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Hello everyone,


Listed are books I am selling for a friend to help with a family NEED.


prices do not include postage,

Enjoy, and thank you for looking! (MORE TO COME)

God Bless



Be Brave in the Scared How I Learned to Trust God During the Most Difficult Days of My Life by Mary E. Lenaburg pb *NEW* $10….


Midway by Anne Barrett pb gc $1… Mark is in the middle, with clever siblings on either side of him. He yearns for someone special - all his own, and then Midway arrives, a glorious, majestic creature, and together they roam the countryside. Midway is a large, sleek tiger, but he is not always there...

A beautifully written book about an ignored middle child who invents a tiger companion whom he calls "Midway." Ages 9+


The In-Between Days by Eve Bunting pb gc $2…Great juvenile fiction. Eve Bunting does a wonderful job with imagery. Beautifully rendered, from the depiction of the in-between days of Dove Islanders waiting for an ice-bridge of discarded Christmas trees to be built to the myriad odd little places Bunting finds love (in one scene it's a badly knitted scarf that's too long because the knitter "just didn't want to stop"). Powerful and poignant. Ages 8-12 lesson activities here : 



The Funny Guy by Grace Allen Hogarth pg gc $3…In the early 1900's a lonely little New England girl, unhappily nicknamed the Funny Guy, derived much happiness from the "St. Nicholas magazine." Her happiness increased when she found a new friend with whom to share the magazine and her nickname became a term of endearment.She has no true friends, instead taking comfort in reading books and writing stories, and is teased mercilessly by the popular kids who call her "The Funny Guy." The story is well-written and the characters are realistic; the ending is believable and also satisfying. The historical setting is interesting, as well, and just shows that cliques of little girls have not changed much in a hundred years. Ages 10-12


Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe hb junior Deluxe edition gc $2…This edition includes illustrations, to encourage young readers' imagination. The sole survivor of a shipwreck, Robinson Crusoe is washed up on a desert island. In his journal he chronicles his daily battle to stay alive, as he conquers isolation, fashions shelter and clothes, enlists the help of a native islander who he names 'Friday', and fights off cannibals and mutineers. Written in an age of exploration and enterprise, it has been variously interpreted as an embodiment of British imperialist values, as a portrayal of 'natural man', or as a moral fable. But above all is a brilliant narrative, depicting Crusoe's transformation from terrified survivor to self-sufficient master of an island. Ages 8-12


Pastures of the Blue Crane by H.F, Brinsmead hb ec $5….Ryl, on the death of the father she barely knew, discovers that she is now the co-owner, with a grandfather she's never met, of a rundown property among the cane fields in northern New South Wales. It's the home her father grew up in - the one her grandfather hasn't seen in decades. The decision to go out there and fix it up, with her difficult grandfather tagging along, is more a matter of contrariness than anything else. Making the property profitable again is a challenge Ryl rises to, and along the way she learns about herself and her family. A delightful book about a young snobby girl who has to grow up when her father dies and she finds a grandfather she never knew. She also has to learn a few things about herself in the process.

The true delight will be the scene and backdrop of the emerging Gold Coast region of Australia before it became a tourist strip.

Beautifully developed characters, supported by beautifully developed descriptions. Ages 10-14


The Dangerous Desert by Frank Madigan hv wdh ec $6…Juvenile adventure fiction, set in remote North West Australia, finds Ross Martin, a young Englishman in transit to live with unknown relatives. The plane carrying his uncle, cousin Harry and himself crashes in the middle of the desert. Thus begins a battle for survival: a badly injured uncle, over a hundred miles from help, unusually hostile Aboriginals, armed men, not to mention.However, help is at hand in the form of Wandoo, a young Aboriginal boy, and Ross and Harry plunge headlong into adventure. Ages 9-12


The Wind on The Moon A Story for Children by Eric Linklater hb f-gc $1…In the English village of Midmeddlecum, Major Palfrey asks his two daughters to behave themselves while he is off at war. Sighing, Dinah says, “I think that we are quite likely to be bad, however hard we try not to be,” and her sister, Dorinda, adds helpfully, “Very often, when we think we are behaving well, some grown-up person says we are really quite bad. It’s difficult to tell which is which.” Sure enough, the mischievous sisters soon convince a judge that minds must be changed as often as socks, stage an escape from the local zoo, and—in the company of a golden puma and silver falcon—set off to rescue their father from the tyrant of Bombardy. A tale of hilarity and great adventure, The Wind on the Moon is also a work of high seriousness; after all, “life without freedom,” as the valiant puma makes clear, “is a poor, poor thing.

This book is recommended to everyone! Age is no issue!

The book is full of wisdom, evil versus good, love and respect for all human beings including all kinds of animals, communication between people and animals, focusing on how to understand and respect each other, also how parents should respect their children and listen to them. The two characters Dinah and Dorinda are brave little girls who fight against forces stronger than themselves. A fantastic book which I highly recommend. (from 6 up….)


Jock the Scot The Adventures of the Dog  by Alice Grant Rosman hb gc $4…This is a wonderful children's book from 1930. it is about the adventures of the Dog of The House who gave up Town Life to run a Country Estate.Rosman, truly a fan of dogs has created a well written love story. Set in the late 1920s English countryside, it tells of the 20 year old Gillian Ivery, who has just arrived in the village of Ferris Minor. While Gillian is adjusting to living with her egg collecting Uncle Ivery, Aunt Ivery and staunch cousin Joyce she meets a stray scottie, Jock. Jock has a badly injured front leg and some other injuries. How Gillian comes to bond with Jock as she nurses him, and how this is kept secret from the Ivery’s is a charming story. If you love dogs, and believe "There'll always be an England", you will enjoy this book. Ages 9-14


The Glass Ball by William Mayne hb wdj gc $2…The blue glass ball came from the Aegean sea. Niko found it when he was gathering seaweed in which to wrap the candles his father had made for the monastery. Together with his friend Max, Niko was to deliver the candles, and the two boys planned to stand on the monastery roof to watch the arrival of the tourists and the Cabinet minister who was coming to the island from Athens.

But the little glass ball seemed to have a mind of its own, and when NIko and Max rolled it back and forth on the monastery roof, it fell through the gutter into the courtyard and began to roll down the cobbled street.Here we get a glimpse of life on a Greek Island as experienced by two boys who entertain themselves on a hot day. The illustrations provide the necessary images that support the text. This depicts play at its finest -- a found object and a little imagination provide both fun and adventure. Ages 9-12


The Bookstore Mouse by Peggy Christian hb wdj ec $5….After literally falling into a story, a mouse named Cervantes discovers the true power of words. This rollicking allegory is for every book lover, every story lover, every lover of words--and the bane of censors everywhere. Activities here: 



The Brave Adventures of a Shoemaker’s Boy by Ivana Brlic’ Maz’unranic hb wdj ec $5…A poor orphan boy Lapitch becomes a disciple of a grumpy ill-mannered shoemaker Scowler. One day the two receive an important order to make red boots for a rich client’s son. As they turn out to be the wrong size, Scowler in a fit of rage takes it out on the young apprentice. Unjustly hurt and seething with anger, Lapitch decides to leave the newfound home. He puts on the red shoes, which surprisingly are the most perfect fit, and tails away from Scowler. So, he hits the road and boldly strikes out on the way into the big world out there. Accompanied by the loyal dog Bundaš, and later on joined by the circus performer Gita, he is not longer alone. With no place to sleep or things to eat, exposed to all kinds of dangers, the trio experiences a curious journey full of fun, challenges and adventures. Ages 10++


The Stone Horsemen Tales from the Caucasus retold by Ruth Foster hb ec $5….The only thing that sets this book apart is the opening and closing device employed. It starts with an old storyteller passing on his craft to a reluctant younger man and his dialogue emphasises the importance of the honourable tradition in which he has worked. The stories themselves are easy enough for beginning readers to read to themselves and all of them are short.  Or reading them aloud to the hole family. There are twelve and they run the gamut from the animal tale to the prince reclaiming his throne, with examples of shrewd peasant humour in between. 

From the isolated valleys of the Caucasus, from its many languages and its turbulent history, come these tales: The Stone Horsemen, The Stupid Wolf, The Brave Shepherd Boy, Unlucky Mussah, Djamukh, son of a deer, Hecho the Lazy, and others. Ages 8-12


The Devil’s Own by Deborah Lisson hb wdj ec $8…Fifteen-year-old Julianna, bored and rebellious on her father's yacht, can see no beauty in the lonely, windswept Abrolohos Islands off the coast of Western Australia. If only something would happen, she thinks desperately, anything just to break the monotony. Then her wish is granted. It starts innocently enough - a glimpse of a face hidden among the bushes on a neighbouring island - but when Julianna goes to investigate she encounters a mystery that is to sweep her away from every security she has ever known and plunge her, alone and bewildered, into a three-hundred-year-old nightmare of shipwreck, mutiny...and murder. The Devil's Own by Deborah Lisson is a well-written Australian story in which the main character Julie finds herself trapped in 17th century amongst marooned sailors of the Dutch East India ship Batavia. Historical and geographical references with a love story at its core makes The Devil's Own a rich reading. Ages 12- 15


Son of Billabong by Mary Grant Bruce hb gc $8…Mary Grant Bruce captures the bush Australian spirit perfectly, weaving an intricate plot with amazing characters and twists. In Son of Billabong there is a lot of sadness and pain as Norah and Wally and the rest encounter a terrible family tragedy. 

Every one of the characters are realistic, with personalities, backstories, and lives of their own. You’ll fall in love with all the books. The pain and emotions of each person are written beautifully and you get totally caught up in their lives.

Son of Billabong will wrap you up in a bundle of emotions. Even to the very end. The pacing will keep you hanging for more, and you can’t wait to find out what happens next. Basically: AMAZING.

You will want to ride over the farm with Jim, Wally and Norah - but since you can’t just settle with reading their stories, and living with them until the last page. Ages 12++


Norah of Billabong by Mary Grant Bruce hb ec $8….Boarding school is over for the year. Norah is joyfully reunited with her family for the Christmas holidays at Billabong, but a fire destroys the stable and homestead at Billabong. Norah risks her life to find out why.

Billabong Station, a cattle and sheep property in the Australian bush, is home to 12-year-old Norah, her widowed father, David and her brother, Jim. Norah loves to roam over Billabong on her pony, Bobs, helping with the mustering and joining in the fun when Jim comes home from boarding school.

Old-fashioned values, readable,  delightful, the series is an Australian classic. Recommended. Ages 12+


The Good Master by Kate Seredy (one of my favourite authors!) hb ec $10…


Lost Diamonds of Killiecrankie by Gary Crew and Peter Gouldthorpe hb *as new* $7…This book fictionally reconstructs the story of the Killiecrankie diamonds which were discovered on Flinders Island, Bass Strait, in the early 1800s. Several hundred of these were sent to Queen Victoria for the Great Exhibition of 1851. 

In March 1969 Geoffrey Middleton, a young artist from Tasmania, stumbled upon one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the 19th century-the fate of the lost diamonds of Killiecrankie. Middleton kept his knowledge of the lost diamonds secret until, driven by guilt, he told his dark and dreadful story to novelist Gary Crew and illustrator Peter Gouldthorpe, both award-winning storytellers. 

It is clear from the beginning of the book, that one of the main characters, Aaron, has died. What keeps children reading is the "mystery" of Aaron's death, and the mystery of the "diamonds" of Killiecrankie. Are they really diamonds? Did they ever exist, and if they did, what happened to the giant specimen alleged to have been found? Interest is aroused by the the use of graphics, maps, historic documents and letters. There is some thought provoking historical information provided about the treatment of Aboriginal people in Tasmania, Australia, and brief gemological details about various semi-precious stones. In addition to being a curious story, The Lost Diamonds of Killiecrankie provides a springboard for children to engage in further research.

The big question at the end: is the story fact or fiction? This is a great book to take you on many rabbit trails….Ages 12-14


The House that Was Built in a Day : Anzac Cottage by Valerie Everett & Barbara McGuire hb *as new* $8….On February 12, 1916, two hundred residents of Mount Hawthorn in Perth, Western Australia rallied together to build a cottage over the course of a single day for one of the first wounded ANZAC soldiers to return from the Battle of Gallipoli. Watched by more than 4,000 spectators, 'Anzac Cottage' - as the building became formally known - was opened with great fanfare. This children's book recreates an historic community celebration of the early ANZAC legend using archival photographs and evocative illustrations. It commemorates the 90th anniversary of this unique community event. Anzac Cottage is a moving story of celebration and sacrifice which is still of immense relevance today. All ages.


Transport, Trade and Travel in Australia 1830’s - 1880’s Wool, wagons and Clipper Ships by John Nicholson hb ec $8…From the 1830s on, Australia 'rode on the sheep's back', earning wealth by selling wool to countries around the world. These were the days of squatters with sheep stations the size of Scotland; lone shepherds, half-starved and half-crazy; bullockies, horse teamsters and cameleers carting goods across the outback; clipper-ship captains racing to overseas wool auctions; Cobb + Co coaches carrying mail and passengers to every corner of Australia.This third book in the series portrays a new trading economy. Australia still depended on the hard labour of people and animals, and the windpower that sent sailing ships across the world.

The Transport, Trade and Travel in Australia series: 

Songlines and Stone Axes (pre-1788)

Cedar, Seals and Whaling Ships (1788-1830s)

Wool, Wagons and Clipper Ships (1830s-1880s)

Steam, Steel and Speed (1850s-1920s)

A Hundred Years of Petrol Power (1900-2000). Ages 10++


We of The Never-Never retold for Children by Nance Donkin illustrated hb wdj ec $8….In 1902 Jeannie Gunn went to live on a cattle station in the Northern Territory with her new husband, Aeneas. She was the only white woman on the property and the men there were not happy bout her arrival. They soon changed their minds, however, and Jeannie became firm friends of them all. When Jeannie returned to Melbourne after 15 months, she wrote We of the Never-Never, describing her life at the Elsey Station and all the adventures she had. The book that was written for adults began an Australian classic.

In this retelling of Jeannie Gunn’s famous story, Nance Donkin presents all the well loved characters and incidents, and renders faithfully for young readers the spirit and humour of the original. Ages 9+


The Pedlar of Swaffham by Kevin Crossley-Holland hb ec (long picture book)  $8…. The pedlar has the wisdom to carry out the instructions from his dream and consequently finds a great fortune. This book is based on a story about an Englishman who discovers treasure under his home after dreaming that he should travel to get it. In this case, his wealth goes to restore part of his local church in Swaffham, Norfolk, which has two pews with carvings that seem to memorialise him. The church is real as this narrative is based on a true story. Ages 7+


The History Puzzle by Cherry Denman hb wdj ec (Illustrated picture book)  $6….This book by Cherry Denman is remarkable. It speaks to children (with colourful illustrations) and adults alike. Each two-page spread is a chronicle of an era -- in a cartoon-like (but detailed) illustration. Below the large illustration is a list of people, places, and things of that era, numbered so that they can be found in the illustration. Highly creative, this innovative book teaches, tells a story, and gives a surprise, all in one. Fantastic.This puzzle book takes the reader and Everyman (he is the key to the puzzle), on an adventure history trail, from primeval slime to the present day. This book is both educational and entertaining, with each picture being packed with clues, information, stories, events and historical characters. Recommended to anyone who wants to learn more about history.


Wild River by Bernard O’Reilly hb wdj ec $8…When the three young Dawsons return from a year at their city colleges they find their fathers Wild River cattle run to be the scene of a secret and fabulous uranium strike. A ruthless and well organised gang with powerful backing tries to gain possession of the code and the battle of wits and tactics which ensues provides a record of the courage and resourcefulness of young Australians. It is filled too, with the thundering hooves of splendid horses, and with reckless, magnificent riding. This book contains information useful to people who wish to be good outdoor Australians. It tells in part, how we can use our eyes, the sounds and scents of the bush, the birds, the winds and the stars as our allies. A story of glorious youth. Ages 12+


Rama and the White Bullock by Margaret Plummer hb wdj gc $4….The richest Maharaja on the finest of elephants could not have held himself more proudly than did Rama as he led his bullock away…it was the greatest moment in Rama’s life. With only one rupee and a bundle of rice Rama had set out, long ago, to earn enough money to buy a bullock…In this book Rama’s warm heart and his devotion to his new bullock lead him into many absorbing adventures. And through them all we catch fascinating glimpses of Indian life: the wild elephant hunt; the Pongol Festival; and the breathtaking bullock race! Rama’s spirited story and author’s affection for India are captured in the superb drawings of Albert Whitear.


The Tin House by Peter McFarlane pb ec $5…Everything is changing far too quickly for Bill. His mother is going to have a baby; his best friend, John, has been behaving very strangely since the disappearance of the treasure chest; and Bill's new found friend, Miss Jackson, is being forced out her house. The only sure thing in his life is Sarah, his grandfather's horse who must win the Derby. The author grew up at the end of the Second World War in a century old converted barn close to the beach in Brighton, South Australia, the setting for this semi-autobiographical novel. The demolition of his childhood home and of a tin house in the Sandhills at the end of his street, as well as his sadness at the continuing destruction of Australia’s coastline, prompted him to write the The Tin House. Ages 10+



The Tovers by Elsabeth Beresford hb wdj ec $3…Once upon a time the world was full of Trovers, all in their separate groups and going their separate ways. Despite their own secret family languages and customs, the Trovers had one thing in common. They lived in Rings for safety. But now as more towns and roads swallowed up the countryside, the Rings were being swept away one by one and the Trovers vanished with them. Now there was only one ancient Sanctuary Ring left and it was growing weaker all the time. If it were to crumble away altogether, that would mean the end of the Trovers, the Left-Over Little people of the world. There was just one possible way that they could survive…Ages 7++


No Trains on Sunday by Edwina A. Schurmann hb wdj ec $8…In 1928 Willie Kholman was eleven. That was the year the man came up to Melbourne to sell him a tractor……this collection of episodes is a delightful record of simple pleasures and human nature as seen through the eyes of a boy growing up. Somebody once said that nothing ever happened at Bullawollock to put it on the map, writes the author. Well his descriptions of this spot in Wimmera district of Victoria seem likely to put it on the literary map. The stories have a warmth of feeling that brings town’s inhabitants to life. Here is nostalgia, yet with an immediacy that makes the 1920s seem only yesterday. The austere has a gift od rendering everyday events interesting and funny….


The Magic Bowl and the Blue - Stone Ring by R. Andom illustrated by Louis Gunnis hb vintage cover  gc $8… Two modern fantasy tales, both involving wish-fulfilling genies torn out of the pages of the Arabian Nights and tossed into Edwardian England. Published in 1909. 



Devil’s Doorstep by Marian Ramsey hb wdj ec $5…every summer Peter Burke and his parents went to Devil’s Doorstep, a peak over two miles high in the Rocky Mountains. Peter’s father was a fire watcher, and the whole family looked forward to their annual retreat to Devil’s Doorstep Station. Then the summer Peter was 10, Tornado arrived, and the peacefulness of the mount side was shattered. Tornado was a mischievous mountain goat, whose antics, although hilarious, were too often destructive. That memorable summer was further complicated by a long stretch of fire weather, and between the heat and goat tension mounted…..what happens on the trip when Peter tries to lose Tornado in the forest takes everyone by surprise. The tory of the danger faced by boy and goat together is a gripping one indeed, a story that young people will want to read again and again. Ages 9+


The Joshers by Humphrey Carpenter hb wdj ec $5…One day, Tim went down to the docks to look at boats. That was how he met Joe and his brother Percy, who lived on two canal boats, Albert and Victoria. Joe needed Tim’s help- and Tim soon found himself running away from home and seeing off on a journey by water from London to Birmingham. It proved to be a dangerous journey, with a more sinister climax than Tim could ever have expected. In this story for young people, Humphrey Carpenter captures the unique character of canal life on board the slowly moving, brightly painted narrow boats. The Joshers is packed full of information about canals that any young reader interested in boats will revel in - and it’s also an exciting adventure story. 


The King’s Room by Eilis Dillon hb wdj gc $4…Set in Frascati Italy. Away above the small Italian village of Frascati stood a large, gracious villa, once the home of a Princess, but now only inhabited by old Maria. Old Maria had always been there; she had been there in the days of the Princess and on that frightening day during the War when the Germans had arrived. Old Mara’s nephew wonders why his aunt stays on in an old decaying villa? There was a reason and Pipo tried to fill the memories that she had forgotten….then as her memory began to stir, Maria remembered……


A Valley of Pipers by Richard Parker hb wdj ec $2…Vince ordered a new bus and named his wealthy Uncle Ross as guarantor, and that is only the last salvo in the feud between the Colin Piper family and Ross Piper. It takes an act of God and an act of heroism to reconcile the two branches of the Piper family who have been quarrelling for generations. The pleasure of this story is the daily lives of the pioneer farming community in Tasmania is brought most vividly to life…..Ages 9+


A Sister for Helen by Grace Hogarth hb wdj ec $4…Helen was less than impressed when Charity arrived to help her mother after her mother had been in hospital. But, she did love Charity's daughter Katie, and it took Katie being returned to the orphanage for Helen to change her mind about a lot of things.An absorbing & warm-hearted story. Ages 8-12


Cobbler’s Dream by Monica Dickens hb wdj collectable copy ec first edition $20… Monica Dickens' moving account of the problems of running a rest home for aged and ailing horses is also an entertaining story of how helping the animals solves the problems of two young people at odds with life. 

Warm and appealing, with some of the most graceful writing around. The ensemble cast are all fully developed, and everyone gets their time in the spotlight.  This is less of a single story arc, and more of a series of small events, a day-in-the-life approach, but that doesn't mean the book is less enjoyable…Monica Dickens, a descendent of Charles Dickens..Everyone needs to read this book. Even if they do not like horses. 

It seems like "just another horsy book" but the writing is so eloquent and she creates characters unlike any others - realistic, unique, relatable, deep.

The book  will make you want to cry and laugh and move to an old horses home immediately. Ages 14+


The Elbow Island Mystery by Ethel T. Wolverton hb gc $4…https://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Elbow-Island-Mystery-Ethel-T-Wolverton-Hutchinson-Hardcov-/312444204579


Dangerous Diamonds by E. J. Warde hb wdj gc $2…



Diary of a Country Mother A Year Remembering Tim by Cynthia A. Montanaro pb gc $12…A mother's worst fear: the death of her child. Cindy Montanaro lived that nightmare when her adopted son Tim died in 2005. Some months later she started a year-long journey of prayer, meditation and writing. "I envisioned an extended period of time in which to record, before memory failed me, all of the little humorous and profound incidents that made up my son Tim's short life." Meet Tim. An outgoing boy with a big smile and an even bigger heart, a boy with an infectious sense of wonder and enthusiasm. Adopted by Cindy and Andy Montanaro in 1989, he was diagnosed at a young age with physical and mental disabilities. His life brought joy and happiness to his parents and family; but always there was the shadow of his mental illness. "I think of Tim and the clear brightness of his moments of insight that would suddenly burst forth in blazing glory," writes Cindy, "only to be overshadowed quickly by the grim reality of his mental disorder." 

With faith, tenderness, and humour, Cindy Montanaro's deft hand brings to life the delight and tragedy of Tim's time on earth. Tim saw Christ's image in everyone he met, not with a conscious vision, but with the instinct of the heart.It is a beautiful account of her personal faith journey, as well as the endearing and heartwarming tales of Tim, who never outgrew his childlike innocence, even as a teenager. While richly Catholic in its language and in her understanding, appreciation and love of redemptive suffering, it is universal in the sense that any person - young or old, parent, grandparent or single - can find some relevancy in its pages.

Anyone who has ever experienced loss of a loved one will find renewed strength, fervour and hope in God's merciful and healing love after reading Cynthia's memoir.



Miss Prim by Jane Myers Perrine pb *AS NEW* $8…At twenty-five, Louisa Walker has carefully laid out the pattern of her life: the season in London, a few weeks at fashionable house parties and the rest of the year spent visiting and organising the lives of her six siblings and their children. Because of her age, refined nature, and strict moral code she is considered to be "Miss Prim."Louisa's guarded existence is disrupted when she accepts an invitation from her sister. She believes that she is simply helping her sister and brother-in-law by watching the children during their travels. However, upon her arrival she meets William, Viscount Woodstone, and an adventure beyond her wildest imagination begins. Starting with the questionable heritage of a baby in her care, she decides to join Woodstone's secret quest to outwit French spies and thwart their evil plan.

Despite all Louisa's beliefs, this refined gentlewoman careens around the back roads of England in an ancient cart, poses as a countrywoman, and even saves Woodstone's life. Once the adventure ends, Louisa is concerned that her "Miss Prim" image is shattered, and hopes that Woodstone feels the same emotions for her that she has developed for him. If you are looking for a fun read set in olden times this author has it down to an art. The characters are well written and entertaining. The story is well done. There are a few laughs and a entertaining mystery. A light read for older girls and adults…

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