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Hello again,

here is a reduced list with a new list of books...

postage is extra, know your purchase helps out a homeschool family!

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God Bless

Teresa (Joseph's sister)

The Secret of the Ruby Ring by Yvonne MacGrory pb gc $5…Lucy, a rather spoiled almost-eleven-year-old, gets a very special birthday present from her grandmother. This gift, a star ruby ring, has been passed down for generations through Lucy's family. The evening before her birthday, Lucy accidentally discovers the magical secret of the ring:The secret of this Ruby Ring is that two wishes it can bring…..Twisting the ring and making her first wish, Lucy finds herself transported to a far away time, that of Ireland in 1885, a time of unrest, evictions, and boycotting. At first, Lucy is intrigued by Langley Castle and its inhabitants, but soon she misses her family and friends. When she decides to use her second wish to go home, Lucy discovers that the ring has disappeared. Can Lucy convince young Robert that she is from another age? Will he help her to retrieve the ruby ring, or will Lucy be trapped forever in a bygone age? A prize-winning space and time story written by an Irish author. A girl's wish on a magic ring sends her back in time to an Irish castle in 1885. In the course of the story I learned a lot about conditions in Ireland at that time (not pleasant) and about the life of servants and their masters in the great houses. An interesting, enjoyable read. Ages 12++

Mystery of the Marco Polo Ring by Robin Gottlieb hb wdj ec $3…….A girl travels with her aunt, uncle and cousin to Venice, where they hope to find a missing great uncle. Following a tip received from an old woman, the girls find themselves in a mystery involving a ring and adventure..…great adventure, mystery story for Ages 12+

Battle For Destiny by Peter John Stephens hb wdj ec $6……A Welsh youth, imprisoned in a monastery and outcast from his lands, is befriended by countryman Harry Tudor whose allegiance he pledges through adventures that end on Bosworth Field in a battle that terminates the Wars of the Roses and puts Harry on the throne of England. Ages 12+

Brigid of Ireland by Cindy Thomson pb *as new* $8……Set in 5th Century Ireland…An inspiring story of the young slave who became a national heroine. Set in the era of St. Patrick, this vivid novel, based on historical facts, will captivate readers as Brigid must choose between God's will and the desire to save her family.Brigid must choose between freeing the mother she has longed for and spreading God's message of salvation across Ireland.Ages 12++

Whalers of the Midnight Sun: A story of modern whaling in the Antarctic by Alan Villiers hb wdj ec $6……Whalers of the Midnight Sun (1934) is an adventure novel for children …The novel follows the adventures of a fleet of seven ships in a Norwegian whaling expedition near the South Pole. The main characters of the book are a group of young boys who sign on for the expedition in Hobart, Tasmania. The raw stuff of modern whaling hung on the story of ""Bloomin' Alfie"" who is a stowaway on the Pelagos, the first steel ship to try modern methods of whaling in the Antarctic. His boon companion is the penguin, Percy, a good comedy touch throughout. Superlatively good -- no demeaning of the subject by writing down -- no reason why it should not be enormously popular with all red-blooded boys and with a goodly number of their elders. Brutal, breath-taking, authentic; full of robust scones, likeable characters, blend of tragedy and comedy. Ages 13+

The Windeatt Dictionary : Pre-Vatican Terms and Catholic Words from Mary Fabian Windeatt’s Saint Biographies plus Bonus 45 Catholic Book Report Ideas by Janet McKenzie pb *NEW* $12…….In the 1940's and 1950's, Mary Fabyan Windeatt-"the storyteller of the saints"-wrote a series of twenty saint biographies for Catholic children of various ages. This series illustrates the beauty and depth of the Roman Catholic culture and doctrine as lived by each of these saints in the pre-Vatican II era. Use this dictionary to help you and your family understand more fully the vocabulary and practices of those-and our-times. Containing over 450 entries, this dictionary provides an easy reference to many unfamiliar Catholic words found in Mary Fabyan Windeatt's saint biography series. Many of these terms cannot be found in modern Catholic dictionaries. Use this concise resource to help research those hard-to-find expressions and terms. Test yourself by taking the short dictionary quiz. Expand your level of knowledge about many important Catholic traditions and customs. Begin today to improve your knowledge of Catholic prayers, practices, devotions, and religious orders! As a bonus, this dictionary also includes a book report resource for Catholic students listing forty-five suggested projects, including fourteen writing projects, ten creative hands-on projects, and twenty-one topics related specifically to saint biographies.Ages 7-Adult

The Undergrounders by Bianca Bradbury  (author of Flight Into Spring by Bethlehem books) hb wdj ec $6……Historical fiction about the flight of slaves to Canada in the 1850's.  Ages 12+

The Big Tusker by Arthur Catherall hb wdj ec $4…A sixteen-year-old Thai boy is faced with the dilemma of subduing his elephant maddened with pain and rescuing his uncle trapped in a cave-in. An incredible young adult book about adventures and far away lands. Forced to retrieve a cache of opium for some smugglers, Ba Thet's uncle Sing Noi is pinned under the rocks and, trying to free him, their elephant Poo Koon loses a tusk, exposing the nerve and driving him mad--from which issues a deluge of disasters such as you'd never believe, all intensified by the oncoming monsoons, and which fortunately you haven't time to question, so insistent is the pressure of impending doom. You might not be inclined to cavil anyhow: Mr. Catherall is firmly in control, and when Poo Koon, trapped up to the tip of his trunk in a flooded pit, suddenly breaks free of the mud and emerges. . . why, he knew it all the time: ""Like all elephants he was a natural swimmer. Nor was it a new thing for him to be entirely submerged. . . . More than once he had played a joke on Ba Thet and Sing Noi"" by walking on the bottom of the river. Ages 13+ 

The Word Spy ….Come and Discover the Secrets of the English Language… by Ursula Dubosarsky hb wdj *as new* $7…….. A book for children about the history and quirks of the English language. It’s full of interesting details about language and history, clever word play and amusing illustrations. Dubosarsky's love of the English language and her ability to reach children comes through very well in this book. More guidebook than textbook, this fun and conversational little book will introduce many lovers of language to all the many sides of what makes language fun, from formation of alphabets to the use of codes to the linguistic reboot that technology is responsible for. The book includes the history of the English language and much of the quirky and amusing things that can be done with the language, like anagrams, palindromes, puns, and even spoonerisms. More importantly, it explains what they are, where they came from, and what some examples can be found. The illustrations and inserts aren't prominent or overwhelming (which is good in a book of its size: small but thick) and the author has even used a code to end each chapter which helps the reader to digest what that chapter contained; this code then reveals a message for the budding linguist to encourage continued use of what is learned. Here is a Lesson guide that will make your children on an amazing few weeks using this book as their language lesson, they will have, and learn so much!!! Here are teacher the teacher lesson plans : http://www.scool.scholastic.com.au/schoolzone/toolkit/assets/pdfs/The_Word_Spy.pdfAge 10++

The Return of the Word Spy ….A Funny Fantastic Voyage into Language, Grammar and Beyond hb wdj *as new* $7…….From the beginning of time, the WORD SPY has been creeping down hallways, hiding in shadows and journeying through different lands to discover everything there is to know about the English language. In her first book, The Word Spy, she shared with us the secrets she'd learnt about English, from the first alphabet in 4000 BC right up to the tricks of modern texting. In The Return of the Word Spy she continues the fascinating journey through language, with chapters on language families, how we learn to speak, grammar and written forms of communication. In an accessible, engaging style, the WORD SPY explains the meaning of nouns, verbs, pronouns, 'dead' languages, word origins and other wordy wonders. Packed with cartoons, games, facts and puzzles, The Return of the Word Spy continues the WORD SPY's fascinating journey through the English language. Second volume in this non-fiction language study for younger readers, but can be accessed by all ages is again readable, and engaging and has great exercises and interesting information. The style is great, and the substance is great. Dubosarsky is a real talent in both fiction and non-fiction writing. Again here are lesson plans using this book:  https://www.pegiwilliams.com.au/pdfs/teachernotes/9780670073542.pdf Age 10++

Dear Genius: The Letters of Ursula Nordstrom pb gc $5……She trusted her immense intuition and generous heart--and published the most. Ursula Nordstrom, director of Harper's Department of Books for Boys and Girls from 1940 to 1973, was arguably the single most creative force for innovation in children's book publishing in the United States during the twentieth century. Considered an editor of maverick temperament and taste, her unorthodox vision helped create such classics as Goodnight Moon, Charlotte's Web, Where the Wild Things Are, Harold and the Purple Crayon, and The Giving Tree.  Leonard S. Marcus has culled an exceptional collection of letters from the HarperCollins archives. The letters included here are representative of the brilliant correspondence that was instrumental in the creation of some of the most beloved books in the world today. Full of wit and humour, they are immensely entertaining, thought-provoking, and moving in their revelation of the devotion and high-voltage intellect of an incomparably gifted editor, mentor, and publishing visionary. Stuart Little. Charlotte's Web. The Runaway Bunny. Little House in the Big Woods. Bedtime for Frances. Where the Wild Things Are. A Kiss for Little Bear. It's Like This, Cat. Freaky Friday. Harriet the Spy.It's hard to imagine that a single individual was involved in the publication of so many beloved childhood classics, but Ursula Nordstrom was such a woman. As director of Harper Publishing's children's department from 1940 to 1973, she was friend and mentor to some of the most creative writers and artists of the day. This compilation of her personal correspondence, published 10 years after her death, is a fascinating excursion into the world of children's publishing through the life of one of its most brilliant and influential editors.Anyone who enjoys or is curious about the creative process of book writing - or anything really - you will love this book. 

Catch Me A Rainbow : The Franciscan Journey by Lester Bach, OFM Cap. Spiral bound ec $8…This is a great book and a terrific guide to following the ways of Saint Francis of Assisi in your daily life, as it says inside its pages “Think it through. Realise how precious is the gift of your commitment. Every day begun with praise and ending with thanks with a middle that is a Gospel lifestyle.” This can be a great help for anyone who wants to live the Gospel life…Each chapter focuses on scripture, the CCC, the spiritual life as St. Francis lived it all immersed into being more Christ-like… A half hour each morning, (or whenever you find time with Our Lord), will certainly help you begin to live as people faithful to the Gospel in the spirit of St. Francis…..some chapters include; conversion; exploring the call; listening to Scripture; Here I am lord; family life; Seventy times Seven(forgiveness); prayer, praise and blessing; and many more (24 chapters) - toy the time Christmas comes along you will be prepared to welcome Him into your heart and truly live the life He has called you to! Recommended for Adults, high schoolers and anyone open to a relationship with Christ! 

The Holy Spirit, Lord and Giver of Life by Agostino Bono pb gc $1…… The Holy Spirit, Lord and Giver of Life" is an accessible study aid for adult catechesis and religious education in preparation for the Holy Year 2000. Or for daily reminders of your faith. High school/adult.

The Nuns Go East by Jonathan Routh hb wdj gc $3…Routh's crinkly pictures take on a chopstick-tossed look (from a Blue Willowy bridge scene to a vaguely Japanese waterfall) for the latest vacation adventure of his seven coyly conceived and glibly depicted sisters, who ""do have eyes and noses and mouths but I am very bad at drawing them."" Here the nuns foil the attempt of ""a notorious gang of Miniature Japanese Gardeners who are Up to No Good"" to kidnap Miao, the pet dragon of an Eastern Gentleman who uses him to heat the ovens of his Pizza Parlour. The nuns' methods of chasing the nefarious gardeners away -- first, hitting them across the shoulders and ""bottoms"" with cushions from Miao's back, then throwing pizza pies in their faces -- fits fight in with the projection of nuns as cute. A hilarious, fun picture book! All ages. 

Mistress Masham’s Repose  by T. H. White hb wdj *As New* $6….She saw: first, a square opening, about eight inches wide, in the lowest step...finally she saw that there was a walnut shell, or half one, outside the nearest door...she went to look at the shell—but looked with the greatest astonishment. There was a baby in it."So ten-year-old Maria, orphaned mistress of Malplaquet, discovers the secret of her deteriorating estate: on a deserted island at its far corner, in the temple long ago nicknamed Mistress Masham's Repose, live an entire community of people—"The People," as they call themselves—all only inches tall. With the help of her only friend—the absurdly erudite Professor—Maria soon learns that this settlement is no less than the kingdom of Lilliput (first seen in Gulliver's Travels) in exile. Safely hidden for centuries, the Lilliputians are at first endangered by Maria's well-meaning but clumsy attempts to make their lives easier, but their situation grows truly ominous when they are discovered by Maria's greedy guardians, who look at The People and see only a bundle of money. This should be a Classic. A Children's Classic, perhaps, but it certainly wouldn't be enjoyed by both children and adults.. It's Brilliant, and besides, it's full of Lilliputians and High Adventure. 

 The Great Bow by Reginald Maddock hb wdj gc** $8…Ostracized by his tribe for not throwing his spear during the hunt, a boy wanders the forest where almost by accident he discovers the principle of the bow and arrow, thereby changing the life of his own people and that of the neighbouring tribes."Throughout history the world has dreamed of peace, yet we continue to live in a world plagued by war. The Great Bow is an antiwar story in the broadest sense, a strong, dramatic, and exciting book that provides insight into the often senseless causes of war. Atta, a member of the prehistoric Wolf tribe, is different from the other boys — more thoughtful and imaginative. During a tribal ceremony, Atta is judged a coward when he is unable to sacrifice a bison; then he is cast out to be a wanderer — a Nothing. By chance, while trying to build a fire, Atta invents the first bow and arrow. Joyfully he returns to his people to teach them how to make and use this extraordinary weapon. The bow and arrow soon make hunting too easy for the Wolf people. The braves, grown restless, begin to think about using the weapon to drive the Vulture people out of their hunting grounds. Where before there had been no war, suddenly there is a weapon that makes a new kind of war possible.” https://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Great-Bow-by-Reginald-Maddock-1968-1st-HC-w-DJ-/183517366628

Peter the Whaler in the Southern Seas (One of the Great Stories Series)  by Max Colwell hb wdj ec** $8….Whaling in the Southern Seas, from the days of Sam Enderby to the Antarctic whaling of the mid-20th Century. A fictional account of whaling in Australia from the end of the 18th century to the present century, following the fortunes of one Peter Tregennis, harpooner.  https://www.kaycraddock.com/pages/books/101576/max-colwell/peter-the-whaler-in-southern-seas

Gloucester, Stroud & Berkeley by Edward Hayward (part of the Local history series) hb wdj ec $8…in a fictional story you journey through time and discover the places in a very interesting part of England, its history, its people and its story!

Olaf the Sea-Bird or the Viking Rovers by Major Charles Young (vintage edition, beautiful red etched cover) hb ec RARE **$25…Great book,celts,vikings,and saxons.   Really good lead characters.

Madatan by Peter Carter hb wdj gc $8…Set in Northumbria at the end of the eighth century, the youthful Madatan's story depicts the conflict between the animal will to survive and the desire to live in harmony with humanity and nature.

Prince Karl A Story of the Black Forest by Morice Gerard hb (vintage edition beautiful blue with black etching cover) hb $5…The story takes place in 14th Century Germany. Historical adventure. 10+

Joel, a Boy of Galilee by Annie Fellows Johnston hb ec (vintage edition beautiful red with black etching cover) $15…This is the story about a handicapped boy who has to make a decision whether to follow the healer of Nazareth or the traditions of the day. You will talk about this treasure for years. In this book,  it has been the purpose of the author to present to children, through "Joel," as accurate a picture of the times of the Christ as has been given to older readers through "Ben Hur." With this in view, the customs of the private and public life of the Jews, the temple service with its sacerdotal rites, and the minute observances of the numerous holidays have been studied so carefully that the descriptions have passed the test of the most critical inspection. An eminent rabbi pronounces them correct in every detail. While the story is that of an ordinary boy, living among shepherds and fishermen, it touches at every point the gospel narrative, making Joel, in a natural and interesting way, a witness to the miracles, the death, and the resurrection of the Nazarene. 8++

Dragon’s Gate by Laurence Yep hb wdj ec $8…In 1867, Otter travels from Three Willows Village in China to California -- the Land of the Golden Mountain. There he will join his father and uncle. In spite of the presence of family, Otter is a stranger among the other Chinese in this new land. And where he expected to see a land of goldfields, he sees only vast, cold whiteness. But Otter's dream is to learn all he can, take the technology back to the Middle Kingdom, and free China from the Manchu invaders. Otter and the others board a machine that will change his life -- a train for which he would open the Dragon's Gate.Dragon's Gate is a great book that is not only interesting, but also informative. Most people know about the transcontinental railroad, and they might know that it was built by the Chinese and Irish, but only a handful of people know about the harsh conditions and lack of pay and food that these workers faced. Being historical fiction, Dragon's Gate tells the tale of Otter and his journey to America - the "Golden Mountain. Ages 12+

Zap! A Brief History of Television by Marian Calabro hb wdj ec $7…This chock-full-of-facts book covers the history of television through entertaining anecdotes and up-to-date information. Every aspect of television is presented from its invention to what the future has in store. What's in between--situation comedies, drama, news, children's TV, advertising, cable, PBS, etc.--is well organised and refreshingly readable. The 12 chapters are peppered with photographs and quotes, and, most important, are written in a way that encourages students to think about related issues. Top-rated, prime-time programs; Emmy-award winners; and network and cable addresses are appended. A worthwhile resource for any library. 

Without Fear and Without Reproach: The Adventures of the Famous Knight Bayard by D.J. Harvey Darton hb (vintage edition beautiful red, blue and green with black etching cover ) hb gc $15…https://www.amazon.co.uk/WITHOUT-REPROACH-Adventures-Famous-Bayard/dp/B0026PZFVGThough the first half of the 20th century, Wells Gardner, Darton and Co. published many juvenile books but also branched out into fiction, biography, history fiction, etc. This title takes you through the 13 Century with it’s grand descriptions of Knighthood, Squres, and the battles they fought. The moral and virtuous attitude toward their quests! Great for read aloud or for 13++

The Overlanders by Dora Birtles hb gc $8…When Japanese planes fly over their grazing land, Pa fires the homestead and he, Ma and their two daughters, Mary and Helen, decamp to town. In Wyndham citizens are being shipped out, the meat works have closed for fear of bombing, and Dan McAlpine, a drver, is kicking his heels in frustration with over 1,000 head of cattle and no ready market. Insisting that bullocks are more important than bullets, Dan recruits a team to drive the herd 1,600 miles south-east to Queensland. The Parsons readily join him, along with Sinbad, Corky, Les, Charley, Nipper and Jacky. First published in 1946, this is a classic story of the Australian outback - and of the women and men who survive its perils - strength and humour intact. 

It’s A Mystery! The Secret Garden by Sandra Garant spiral bound includes seperate  Appendix pages that are need for the resource published by CHC…*as new* $20….It's a Mystery! It's a Hit! Summer vacation will never be the same. Traditionally, Vacation Bible School curricula are secular or only vaguely Christian. Now there is an alternative that is not only Catholic but also lots of fun for everyone. The Secret Garden is the third in a series of weeklong retreats for Catholic children. The program is designed for use as a parish or homeschool groups and doesn’t need to be Summer….we did it in Spring (Sept)  summer program - or some years friends used it as a family-based unit study. It could be completed at any time of the year, but this one would be especially nice in spring or summer because of the garden theme and outdoor activities. This retreat introduces Catholic Marian dogma and focuses on developing the virtues, especially that of patience. Both the Mother’s guide and the student's appendix feature simple black-and-white line drawings. Don't let the non-glitzy presentation fool you; this program has excellent, solid content. Materials for the retreat leader include advertising and organising suggestions as well as specific teaching points and background information. Points of controversy, a history of Marian dogmas, and apologetic information are presented. Fresh and original game and craft ideas that are easy to implement are described in each day's lesson. These memorable activities will appeal to both boys and girls. Indoor and outdoor games and activities keep this physically active program moving along each day. Advance preparation is required. Materials are comparatively inexpensive to purchase, and the snack suggestions are very simple. Daily lesson plans for 5 one-half day sessions follow a similar pattern. The day begins with prayer and continues with a lesson time, activity and game time, lesson on patience, another game or activity, work on Mary garden project, snack, a game or activity, and the closing. A party is suggested for the final day to showcase the week’s projects. Separate, but related, plans are included for preschool (ages 2-5) and elementary (ages 5-12) groups, with some suggestions for teens. When an activity is best suited for a large group, suggestions are made for a smaller group activity. (We were very successful in using The Secret Garden with a group of seven children under age 12, or 1 up to 15 (I included my 13 and 16 year old and they loved it)….NOW OOP

Emma A Modern Re-Telling by Alexander McCall Smith pb *as new* $6… (this was a review from amazon, and also the person who owns the book is donating this title for our friend & needs)…This modern retelling of "Emma" is well-written, very funny, and overall enjoyable; the only down part is coming to the end of the story. You will like the development of  the many of the characters in addition to Emma, like Mr. Woodhouse, Miss Taylor, George Knightley, Isabella, Frank Churchill, Miss Bates, and Harriet. McCall Smith's Emma seems more pointed and colder than the original, but no less capable or confident in her own intelligence and meddling for the good of others. I marked "No intimate content," since intimacy was basically hinted at, or thought about/remembered by some of the characters as one might expect, but there isbn’t anything considered as explicit. Ages high school - adult. Mums may like it as a mother culture book.

A String In The Harp by Nancy Bond pb ec $6……When fifteen-year-old Jen Morgan flies to Wales to spend Christmas with her family, she's not expecting much from the holiday. A year after her mother's sudden death, her father seems preoccupied by the teaching job that has brought him and Jen's younger siblings to Wales for the year. Her brother, Peter, is alternately sullen, and her sister, Becky, misses Jen terribly. Then Peter tells Jen he's found a strange artefact, a harp key that shows him pictures from the life of Taliesin, the great bard whose life in 6th century Wales has been immortalised in legend. At first Jen doesn't believe him, but when the key's existence -- and its strange properties -- become known to the wider world, the Morgans must act together against a threat to the key...and to their family.This excellent historical fiction book transports the reader to Wales through the eyes of two transplanted American children. It travels through time, thanks to the harp key of the real sixth century harper Taliesin. Great for upper elementary and middle school.

In Garden, Field and Pond by Jill Norman hb gc  $5… this book takes you through experiences of garden, field and pond…adventuring in a nature study style so that as you read you develop an understanding of each of the topics titled. This book can be used as a nature study read aloud or assigned reading, with a child (12+) narration after each chapter, and a visit to areas of gardens, fields, and ponds or creeks….

Tiny Town or In Nature’s Wonderland by Margaret Cameron hb gc $4……This book for GRADE 1 & 2, it includes nature stories about animals, insects and nature….Colour pictures are included by various artists. It reminds me of the Christian Liberty Nature readers.

Fourteen What-Do-You-Know Stories by Leila Berg hb gc $4…….Beautifully illustrated by UK artist George Him…..A collection of 18 traditional stories from a dozen different countries, re-told for telling aloud. Leila Berg always prefaced her own story-telling "...and this is the way I tell it!"The book includes a short but heart-felt introduction (re-produced on her official website at http://www.leilaberg.com/her-books/fo... ).The What Do You Know Stories simply grew from Leila’s own kids (then about 3 and 7) asking questions and their journalism-trained mother answering them.  The Jungle Book and other wildlife and nature stories (and expeditions on the Heath) were also popular in the family, and brought more questions, which Leila always encouraged. She loved being able to answer them – and to then write it all down as stories.

Animals Ways and Claims by Edith Carrington hb (vintage book edition 1897) $7………Edith Carrington's Writings this review is by Henry Salt ……Edith Carrington has the gift of knowledge, which is, as she says, a necessary adjunct to friendliness. This, as regards the true nature of animals, is a rarer gift than might be supposed, for though there are a number of learned people who know a great deal about the classification, structure, appearance, and what may be called the external habits of animals, there are a very few indeed who possess, in addition to this, the subtler knowledge of the mind. And it is the mind of animals, not merely their hides and carcasses, that Miss Carrington has studied, as anyone may gather from the hundreds of examples of her methods of dealing with them scattered incidentally through her pages-numberless instances of humane  services, friendships, reminiscences, and anecdotes, all showing a deep instinctive knowledge of the living creature as distinguished from the dead or dead-alive “specimen” of the collector. This fuller knowledge, so rarely attained by the “naturalist,” can only result from a reverential love of Life. During the seven years of Miss Carrington’s literary labours, the cause which she has so much at heart—the story of animals. She has done, and I trust will continue to do, most valuable work as a pioneer of that saner and humaner Natural History towards which Thoreau aspired, that knowledge of the “inner life of animals” which is destined to transcend and supersede the present superficial “science,” as surely as this science itself superseded the grosser superstitions of the past. A good book for high school nature study.

Running Wild by Eric Rolls hb wdj ec $4……Tells the story of the introduction of non-indigenous flora and fauna and the ecological chain reaction that has ensued. (a little evolutionary jargon in the beginning, which can be missed) Otherwise the info I very good. Ages 13+ 

Sea Horse A Fish In Armour by William M. Stephens  & Peggy Stephens hb wdj gc $4….this is a simple year-in-the-life-of illustrated with figures. The information on feeding and breeding and response to seasons plus the incidents involving danger give good ideas of what a sea horse does. For the younger child, it's  accurate introduction.

A Book about Pandas by Ruth Below Gross pb gc 50c……This is an informational text about giant pandas. It teaches readers about where they are found, what they eat, characteristics, and more.supported by black and white photos of pandas so that readers can view the animal they are learning about. The text provides detailed information so that the reader can finish the book and understand more about pandas. 

Secrets In Stones by Rose Wyler and Gerald Ames pb gc $3……Describes the many different kinds of stones, where they come from, how they were made, what they are made of, and some of the surprises they conceal.Very readable, good selection of info is clearly presented. Has index; photos are charmingly black and white and include children, an experiment with crystal forming, and even have a definite artistic feel.



God’s Merciful Love The Old Testament (Image of Go Series 6) pb Teachers Manual *as new* 

God’s Merciful Love The Old Testament (Image of Go Series 6) Student book pb *as new*

Abeka - Arithmetic 4 Student Book pb gc 

Abeka - Arithmetic 4 Test and Speed Drills pb ec 

Abeka- Arithmetic 4 Teacher Key (Test & Speed drill) pb ec

Lingua Mater Primary Language Lessons byEmma Perl revised edition by Margot Davidson 

Blue Moon Mountain by Geraldine McCaughrean pb gc (picture book)

 Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss hb ec


THESE ARE $1 each

The Book of The House by Pinin Carpi hb ec…What is a house? This book describes some of the many strange and not so strange ways in which people have chosen to make houses. This takes you through the “history” of housing….Today large-scale planning makes an enormous difference to our lives. But do the planners always know what we want? You will see here some of the most modern architecture, and sone of the oldest cities in the world; some of the buildings we feel we are proud of, and those which many people try to forget. There are suggestions for making model towns, castles, and even a space city, and you can find out how to build your own house outdoors. All ages. Excellent resource, you could encourage a rabbit trail study with this huge book! Ages 9++

Chanda and the Mirror of Moonlight by Margaret Bateson Hill hb wdj (long picture book) ec …Chanda--an Indian girl who has been reduced to a mere servant by her stepmother--meets a prince while sitting by the river gazing into the mirror that was a gift from her mother.The illustrations are wonderful, and the colours are amazing. The story appears to be set in Rajastan, and is a Cinderella like story. The text is in both Hindi and English, which can be hard to find in children's books. A real find! Ages 8

The Enchanted Forest : A Scottish Fairy Tale by Rosalind Kerven pb gc (long picture book) ….In a retelling of the story of Tam Lin, Janna, the landowner's daughter, enters a forest of which everyone else is afraid, where she meets Tam Lin, a prisoner of the Queen of the Fairies, who tells her what she must do to win his freedom.Nobody goes inside the enchanted forest, until one day Janna, a wild sort of girl, squeezes under a fence and enters the eerie place. Beside a rose-clad, ruined well, she meets Tam Lin, whose grey eyes smoulder with strange, secret mists -- and at once the two fall in love. Ages 8+

Belinda and Bellamant by E. Nesbit hb *as new* (picture book) …There is a certain country where king is never allowed to reign while a queen can be found. In the biggest city of that odd country there is a great bell-tower with seven bells in it, very sweet-toned, splendid bells, made expressly to ring on the joyful occasions when a princess is born who will be queen one day. At last the bells ring for the birth of a princess…ages 7++ https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Belinda-and-Bellamant-by-E-Nesbit-Stephen-Lavis-035408125x-/311352118070

Home by Narelle Oliver hb *as new* (picture book)

The Bluebird adapted by Jan Vladislav hb ec ..This seems to be fairy tale or folk tale from Czechoslovakia beautifully illustrated, if you go to Pinterest you will find some photos of how beautiful they are. Illustrator is Mirko Hana’k. I’m guessing for older children Ages 10+++

Clever Cooks: A Concoction of Stories, Charm, Recipes & Riddles compiled by Elllin Greene b wdj ec…Every storyteller should have this classic in his/her library.Award winning illustrator,Trina Schart Hyman, illustrations grace the contents.Start with a basic collection of clever cooks, such as Betta, a rich merchant's daughter who creates her true love out of marzipan. Or Grethel, who eats up her employer’s chicken but neatly avoids punishment. Stir in a few recipes—quick butter cookies, hearty soup, molasses milk shakes. Sprinkle in some riddles, and you end up with a most delightful concoction. This is precisely what Ellin Greene has done in this charming anthology. She has put together a dozen stories involving clever cooks who outwit fairies, giants, kings and just ordinary people. Interspersed among the stories are, riddles and recipes that augment the stories and tickle the imagination. Mrs. Greene has woven a wide variety of material into a cohesive whole that is laced throughout with warmth and humour. Part cookbook, part fairy tale retellings, “Clever Cooks” is a winsome treat for people who like to cook and for their children. What better way to keep children engaged in reading than to wed the printed word to a household craft that requires a child to stand and work by the storyteller’s side? The recipes are easy and appropriate to the stories that precede them and the tales are just unfamiliar enough to entertain people who might not have heard them in the past. All ages.

The Adventures of Tom Leigh by Phyllis Bentley hb ec…Young Tom and his father arrive in the Calder Valley on a dark stormy night in 1722. Tom is soon an orphan and finds himself a pauper in the workhouse until Mr Firth, a hilltop clothier, agrees to take him on as an apprentice.Tom tries his best but his life is made miserable by sullen journeyman-weaver Jeremy, and a series of accidents makes him wonder if his life is in danger.A trip to Halifax Piece Hall reveals dark secrets, and when the drying cloth starts disappearing from the tenterhooks, Tom must fight to stay alive and prove his innocence. Details of the weaving craft, the economic importance to the entire region of all aspects of the cloth trade, the evaluation of crime, the treatment of the poor, as well as local mores, the administration of various households, and the routine of the apprentice, which make this an exceptional read for teens and over.

The Unlucky Family A Book for Children by Mrs. Henry De La Pasture hb (vintage 1923) ec cond. ….A Catholic author of 7 Children’s novels, plays and adult novels, with humour, she displays  life in Victorian times including family adventures, laughter, joys and even the misfortunes….Wholesome for children 10++



THESE ARE $4 each

Nature in the Neighbourhood by Gordon Morrison hb wdj *NEW* Gordon Morrison has outdone himself with this most recent edition to his children's' book collection. Nature in the Neighbourhood is a wonderful book. The illustrations and text are superb. Morrison's book brings to life the nature all around us, every day. Children of all ages will love this book and can take it with them on walks through their own neighbourhood. This book is a great blend of science, story and illustration. Understandable that it received an Outstanding Science Trade Book Award. The nice thing about this book is it can be read and enjoyed by several ages. The story itself is a nice read-aloud. But the additional notes provided on each page add further science instruction and will be loved by "detail" readers.  Ages 7-12

Portrait with Background by Alexandra Hasluck pb ec…..This is such a well written book about a very interesting person. Alexandra Hasluck uses many of Georgiana's letters, that record in great detail some of the hardships - and joys - of the her new life in the South West of Australia. She seems to have coped admirably and was obviously a real asset to the small community. Her friendship with James Mangles living in England develops through the sending of seeds and plants. She sends any new plants she can find, and scours the countryside for seeds at the right time of year. She is very diligent at pressing and preserving all the specimens, despite being very busy with the daily life in a new country. He sends her anything that might be useful or that she has requested for her flower garden. The isolation experienced by the early settlers was incredible especially for the Molloys setting up in Augusta - miles away from anywhere, with only an occasional ship that brought news and much needed provisions. In the midst of her busy life as a mother of three young children, she received a letter from a noted English amateur botanist, Captain James Mangles asking her to send him some seeds from the native plants. She could have ignored this request but instead devoted hours of her time to packaging up intricately and skilfully organised seed packets. She even added in botanical drawings. Her work in this field has never been fully recognised. For example the botanical discoveries of new species are attributed in the British Museum to Captain Mangles.Her death at the young age of 37 after the birth of her fifth child is so tragically described especially the fact that she knew that this pregnancy would kill her. Her husband lived on to the ripe old age of 87, still a prominent WA citizen.  They were tough resilient  people! Great for older students to adult.

The Monforts by Martin Boyd hb wdj ec OOP…The Montforts is the colourful chronicle of the Montfort family, descendants of a fascinating French ancestress, Remy des Baux.It embraces three generations of the family, from the gold rush days in Melbourne in the 1850s through to the 1940s. It tells of the harsh journeys to Australia of the first members of the family to settle here, of their life in Australia and England, to which they periodically return.It also shows how the older members of the family resent the way in which the younger members gradually become Australian in thought and habit.

Clara Morison : A Tale Of South Australia During the Gold Fever by Catherine Helen Spence pb gc…Set in Adelaide in the early 1850s Clara Morison tells the story of a young educated woman who migrates to South Australia from Scotland knowing very little of her new home. Clara finds work, battles illness, discovers relatives and slowly finds her place in the struggling colony. Her story, which reveals the fine details of colonial domestic life, is set against the turbulence of the gold fever when men and money streamed out of South Australia to the goldfields in the eastern colonies. The problems of a new and vulnerable colonist and the atmosphere of public and private financial upheaval are successfully recreated by Spence, making Clara Morison by far the finest novel of colonial South Australia. A perfect follow-up for when you run out of Jane Austen novels. It's a lovely Victorian love story with all the trimmings, just set in Australia. Ages 14++





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Hello, you have such an interesting list!

Could I please buy:

Secret of the Ruby Ring

The undergrounders

The word spy

The return of the word spy

joel of galilee

adventures of tom leigh

portrait with background

the monforts

nature in the neighbourhood

clara morison: a tale of sth australia

the unlucky family

the book of the house

POSTAGE  to 2540,

thanks! Nells


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Hi Mrs Nells

I’ll look to see what is still available and make a great offer for you!

get back soon!

thank you

God bless


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