… (would make a lovely gift) …Sarah Swett has loved weaving since the age of eight, when she made magic carpets for her teddy bears. Now, as a professional tapestry weaver and knitwear designer, she shares the joy of creating beautiful woven items with a new generation of young crafters. In "Kids Weaving," the only weaving book written specifically for children, Swett shows how to make 15 fun, inexpensive, colorful projects -- including friendship bracelets, a rag doll, a fashionable chenille scarf, magic carpets, and funky hand-woven shoelaces -- many of which can be completed in an afternoon. With clear, step-by-step instructions and bright, helpful illustrations, "Kids Weaving" teaches children (and adults too!) how to weave using everything from their hands to cardboard to an easy-to-create loom made from simple plumbing supplies. Throughout the book are fascinating features about weaving around the world; special projects like weaving a hideout from sticks, branches, and wildflowers; and stories of famous characters such as Penelope, the clever weaver from "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey." The third in STC's Kids Craft series (following "Kids' Embroidery" and "Kids Crochet"), this delightful, easy-to-use book brings one of the oldest craft traditions to creative children everywhere. A step-by-step format and bright illustrations ensure successful results for children of all ages All of the projects are inexpensive to make The only weaving book written specifically for children.

The Girl the Fish & the Crown : A Spanish Folktale by Marilee Heyer hb wdj ec (picture book) $1…A beautifully illustrated story about a girl who learns to take some responsibility for herself and others.

The Valiant Chattee-Maker : A Folktale of India retold by Christine Price hb wdj gc (picture book) $1….A humble, bewildered potter becomes a wealthy national hero after a series of humorous mishaps starting when he lost his donkey.The village Chattee-maker was a poor man who earned his living making earthen jars and water-pots. He was searching for his lost donkey in a rainstorm. But in the darkness the animal that he caught and rode home was not a donkey but a Tiger. He became famous and rich for capturing the Tiger but all he really wanted was to find his donkey so he could continue delivering his jars and pots."

Even Higher retold by Barbara Cohen hb wdj ec (picture book) $2…The clas­sic folk­tale, about the rab­bi of Nemirov who dis­ap­pears every year before Rosh Hashanah with­out any of his con­gre­gants or the vil­lagers know­ing where he has gone, has been beau­ti­ful­ly adapt­ed from the I.L. Peretz sto­ry. When the rab­bi is nowhere to be found, the peo­ple of the vil­lage assume that he goes up to heav­en to beg for­give­ness before the New Year. Reuven and his young friends, how­ev­er, want to know the real truth. Reuven is del­e­gat­ed to fol­low the rab­bi and ascer­tain the truth of the rabbi’s des­ti­na­tion. He suc­ceeds in doing so, fol­low­ing the rab­bi into the for­est and into the home of a poor tailor’s wid­ow, where he spies the holy man per­form­ing a great mitz­vah by bring­ing her wood and light­ing a fire in her home. Dra­mat­ic full page illus­tra­tions are done in a rich­ly coloured folk-art style, using coloured pen­cil and water colour. 

Summer’s Storytellers by Margarette Thomas-Cochran pb ec (picture book) $2…. A lovely illustrated book telling of the beauty of Summer, through nature and the play of children.

My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother by Patricia Polacco pb gc (picture book) $1…There's nothing worse than a rotten redheaded older brother who can do everything you can do better! Patricia's brother Richard could run the fastest, climb the highest, and spit the farthest and still smile his extra-rotten, greeny-toothed, weasel-eyed grin. But when little Patricia wishes on a shooting star that she could do something -- anything -- to show him up, she finds out just what wishes -- and rotten redheaded older brothers -- can really do. Patricia Polacco's boldly and exuberantly painted pictures tell a lively and warmhearted tale of comic companionship and brotherly love.

Benny’s Visit by Linda M. Jennings pb gc (picture book) $1….Benny the dog lives with an old tramp on a barge but longs to play with the children he meets. Such a delightful little story!! Ages 5+

Mountain Wedding by Faye Gibbons hb wdj ec (picture book) $2…https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/books/mountain-wedding-by-faye-gibbons/.  When Mrs. Searcy and Mr. Long decide to get married, their children - seven Longs (from the country) and five Searcys (from the city) - are anything but happy. On the day of the wedding, there is fussing and fighting on both sides, But a swarm on honeybees, skittish horses, and a wagonload of belongings ultimately reconcile the group as one big, dirty family.

Mama and Me and the Model T Ford by Faye Gibbons wdj ec (picture book) $2…Put-put-pow...rackety-put-pow! The Searcy-Long family has a brand-new motorcar. But when Mr. Long refuses to teach Mama Searcy how to drive, she grabs the wheel, starts the engine -- and shows that cars aren't for men only. A riotous sequel to this team's popular Mountain Wedding, which Publishers Weekly called "funny yet heartfelt."

The Pilgrim Fathers by Glenys Ambrus illustrated by Victor Ambrus hb gc (long picture book) $2…The books contains information about the Puritans, the Mayflower, the early years of settlement, including clothing and food, and more.

Grandpa Is a Flyer by Sanna Anderson Baker hb wdj ec (picture book) $2…After Grandpa tells her about the time he flew on a barnstormer over a midwestern pasture in the 1920s, he takes his granddaughter soaring over the fields and rivers, awakening her desire to be a pilot herself.

Eyewitness Books Aztec Inca & Maya : Discover the Mysterious World of these Ancient Peoples- their belief, rituals, and fascinating civilisations by Elizabeth Baquedano hb gc $2… Full-colour photos. Unravel the remarkable mysteries of the ancient peoples who built great palaces and pyramids, and developed an accurate calendar and a knowledge of astronomy without the benefit of telescopes or written language. As always, the chief attraction of this Eyewitness Book is that it is filled with photographs of artefacts from museums around the world.  Almost as important, Elizabeth Bauedano provides detailed captions for the illustrations so that you know what you are looking at and what it means.

My Grandma lived in Gooligulch by Graeme Base pb *as new* (picture book) $2…Grandma lived in Gooligulch, Near Bandywallop East. A fair way north of Murrumbum, (Five hundred miles at least). Here is a rollicking tale with a distinctly Australian flavour. Multi-award winning title.  Graeme Base is one of the world's leading creators of picture books. His alphabet book Animalia, received international acclaim when it was first published in 1986, and has achieved classic status with worldwide sales approaching three million copies. Beautifully illustrated, easy reading rhyme for young readers.If they like animals and love their Grandma this is a great choice.

Iso and the Bushfire by Jamie Shaw pb *as new* $4 (would make a lovely gift) …Iso was a Southern Brown Bandicoot and had lived her entire life amongst the spiny thickets and green shrubs of the heath land. One warm spring day Iso awoke early from her daytime nap to a strange, smoky smell in the air. Her instincts told her the smell would bring trouble, but she didn't quite know why. Age 7+.

Colours and Markings by Jane Holderness-Roddam pb gc 50c….A straightforward guide to identifying the various colours and markings of horses and ponies and recognising the distinguishing features of different breeds. Chapters include how to recognise ponies, head, leg and body markings, brands, freeze and hoof marks and how to register identity.  Lots of pictures and drawings to explain even to the youngest child. The entire series is well done. Recommended.

The Year of The Fire by Harriet Mott hb gc $1…Gillian, crippled from shock in a car accident, goes to the country to stay with her aunt and uncle when her parents have to travel overseas. Here she meets a girl her own age, Alexandra, but the circumstances of the meeting are somewhat bizarre. Why does she keep imaging her aunts house in the past? Is she in fact imaging it? The story grows more mysterious as Alexandra and Gillian become caught upon a strangely beautiful but frightening rush of events. Can they by being alive today, avert a century-old tragedy? Harriet Mott’s exceptional ability in spinning this unusual story will fascinate all children…Harriet is thirteen years old (1974) and wrote ‘The Year of The Fire’ when she was eleven. She lives in London and goes to the Camden School for Girls. Ages 10++.  https://biblio.com.au/book/year-fire-mott-harriet/d/922811308


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