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From time to time we have conversations that go awry. If we were in person there would be more visible engagement - our body language and eye contact would communicate both to the instigator and recipient our opinions on their actions.

Here online it is much more difficult. We need to use our written words, either directly or indirectly, to encourage or discourage particular behaviour.

In the past the members have expressed that there has been overly heavy handed moderation by the AHS Team. Since that time, the team has backed off completely. For various personal reasons as well as in response to this feedback, we have left the membership to self-moderate, trusting to their good judgement as adults. We also requested one of our long term members to assist in keeping conversations on track in our absence.

To this end we would like to make a specific request:

a. If you are noticing an element of unpleasantness, could you please not engage with it, but continue to redirect the conversation back to safer waters. Use your positive, on topic posts to do what your body language and eyes would do in person. It is not necessary initially to even address the unpleasantness directly.

b. If this does not work, a gentle general reminder without personal references can help steer the conversation back to topic.

c. If all else fails, do not engage, but contact the moderating team via PM. You can also report a concerning post (button found at the top of each post, next to the time that post was made), however PMs usually come to our attention faster. We suggest that you include both HomeGrownKids and DaughterofEve in your PM as it increases your likelihood of it being seen.

Following this process will help to keep conflict to a minimum.

Thankyou all for contributing here. Let's all work to keep this a safe space for all.

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