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      I understand you may feel frustration or even anger and for that I apologise, I feel you. But now it is YOUR time to go out and spread the word of home education and its benefits. Share YOUR story, tell those you know and don't know about homeschooling and what is has done for your family.   On behalf of John (my long suffering and patient husband), myself and the ENTIRE moderating team over the many years - I THANK YOU and WISH YOU ALL THE VERY BEST IN ALL YOUR ENDEAVOURS.   God Bless, Susan (HomeGrownKids /  AussieHomeschool)


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Help everyone, have discovered that this box actually had a resonating theme within it's hull...

Most of these books were read and used in the Redes family for Nature Study and Science.


Some are older editions but the information is still,  in many ways applicable. For those who of you who would quickly discard the thought of using older books, think again!

How do you excite a child to find out for himself more about a topic if you first don't tantalise his curiosity? 


Reading these aloud  or assigning them as reading books for science or nature studies, and allowing ample time for further research makes them...well, should I say it? Yes I should.

Budding Scientist and Naturalists!!!!


So give them a go, and enjoy the rich language that you will find within their covers!!

More books to come. There seems to be Hist. fact., and more science books....a hodgepodge of delight!


Thank you all for your patience and your kind concern for the Redes family.

You are all included in a Novena of thanksgiving prayers!


God Bless you all,




Usborne Spotter’s Guide The Night Sky by Nigel Henbest pb gc $1…Full color illustrations and 100-200 interesting facts about each topic-- Ideal field guides for both adults and children. 

This book was the perfect night sky watching guide! It has great charts for spotting constellations, no matter which hemisphere or month of the year - brighter stars are shown larger on the charts, so it's easy to see which ones to look for first. Also includes moon phases, when and where to look for planets. And the book is small enough to fit in your (biggish) pocket for outdoors, or for holding with one hand as you shine a flashlight on it in the dark while sky watching. All ages


The Skywatcher’s  Handbook Night and Day. What to look for in the Heavens above by Colin A. Ronan hb (vinyl cover) ec $10…This illustrated reference book provides all one needs to interpret the skies of the Northern Hemisphere by day and by night. 24 full-colour and 176 two-colour photographs. Allages.


Creatures of Darkness by John F. Waters pb ec OOP $4…Discusses the characteristics and behaviour of creatures that live in the deep sea, in caves, or under the ground or move about only at night. Includes nematodes, troglodytes, moles, bats and many more.This easy to read to book will be an interesting starting point for young children who are interested in all types of animals and especially to get them started with animals who use darkness to a means of their survival. And since there are different types of darkness the book is easily divided into chapters that include cave animals, animals that live beneath or under, night-flyers and night crawlers as well as what adaptations are required to help them live. The writing style is easy to read and understand. Ages 7 -10


Looking at Weather by David Suzuki pb ec $5…Looking at Weather …..Do you know…what makes the Northern lights light up? what makes the wind blow?why the earth keeps using the same rain-water—over and over again? what it’s like inside a cloud?

These are just a few of the many amazing facts you’ll find and exciting discoveries you’ll make when you read Looking at Weather. With David Suzuki as your guide, you’ll find out what makes weather, where clouds, rain, snow, and lightning come from, and how weather affects our everyday lives. Wouldn’t you like to… make a cloud in your kitchen? forecast the weather by making your own barometer? do some amazing air tricks? track down microclimates in your own house?

Filled with exciting projects and activities and extremely well illustrated, Looking at Weather is a great way for children and their parents to participate in the science adventure. Ages 8- 12


Cicadas by Densey Clyne pb ec $4….the Young Nature series is designed to foster young children’s  enthusiasm for the natural world around them. This book on Cicadas uses clear text and outstanding photography to introduce the Cicada. Once curiosity is satisfied, fresh questions arise, and your child is introduced to some very broad principles underlying their environment. Ages 8 -12


Elephants and Mammoths by Gwynne Vevers hb wdj gc  OOP $6…This is from the Bodley Head Natural Science Picture Books series. It contains information about the lives of elephants and details the differences between African and Indian elephants. Fully illustrated. Ages 9-12 (it does mention millions of years in the first paragraph only!…Otherwise quite informative in an interesting way!


Mattie The Story of a Hedgehog by G. D.Griffiths hb wdj gc $4…Mattie is the life story of a hedgehog in a Devon garden. Her relations with the old gardener and Stripey the cat, her perambulations and adventures, are those of an animal precisely and affectionately observed in a natural setting. An unusual, vivid and beautifully written story…a good read aloud Ages 7-12


Eagle and Dove By James Kruss hb ec OOP $8…it is not pleasant to be trapped in a crevice by a hungry eagle, especially if you happen to be a  clever dove. But f you have your wits about you can tell stories, and if the eagle is in a listening mood, you might Stan a chance. You just might be able to fend him off while you hollow out an escape-hatch with your tail feathers - but only if your stories are filled with strange and puzzling events. The eagle may not have ever heard about the Donkeys’ Rebellion, or the Eagle in the Bottle, or the Hamster and the Staircase. These tales were told for 1,001 nights in the old country…A clever dove might think to do the same! Definitely a read aloud…character building book. All ages


Wilderness Artist by David Bellamy hb wdj ec $10


Tiny Town or, In Natures Wonderland by Margaret Cameron hb vintage cover OOP $10… this is a lovely book written for children of 6-8 years old…the vibrant and delightful nature stories, introducing birds, insects, spiders, butterfly’s and many more in a life story within a charming story….Nature study for little ones has just become exciting!  Here is a look at this book you can even look at some of its pages:



Pine-Cone Possum by Jean Chapman hb wdj gc $6…

Elizabeth Blackwell the first Woman Doctor by Francine Sabin pb ec $6


The Lobster and His Relations by F.M. & L.T. Duncan hb OOP $8…. This book is part of The Wonders In Nature Series….it ells the life story of the lobster and its species through the delightful tale of old Ben the fisherman….it is a living book, a story telling us about crustaceans….a vintage book but quite charming, both b & w and colour photos are included. It would be a good read aloud to all ages but specifically for children of 9-12..


Strange Companions in Nature by Olive L. Earle hb wdj gc OOP $8…The ant has his aphids, the rhino his tick-bird, the shark his pilot fish and the outstanding author/illustrator has captured these and about forty more strange but practical alliances between large and small animals, birds and fish. As usual, the text is clear, accurate and written without condescension and her large black and white drawings, dextrously detailed, come at just the point in the text where they need to be for reader visualisation. An excellent addition to Miss Earle's other early natural history books.


Mister P and his Remarkable Flight by David Martin hb wdj ec OOP  $6…Vincent is sent away from his parents' drought-stricken farm to stay in town. While there, he befriends a slightly battered pigeon which he calls Mister P. When Vincent enters him in an outback race, Mister P proves to be very special. Ages 10-13


There’s Adventure in Marine Science by Julian May hb wdj gc OOP $7…to find adventure in marine science, we are taken to the Caribbean with Randy Morrow, our young American boy with his brother and father, as we see him become a ‘frogman’ and skin diver. We learn of the plains and mountains under the sea, of the currents and tides, and of creatures who live in the depths. In the comfort of your own home you will journey with Randy and his family and find out all about Marine Science! Ages 10-14…


Pioneers Against Germs by Navin Sullivan h wdj ec $15 OOP…Dramatisations of the significant discoveries of twelve scientists, among them- Leeuwenhoek, Jenner, Koch, Pasteur, and Salk - highlight the challenges inherent in the conquest of disease. Simply written, these episodes are interrelated so that the reader can comprehend the dependence of each scientist on the work of others before and after him. Were it not for Leeuwenhoek's observation of tiny animals in the lens of his microscope, Jenner might never have developed the smallpox vaccine... Were it not for the unknown country doctor named Koch who grew anthrax germs, Pasteur might never have found a cure for this dread cattle disease... In modern times, Enders' basic research paved the way for Salk's momentous achievement. Fourth and fifth graders can easily absorb the information given as well as the vital aspects of interdependence that made these discoveries possible.

The book is a compilation of stories from different medical explorers and their efforts combat the various illnesses that commonly plagued the people of their day. It's basically the history of the development of vaccinations. It is told in a story format to make it more engaging rather than the boringly sterile version you find in history books. It's also written in an order (as explained above)  to show the progression of advances made in this field of medicine. There is also explanation of how viruses and vaccinations work. Really, really well written little book….excellent for ages 10+


Annabella Boswell’s Journal An Account of Early Port Macquarie introduction by Morton Herman pb gc OOP $10


The Story of Sculpture by Egnes Allen hb wdj ec OOP $15…Even though it is written for children, this book gives great overview of how books, as we know them today, came to be. It is easy to read and completed with illustrations. All ages particularly ages 10-15


Bush Holiday by Dale Collins hb wdj gc OOP RARE $30….Martin was a raw young "Pommie" when he was sent out to stay with strangers in the Australian bush. But he soon caught on to the bush ways and the language. Ages 10-14…This  is exactly what it loos like: 



Pestalozzi The Man and His Work by Kate Silber hb wdj ec OOP $8….Still the Authoritative Biography About a Great Teacher and a Fine Man
The young man who wandered aimlessly, dabbling in philosophy, writing, and local politics, would eventually become one of the moral and pedagogical giants. Johan Heinrich Pestalozzi would rise from relative obscurity to national and world fame. The Switzerland of the late 18th and early 19th centuries was not the orderly and idyllic country we know it as it is today. It was a turbulent, war-ravaged country teeming with refugees and neighbourhoods of poor and impoverished people. The sight of these children of these communities must have made a great impression on Pestalozzi; the establishment of boarding schools for these children would become his life's work and legacy.
Writing a book on Pestalozzi in any language is a daunting task. While studying in Basel, Polis educator Janusz Korczak read Pestalozzi and modelled his own orphanage after him, no doubt because the two great educators shared a concern for poor and cast-off children. Korczak had intended to write a biography on Pestalozzi but was unable to complete the task. Kate Silber, writing in English, thus faced an even greater challenge, which would,  explain,  why this 1973 book still remains the definitive authoritative biography of Pestalozzi in English. The main points of this book are as follows:
* A good education is essential for self-reliance, a healthy family life, and the well-being of the country.
* The ability of being able to make moral decisions is even more important than academic reasoning.
* A good moral education begins at home, during the child's earliest years; it is then the duty of the school to build on this moral foundation.
* Security at school and home are fundamental ingredients of national economic well-being and security and world peace.
* The bond between the teacher and pupil is a very intimate one and one built on love, trust, and high moral expectations.
This book is geared to older and adult readers, in part because it gives an extraordinarily detailed account of its subject's life, work, and thought. Readers looking for a simple synopsis will be disappointed; however, anyone willing to take the time and make the effort will gradually form an understanding of who Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi was and why his philosophy is ever relevant today. Exceptional. I believe Charlotte Mason reaped much from Pestalozzi and also allowed some of his philosophy to trickle into her ideas of what education was to like….A good summer read, just before gearing up for school!


Catholic Cafe’ 5-Minute Retreats for Everyday of the Year by Donna_Marie Cooper O’Boyle pb *as new* ribbon marker $18….Motherhood is a miraculous vocation - sometimes the miracle is just making it through the day!

Let's face it: being a mum is not for the faint of heart. Too often we just hit the ground running without giving our faith a second thought. This collection of quick "mini-retreats for mums" can change all that.

Consider these your spiritual "daily vitamins" that will energise you and help you find the faith, hope, and love you'll need to be the mum God wants you to be - today and every day.

Ponder quotes from the Bible and other spiritual readings

Offer yourself to the Lord through an easy activity or idea

Pray suggested prayers that match the daily theme

Savour a little "sound bite" to carry throughout the day

Each brief meditation is power-packed with spiritual nourishment and is certain to help mums grow in holiness.While these meditations were written primarily for mums, at times, it seemed to me that many of them were almost general enough to apply to most women—This is a beautiful way to start your day! 



I Saw the Angel in The Marble by Chris and Ellyn Davis pb ec $20…


I Carved The Angel From The Marble by Ellyn Davis pb ec $20

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Hello, please start a new pile...


pinecone possum

elizabeth blackwell

david bellamy wilderness artist

annabella boswells journal





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Hi Mrs Stiles,

have added this to your pile....

I am just now loading another list of books if you wanted to peruse! :biggrin:

God bless you,



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