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This post explains the process AHS uses to address negative behaviour on the forum.

As a matter of logic, all groups that have an application process should also have a 'deapplication' process. One is a process of deciding if a person appears to fit with the goals and purpose of our site; the other is a process of informing that person when their actions do not fit with the goals and purpose of our site.

On AussieHomeschool this is called a warning system. It applies to the whole site and not just the private groups. The following information details how the AHS system works.

1. To find your warn status go to 'My Profile'.
2. There you will find under your photo/avatar the words "Warn Status".
3. Only you (and the Mods) can see your Warn Status.
4. If you are currently 'being warned' this will show up underneath the 'Warn Status' words.
5. If you gain three (3) strikes, then you will be banned (can't access the forum) for a time.
6. If you are repeatedly banned or your actions merit severe discipline your account will be deleted.
7. You may communicate with the AHS Team and a reapplication may be accepted.

The Warn Status system is in place for the rare occasions where a member is posting in a manner that, in the judgement of the AHS Team, is against the health and harmony of AussieHomeschool community. So, while we hope not to use it, it is there for the (hopefully unlikely) event that it is required.

If you have any questions, please post below or contact an admin/staff member.

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