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      All good things must come to an end and AussieHomeschool is no different. It is with much sadness yet even more necessity that this must be so.   As of Sunday evening, 17/11/2019 the Discussion Forums will close. The Classifieds, for now although not indeterminate, will continue as is.       Why is this happening now? In all honesty, it probably should have happened many years ago but I created this forum, which originally a homeschool classifieds forum for Aussies, about 20 years or so ago. I, along with others for whom I am gratefully indebted to, have spent many, many hours sweating, laughing, praying, crying, writing, apologising, pleading and speaking about this wonderful place. In this day and age of Social Media, along with our ages and therefore differernt stages of life, it is simply not viable in any way for it to continue. You may think differently and that's okay - you honestly have to have lived through some of the dramas and learning opportunities that we all have to truly appreciate why we have the standards that we do - they were borne out of necessity and not undertaken lightly. Much blood, sweat and tears have been spilt over this place. Even more friendships, learning, debate, love, prayer and great times have been had becuase of AussieHomeschool. No one could ever be more thankful for it than I.

      I understand you may feel frustration or even anger and for that I apologise, I feel you. But now it is YOUR time to go out and spread the word of home education and its benefits. Share YOUR story, tell those you know and don't know about homeschooling and what is has done for your family.   On behalf of John (my long suffering and patient husband), myself and the ENTIRE moderating team over the many years - I THANK YOU and WISH YOU ALL THE VERY BEST IN ALL YOUR ENDEAVOURS.   God Bless, Susan (HomeGrownKids /  AussieHomeschool)


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Hello everyone,

adding a few more titles you may interested in......

Thank you for looking,

God Bless 



Australia’s Amazing Birds & Animals by David Harris hb gc $3….this book is an introduction to Australia’s largely unique birds and animals. Great if you are studying Australia, or nature study, or if your child likes animals and birds this a lovely book to read from, includes large colourful illustrations of each bird and animal. Ages7-10



Spiders Spin Webs by Yvonne Winer hb gc OOP $3…A poetry book that's as deftly constructed as the silken snares it celebrates. Winer introduces 15 different kinds of spiders in two-page sections. On the verso of each spread, five lines of verse are presented along with a portrait of a spider. On the opposite page, a realistically rendered painting, done in watercolour, gouache, and airbrush, depicts the same arachnid in its natural habitat. 

The verses focus on the webs, or the use of spider silk (not all species spin webs); they allude, as well, to the cycles of nature that affect the creatures. The poetry is full of rich imagery, has a strong meter, and reads aloud well. 

A two-page "Spider Identification Guide" is appended. A reduced version of the portrait accompanying each poem is also included. While there are some collections of nature poetry that include a poem or two about arachnids, they are few and far between; often the selections are comical in nature and paint the spider in a sinister light. With its beautiful artwork and smoothly written verse, Spiders Spin Webs is a rare treat. It effectively expresses a reverence toward nature in a way that children can understand.


Spiders and Scorpions by J.L. Cloudsley-Thompson hb wdj gc OOP $3…this series introduces the breeding habits of different animals etc….and the way their young develop. Spiders and Scorpions belong to the class of animals called”arachnids”; their behaviour is instinctive, and the first web the baby spidering spins will look very much like the last one it makes before it dies of old age.  Information is clear and readable, illustrations throughout are in full colour except diagram of body and skeleton. Ages 9-13 


Boots and His Brothers A Norwegian Tale retold by Eric A. Kimmel hb wdj PICTURE BOOK ec $3…A faithful retelling of a traditional Norwegian tale.

When the king offers half of his realm to anyone who can cut down a huge oak tree and make a well near his castle, Boots and his two brothers set out to win their fortunes.Boots treats an old woman they meet with kindness--his siblings, of course, behaving roughly toward her- and she gives him advice, which he follows to obtain three magic tools to accomplish three impossible tasks. His brothers inevitably fail at the tasks and have dogs set on them; Boots predictably succeeds. But what happens next? Ages 4-8


Kingfisher Fold Out Find Out The Giant Panda by Philip Steele hb ec $4…Flaps lift to reveal background information to the story of an individual panda…this book tells the story of a shy, solitary creature and its home in the misty mountains of Southwest China. Find out how pandas live, what they eat and how they raise their young. The addition of flaps and the info included behind them will keep your child enthused and interested for hoursAges 4-8…



Aphanasy by Lilith Norman hb wdj ec PICTURE BOOK $5…


Animals and Their Niches How Species Share Resources by Laurence Pringle hb wdj gc OOP $4….Pringle has produced a fine introduction to food use in animals habitats. Without oversimplifying or needlessly repeating information, he provides several examples of competition and co-existence and identifies the scientists whose research is represented in each chapter. For example, in describing MacArthur's study of warblers in New England evergreen forests, he includes data on each of five species and observations on nest sites and overlapping feeding zones--an involved set-up made accessible via precise, selective detail. Moving gradually from two species of grain beetles and three kinds of garter snakes through more intricate patterns among minnows, warblers, and desert rodents to a brief indication of the Serengeti's elaborate system, this is most satisfying for those first looking at natural connections. Large illustrations Ages 9-12


The First Travel Guide to the Bottom of the Sea by Rhoda Blumberg hb wdj gc OOP   $5…The better to explore the ocean bottom's ""Inner Space,"" Blumberg has ""dreamed up the Super Submarine Sea Dragon,"" a fusion-powered, sonar-equipped ""fantasy ship"" on which ""you"" explore the ""Liquid Land of Odd."" The deeper you get into the journey the more you get to observe such phenomena as the humpback whale's song, the ""built-in lamps"" possessed by deep-sea dwellers of the Puerto Rican trench, the many forms of life that abound on the surface of the Sargasso Sea or in ""cities"" built by coral polyp ""architects,"" and the nodules and thermal vents within the Mid-Oceanic mountain range. But first you have to endure a tour of the ship complete with entertainment centre and a rundown of the crew, which includes Chief Engineer Sally Forth, Staff Captain Luke Spywater, and Chef Saki Yaki--and you never know when you'll have to stop for a similarly fanciful lunch. And, as exemplified in Blumberg's cute presentation of the fish ""patients"" who line up to be treated at an underwater cleaning center, the sights are viewed as passing curiosities, with much unexplained……Go on an imaginary voyage of the submarine Sea Dragon to the ocean bottom, where many strange sea creatures are observed in their natural environment. Ages 


 Seashores by S.M. Marshall and A.P. Orr hb gc OOP $3…this book takes you on the seashore to investigate all the life in and around..you will learn about; the sea and the land; the tides; how to know seaweed; animal families of the seashore; rocky shores; sandy shores; mud shores; pebble beaches; the edge of the sea; visitors to the shore; some seashore flowers…plus a child’s bibliography and illustrations in both b & w and colour! Ages 7-10


A Finding Out Book The Senses: Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Tasting, Touching by John M. Scott hb ec OOP  $5….Explains the physiology and importance of each of the five senses.. Packed with great information written in a lively and conversational style, this is a good resource for children ages 8-11, learning about their Senses. Includes diagrams, illustrations in B7W and two-colour.


Pets in A Jar Collecting and Caring for Small Wild Animals by Seymour Simon pb ec OOP $10…..Imagine having a pet that will never learn to recognise you, that will in fact ignore you, yet that is fascinating in a thousand different ways. With very little expense and a lot of imagination, you can find, catch, and keep in a glass jar many small animals such as water bugs, hydras, toads, star-fish, and crickets. See for yourself how these creatures live in the environment you create for them. Pets in a Jar will give you your own window to nature.

It covers 15 different kinds of little, common wild animals that children are likely to find, and how to care for them. None of the equipment is expensive or difficult to find (all the instructions are based off of a pickle jar). Issues like responsibility to the animal and the importance of leaving endangered creatures in the wild are covered. The book is written in a tone that respects the child as a scientist. The information is clear and reliable and sets the young scientist up for success. Ages 8-12


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