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      All good things must come to an end and AussieHomeschool is no different. It is with much sadness yet even more necessity that this must be so.   As of Sunday evening, 17/11/2019 the Discussion Forums will close. The Classifieds, for now although not indeterminate, will continue as is.       Why is this happening now? In all honesty, it probably should have happened many years ago but I created this forum, which originally a homeschool classifieds forum for Aussies, about 20 years or so ago. I, along with others for whom I am gratefully indebted to, have spent many, many hours sweating, laughing, praying, crying, writing, apologising, pleading and speaking about this wonderful place. In this day and age of Social Media, along with our ages and therefore differernt stages of life, it is simply not viable in any way for it to continue. You may think differently and that's okay - you honestly have to have lived through some of the dramas and learning opportunities that we all have to truly appreciate why we have the standards that we do - they were borne out of necessity and not undertaken lightly. Much blood, sweat and tears have been spilt over this place. Even more friendships, learning, debate, love, prayer and great times have been had becuase of AussieHomeschool. No one could ever be more thankful for it than I.

      I understand you may feel frustration or even anger and for that I apologise, I feel you. But now it is YOUR time to go out and spread the word of home education and its benefits. Share YOUR story, tell those you know and don't know about homeschooling and what is has done for your family.   On behalf of John (my long suffering and patient husband), myself and the ENTIRE moderating team over the many years - I THANK YOU and WISH YOU ALL THE VERY BEST IN ALL YOUR ENDEAVOURS.   God Bless, Susan (HomeGrownKids /  AussieHomeschool)


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All items come from a smoke and pet free home and are in goo to excellent/brand new condition. PM me if you want photos or more information about any of the titles.

Thanks for looking.



Backyard Poultry, Alanna Moore. VG cond. 2nd ed PB $5 $3

The Chook Book, Jackie French.  VG cond. Revised ed PB. $5.  $3

Primary Science, RIC Publications.  VG cond. Lessons with BLM's. Books: A, B and C available. $5 each. $3 each

DK Eyewonder, Dinosaur. Good cond. PB $2. $1

DK Eye Know, Hardcover, book has pages with flaps, designed for early grades. Exc cond. Titles available: Plant, Water and Tree.  $4 each.  $2 each

ABC Book of God's Creatures, Rod and Staff.  Wonderful nature book as a great alternative to the usual Dr Suess's ABC.  PB in exc condition $3. $1

Exploring Creation with Biology COMPANION CD, Apologia. 2nd ed. goog cond. $2. $0.50c


Sonlight Science books:

How To Dig a Hole to the Other Side of the World, Faith McNulty.  PB brand new condition (it was a double up) Sonlight Pre-K.  $6. $4

Is a Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There is?, Robert E Wells.  PB brand new cond. Sonlight Pre-K. $6. $4

High School Biology Schedule for Apologia Biology. 2007 edition, no marks, complete. $2. $1



Primary Australian History Book A, RIC Publications.  PB good condition. Lessons with BLM's. $4. $3

Geography for Australian Citizens, Parker et al.  Macmillan Pub. 2nd ed. PB good cond, but does have some creases on front cover. Suitable for Stage 5 (yr 9/10) $2. $1



Primary Mathematics 4B Workbook, US Edition. Singapore Math. Good cond, not used (double up). $4. $3

Primary Mathematics 5B Workbook, US Edition. Singapore Math. Good cond, not used (double up). $4. $3

Primary Mathematics 1A Instructors Guide. Singapore Math.  Spiral Bound, Brand New cond. Suitable for Third Edition and US Edition workbooks. $5. $2

Primary Mathematics 1B Instructors Guide.  Singapore Math.  Spiral Bound, Brand New cond.  Suitable for Third Edition and US Edition workbooks. $5. $2

Primary Mathematics 2A Instructors Guide.  Singapore Math.  PB, VG cond.  Suitable for Third Edition and US Edition workbooks. $5. $2



Letters and Sounds Activity book, Ladybird Reading.  Phonic Sticker Fun. Not used, so all stickers there. PB, VG cond. $2. $1

Sounds and Pictures, Ladybird Reading.  Hardcover, little books.  VG cond.  Set of 6 books: Alphabet sounds, vowel books.  $5 SET. $4 SET

Phonics Sticker Activity Book, Ladybird Reading.  Not used, all stickers there. PB, VG cond. $2. $1

Phonics books, Ladybird Reading.  Hardcover, little books. VG cond. Set of 6 books: Alphapets; Splat Cat; Hot Fox; Stunt Duck; Sheriff Showoff;Frank's Frock $5 SET. $4 SET

Language Arts, Grade 1 Instructors Guide, Bookshark.  Includes activity pages.  Pencil marking erased, but 1 page has red pen ticks for part of the schedule. Note that

    Bookshark is the secular arm of Sonlight.  The content is the same.  I bought this version as it had marking rubrics before they became standard in Sonlight LA guides.  

    Edition is 2015. $15. $10

Literature 230: Classic Literature Parent Instructor Guide, Sonlight 2013 Edition. No marks, as new cond. I have it in a general folder (not SL) but can remove for posting. $12. $5

Literature 230: Classic Literature Student Guide, Sonlight 2013 Edition.  No marks, as new cond. I have it in a general folder (not SL) but can remove for posting. $12. $5

     I also have some of the literature books required for this if wanted.



The Chimpanzees of Happy Town, Giles Andreae.  Hardcover, VG cond.  Great rhyming picture book. $3. $1

Commotion in the Ocean, Giles Andreae. PB, VG cond. Great rhyming picture book. $3. $1

Dinosaurs Galore!, Giles Andreae.  PB, VG cond. Great rhyming picture book. $3. $1

The Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book, Bob Hartman.  PB, VG cond. Also goes with Sonlight Pre-K.  $6. $4

Uncle Wiggily's Story Book, Howard R Garis.  Hardcover, good condition.  Sonlight Pre-K. $6. $5



Health, Safety and Manners 1, ABeka.  3rd Edition (current one). Student Reader is PB, good cond, some cover creasing.  Teacher Edition is spiral bound with soft front cover and hard back cover, Exc cond.  $15 SET. $10 SET

Bambino LUK set.  For ages 3-5.  Includes 6 tile Tile set with cover in Exc cond, no marks or scratches.  There are 10 books to go with with tile set.  Each book has instructions in German, English, French and Spanish!  My youngest loved this!  $25 for the tile set and books.  $15 SET




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reduced prices

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Under The Sea, Usborne Begginers. Hardcover, as new condition. SL Core A Science. $4

Discover & Do DVD Level K, InquisiKids.  Sonlight Core A Science. $8

Then and Now, Usborne Talkabout Book.  PB good cond. Sonlight Pre-K $2

Living Long Ago, Usborne. PB VG cond. Sonlight Core A. $5


First Thousand Words in English, Usborne. PB, VG cond. Sonlight Pre-K.  $4

I Can Read it! set, Holzmann.  PB. Fair condition as Book 3 has torn but retaped cover.  Reading set and word lists for Sonlight Grade 1 Readers $2 SET

The Family Under the Bridge, Natalie Savage Carlson.  PB, Exc cond. Sonlight reader Core A $4

The Light at Tern Rock, Julia L Sauer, PB, Exc cond. Sonlight reader Core A $4

Twenty and Ten, Claire Huchet Bishop.  PB VG cond. Sonlight reader Core A $3

Mary on Horseback, Rosemary Wells.  PB Exc cond.  Used as a Sonlight reader in older cores. $3

The Best Trick, Rebecca Lewis.  PB, good cond but some cover creasing and red Core A spine sticker. Sonlight reader Grade 1 $2

The Bravest Dog Ever, True Story of Balto, Natalie Standiford.  Step into Reading Level 3 reader. PB Brand New cond (bought two). Sonlight reader Grade 1. $4

Little Bear, Else Holmelund Minarik.  An I Can Read book, level 1.  PB Good cond, Sonlight reader Grade 1. $2

Usborne Greek Myths. Hardcover, smaller edition from Sonlight. Core B read aloud. Brand new cond (bought two by mistake). $5


I am interested in these

Please PM me with a postage quote

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Hi Juanita6!  I will work out best postage for you and PM you tomorrow morning.

Thanks for your interest :) 

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I am interested in the geography songs book and CD. What would postage to Brisbane be? Please PM me.


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Hi Amy,

I have sent you a PM with postage.

Thanks for your interest :) 


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List is updated to remove sold items.  All items must go - make an offer for bulk lots!!!

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    • Mamalili
      By Mamalili
      most have a small sticker dot on their spine so i could tell they were school books (mostly from sonlight reading lists)
      we are in Burwood Heights Sydney if you would like to pick up or I can post but will need to work out postage depending on weight.
      Mystery of History volume 3 text like new$30
      Great Empires an Illustrated Atlas $20
      these books are in excellent condition ( like new)  $4 each  plus postage if you need me to post  )
      Call of the Wild
      Hero over Here
      Across Five Aprils
      A Christmas Carol
      A long way from Chicago
      Switch on Your Brain
      Kon Tiki
      Treasure Island
      Twelfth Night
      The Best Of Father Brown
      The Old Man and the Sea
      More than a Carpenter
      Starting Strong
      The Tempest
      Brave New World
      God Spoke Tibetan
      Murder on the Orient Express
      Half Magic
      They Loved to Laugh
      What is the Panama Canal
      Bonanza Girl
      Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh
      Bound for Oregon
      Robinson Crusoe
      Romeo and Juliet
      Dear Mr Henshaw
      The Perilous Road
      Jane Eyre
      Pilgrims Progress in today's English
      Elsie Dinsmore
      the Kitchen Madonna
      The Boys War
      Moccasin Trail
      Tjarany Roughtail
      The Great Turkey Walk
      When you Reach Me
      The Wednesday wars
      These are a little more loved  $2 each ( plus postage if you cannot pick them up  )
      the Wheel on the School
      Mission to Cathay
      In Grandma's Attic
      The Iliad
      Ten Girls who used their talents
      Dr Joe and what you didn't know
      Theras and his Town
      Danny the Champion of the World
      The Skippack School
      Sophie's World
      Henry Reed Inc.
      Strawberry Girl
      Black Beauty
      the Sign of the Beaver
      The Kingdom Strikes back
      The Church of the East
      Pigeon Post
      Emily Rodda books - we are a fan :).. here are a number of our doubles $3 each
      The Battle for Rondo (hard cover)
      The Wizard of Rondo (hardcover but the paper cover outside hashad a hard time)
      Rowan of Rin
      The Forests of Silence
      The Lake of Tears
      City of Rats
      the Shifting Sands
      The Maze of the Beast
      The Valley of the Lost
      Return to Del
      Cavern of the Fear
      The Isle of Illusion
      Shadow Gate
      Isle of the Dead
      Sister of the South
    • Sez
      By Sez
      Math U See Primer teachers manual (as new) and DVD $30 
      Math U See Alpha teachers manual $15
      Math U See Gamma teachers manual and DVD $25
      Math U See Integer Block Kit (manipulatives) x2 $80 each
      One Hundred Angry Ants by Bonnie Mackain $8
      All About Spelling Level 1 teachers manual (as new) $35
      All About Spelling Basics Interactive Kit $30 (missing one blank blue tile, one letter a tile and one letter w tile)
      Classic Australian Poems by Christopher Cheng (new) $20
      Junior Analytical Grammar: Teacher Book $5
      Junior Analytical Grammar: Mechanics Teacher book $5 (this is next level up from Junior Analytical Grammar)
      Junior Analytical Grammar: Mechanics student workbook x2 $10 each
      Growing Up Where Jesus Lived - Abeka reading program book (as new) $10
      Sonlight Science B $150 for the lot
      IG 2013 edition
      Science Activities Vol 1 (EC) 
      Pasteur’s Fight Against Microbes (as new) 
      Space (as new) 
      Discover & Do Level 1 DVD 
      First Encyclopaedia of the Human Body (EC)
      See How It’s Made (as new)
      What Makes You Ill? (As new) (EC)
      The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks (EC) 
      Why Do People Eat? (As new) 
      The Usborne Book Of Animals (EC) 
      Night Animals (as new)
      Sonlight Science Core C $60 for the lot
      Instructors Guide 
      Usborne Book of Knowledge (spine coming off) 
      DK Weather (EC)
      Magic School Bus Inside the Earth (well used)
      Magic School Bus Inside the Solar System (well used)
      Usborne Science Activities Volume 3 (VG) 
      Marie Curie's Search for Radium (EC)
      Planet Earth (EC)
      The Curious Kid’s Science Book (as new) $25
      Magic School Bus Chapter Book: Voyage To The Volcano (as new) $10
      The Science of Seasons by Jennifer Guest (as new) $10
      Human Body (Eye Wonder) DK $5
      Eyewitness Explorers Human Body by Steve Parker $5
      Usborne First Book of Nature $5
      Australian Wildlife by Sharon Mengersen original binding $5
      The Great Wildlife Search $15
      The Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedia of the Ancient World (EC) $15
      The Kingfisher Illustrated History of the World $10
      Our Sunburnt Country by Arthur Baillie (EC) $30
      Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney (as new) $8
      Paddle to the sea by Holling Clancy Holling (EC) $15
      DK Picture Atlas $8
      Sand Swimmers:The Secret Life of Australia's Dead Heart by Narelle Oliver (missing first page) $5
      Magic Boomerang by Frane Lessac and Mark Greenwood $8 (EC)
      When I Was Little Like You by Mary Malbunka $10 (EC)
      Daniel the Devil by Marion & Steve Isham $10
      Fifty Famous Stories Retold by James Baldwin (EC) $8
      The French Dictionary $10 
      Les Facile $40
      French All-In-One For Dummies (6 Books in One) As new $25
      The Toddler Cookbook by Annabel Karmel $8
      The Fun To Learn Cookbook (VG) $3
      I Quit Sugar For Life by Sarah Wilson (EC) $12
      Over 500 Fantastic Facts by Angela Royston (GC) $3
      A Charlotte Mason Education: A Home Schooling How-to Manual pb by Catherine Levison $10
      The Three R’s by Ruth Beechick (as new) $15
      The Wind In The Willows $2 
      Robinson Crusoe $2
      The Pilgrims Progress $2
      Heidi $2
      The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn $2
      The Secret Garden $2
      Our 24 Family Ways - A Family Devotional Guide by Clay Clarkson (as new) $20
      You Can Draw: Farm Animals by Damien Toll 50c
      You Can Draw: Wild Animals by Damien Toll 50c
      101 Rhythm Instrument Activities For Young Children by Abigail Flesch Connors (as new) $15
      The Ultimate Homeschool Physical Education Game Book by Guy Bailey (as new) $20
      Guitar For Kids by Gareth Evans $10
      Feelings Flashcards $5
      Items do not include postage. Thanks for looking  
    • sulcha
      By sulcha
      Singapore Mathematics Set $15 or $4 each
      Singapore Mathematics Answer Keys 1A-3B  Singapore Primary Mathematics Textbook 2A Singapore Primary Mathematics Textbook 2B Singapore Primary Mathematics Textbook 3A Singapore Primary Mathematics Textbook 3B  
      Fun Tales – Sonlight K – set of 27 learn to read books $8 – These are fantastic for your beginning reader to have the satisfaction of “reading a whole book”
      Fiction or Facts $2 each or 6 for $10
      Don’t be Silly Mr Twiddle by Enid Blyton
      Tales of Toyland by Enid Blyton
      Anzac Sniper by Roland Perry (age 15 and above)
      One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzhenitsyn (Sonlight 300)
      Alas Babylon by Pat Frank (Sonlight 300)
      Classic Adventure Stories compilation
      Middle School Get me out of here by James Patterson
      Scout Story Omnibus
      DK Eyewitness Aztec
      DK Eyewitness Arms & Armour
      DK Eyewitness Ancient Rome
      100 Facts Big Cats
      100 Facts Explorers
      100 Facts Prehistoric Life
      100 Facts Extreme Survival
      100 Facts Endangered Animals
      100 Facts Mammals
      The aMAZEing Journey Through Time (age 8-12)
      Mazemaster 1 (Difficult mazes age 10+)
      History Mystery Mazes (age 8-12)
      The Great Wall: Jungle Doctor Comic
      Big Nate on a Roll by Lincoln Peirce
      Big Nate the Boy with the Biggest Head by Lincoln Peirce
      Swimmer by Harriet May Savitz (age 8-12)
      When We Were Pioneers by Robert Ruesch (story of the YMCA of the Rockies)
      A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
      Captain Underpants Sixth Epic Novel by Dav Pilkey
      The Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book (Sonlight PreK)
      The Complete Storykeepers Collection
      Childhood Favourites: A Collection to Treasure
      Richard Scarry’s Car’s and Trucks and Things that Go
      Richard Scarry’s Planes and Rockets and Things that Fly
      Richard Scarry’s Great Big Schoolhouse
      Richard Scarry Funniest Storybook ever
      Usborne Puzzle Adventures: Chocolate Island
      Usborne Puzzle Adventures: Land of the Lost Teddies
      DK Jobs People Do
      Animals of the World Jigsaw Puzzle Book
      David & Goliath Jigsaw Puzzle Book
      Look and Find Winnie the Pooh
      Look and Find Toy Story
      Thomas & Friends Look & Find
      Finding book: Banjo Blue’s Great Australian Adventure
      Usborne The Great World Search
      Usborne The Great Castle Search
      Scholastic The Great World Tour Finding book
      Thomas, Percy and the Funfair
      The Very Hungry Caterpillar
      Flashing Fire Engines
      The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland
      Mr McGee Goes to Sea by Pamela Allen
      My First Christmas – interactive magnet book
      A Treasury of Children’s Literature (Sonlight PreK)
      Frank & Polly Muir’s Big Dipper – collection of stories
      Will post in Australia Post satchels. Or pickup from Frenchs Forest, Sydney.
      Thanks for looking  
    • Shona
      By Shona
      I am hoping to clear my shelves of a few extras. Make an offer plus postage.
      Cornstalks - A Bushel of Poems
      Sing the Word-God our Provider (cd)
      Sing the Word - The Heavens Declare(cd)
      Markable world map
      Book of Time -(about 4-5 pictures stuck in and some written notes), happy to go free if you are interested
      Wordly Wise:
      Book A (colored picture on inside of cover, no workpages marked)
      Book B
      Life of Fred:
      Heroes of the Faith-Through Flood and Flame - Adventures and Perils of Protestant Heroes
      Second Childhood by Morris Gleitzman (well worn)
      The Vikings by Else Roesdahl
      Medicine - Collins Eyewitness Science
      Sagas of the Norsemen - Viking & German Myths
      To Train Up a Child by Michael & Debi Pearl
      No Greater Joy Vol 1 by Michael & Debi Pearl