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    • morialta4me
      Hello Everyone, Hope you enjoy the books below, some sound really great!!! Added bonus you help a family with your purchase! Enjoy! Thank you for looking, God Bless Teresa   Lisa Settles In by Hans Peterson pb gc $4…When the family moves from the bustling city to a quiet seaside village, Lisa thinks she’ll be bored, with no friends and nothing to do….Instead, all kinds of excitement are just around the corner: a horse in the living room….adventures with her new friends Mary and Bridget….and how about Willie, who would have drowned but for Lisa’s bravery….a beautiful wholesome story for children who have confidence reading their very first chapter book…child-safe ages 7-10. https://www.abebooks.com/book-search/title/lisa-settles/ Thomas and the Winners by Jill Paton Walsh pb ec $5…Thomas is just a boy compared with the other tin-miners and on his first day is glad when it's time to sit down and eat the pasty given him by Birdy at the ferry. A delightful story for young readers on old folk tale lines. Young Thomas is miserable as he starts work down the tin mine in Cornwall but share his pasty lunch with the tiny Buccas (a sort of Cornish mine gnome, it seems) who ask him to make a wish .... And on it goes from there. Again child-safe book…ages 7-10 Morrie and the Bay to Birdwood Race by Fay Torr and Dorothy O’Neill pc ec (autographed by both authors) $10…The story of the Run that took place on 28th September,1986, South Australia's Jubilee 150 year. The story of Morrie and his big adventure is a true story. The farm featured in the book is in the mid-north of South Australia where the Torr family lived for several generations. Includes a map for the children to follow the story… https://collections.slsa.sa.gov.au/resource/B+70869/415 Shan’s Lucky Knife by Jean Merrill pb gc $5…Story set in Burma. A boy, Shan,  from the Burmese hills, comes into town & signs on as a sailor with a "shady" trader from Rangoon, despite the warnings of other traders. But Shan though only a country boy, Shan knows he is tricked and executes a clever retaliation. Humorous, lesson learning story on patience, and respect. Ages 7-10 The Day the Queen was Crowned by Jo Rice pb gc $8….this book takes you behind the scenes look at the months of continuous preparation leading up to the Coronation of the young Queen Elizabeth II. All over Britain, the unknown seamstresses, silversmiths, carpenters and carriage-makers were working together to ensure that 2 June 1953 was going to be a day to be remembered by the whole world. Includes illustrations by David Knight. Ages 8-12 The Wonder on the Forth by Donald Lightwood pb ec $4…Set in Scotland, true story, Morag and Alec live under the shadow of the newly constructed Forth Rail Bridge. The bridge means poverty and death to the two children. They watch as a man falls to his death during its building. Their father works on the bridge, will he be next? Ages 9-12 Far Out Tales by Tony Simon pb gc $10….Vintage Scholastic book with tall tales for children. Would you believe- A cowboy who rides a cyclone - and uses a rattlesnake for a whip? A sailor who ties the arms of an octopus- in knots it can’t untie? A wildcatter who climbs a column of gushing oil? Did you ever hear of a goofus bird? Here is a book full of far-out men and things you’ll never find in history books! All ages Science Book of Volcanoes by Patricia Lauber pb gc $4…A description of how volcanoes are born, erupt, and become dormant. Cites their vast destructive force but also mentions ways in which their power is being harnessed beneficially. From a reviewer: Well before I could ride a bike, I could tell you how obsidian forms, describe the fate of Pompeii, and distinguish pāhoehoe from ʻaʻā—and I have the [Science Book of Volcanoes to thank for it. I'd have to wait over thirty years to witness pāhoehoe being formed in the wild, on the flank of Kīlauea, and I was no less excited to see it as if I'd been a little child, again thanks to this book. My only remaining task now is to visit the mud pots of Wairakei, New Zealand. Treasures Beneath the Sea by Robert Silverberg pb gc $10….Tells the stories of treasure hunters and difficult salvage operations from 1687 to 1947 and describes treasures which have never been recovered…Gold, silver, rubies, pearls, emeralds, diamonds- more riches than Fort Knox could hold- all lying unguarded on the ocean floor!! Here are nine exciting stories of the bold men who risked their lives to bring back priceless treasures from beneath the sea. All ages..fascinating. Tom’s Sausage Lion by Michael Morpurgo pb ec $5… Michael Morpurgo writes a heart-warming book about a young boy Tom who witnesses a lion walking through an orchard. With great excitement he tells his family and friends, but no-one will believe him. He is shouted at by his father, gets in trouble with his teacher, ridiculed by the police, and is made fun of and laughed at by his friends. Clare, a girl in Tom’s class, is the only person who knows Tom is telling the truth. Tom is determined to prove to everyone that he is telling the truth. Together Tom and Clare devise a plan to capture the lion on camera. However, things change quite dramatically as Tom comes face-to-face with the lion. He soon realises that the lion is a pet and they become good friends. They take the lion to school and to the police station, proving to those who doubted Tom that the lion really does exist. It is a beautiful and humorous story. Ages 8-12 Rama the Gypy Cat by Betsy C. Byars pb gc $4…Set in the early 19th century, Rama wanders away from his gypsy mistress, takes an inadvertent trip down the Ohio River, and is nursed back to health by a young boy. Perhaps he will stay but a flood changes the landscape and Rama heads west. Ages 8-12 Mystery of the Malay Schooner by Clive Dalton pb gc $5…An abandoned and beached schooner provides Richard, Kitchie, Wong and their pet monkey Crusoe with a fine setting for make-believe adventures — until it disappears as mysteriously as it had come. And Crusoe is missing too! REAL adventures now begin, culminating in a thrilling race against time in unknown waters. Ages 9-13 The Dolphin Rider and Other Greek Myths by Bernard Evslin pb ec $8…The Dolphin Rider” is Arion, who lives in Corinth, a city near the sea. He longs to go on great adventures, but an oracle warns that if he embarks on a voyage, he will never return. When Apollo, the god of music, gives Arion a golden lyre for his twentieth birthday, Arion ignores the oracle’s words and sets sail for Sicily. Everyone falls in love with his singing, and great treasures are heaped on him, but Arion is forced to contend with an unexpected foe: man’s greed. “The Gift of Fire” introduces Prometheus, the young giant who fears no one, including Zeus, mighty ruler of gods and men. However, when Prometheus vows to bring his precious gift to every cave in the land, he makes multiple deadly enemies.This collection also features stories about Narcissus, destined to fall in love with his own beautiful reflection; King Midas, who loves only gold; Cupid, who must suffer the consequences when he is struck down by love; and the fatally curious Pandora. A soft (not too psychologically disturbing for young ones) entry into the rich world of Evslin's poetic retellings of the old myths. Ages9-12 The Van Gogh Cafe by Cynthia Rylant pb *as new* $7….Magic things happen at the Van Gogh Cafe in Flowers, Kansas. No one quite knows why, but people think it's because the cafe building was once a theater. They figure the walls absorbed enough magic during those years of lights and costumes and opening nights to last forever. Ten-year-old Clara is another reason for the magic. She believes anything might happen--and it always does. "Newbery Medalist Rylant breaks new ground in producing this whimsical tale, dextrously weaving extraordinary events into the fabric of ordinary life. As she gently guides her characters toward their magnificent destinies, the strength of her imagination and the depth of her sensitivity will impress even the reluctant reader. A sweet and simple book as comfortable to read as spending your afternoon in your favourite coffee shop on a rainy Saturday. Each chapter softly nudges you to continue on, hopeful and optimistic like a child who knows magic truly exists in the everyday occurrences of random lives coming together in one place. Rylant understands how to create a graceful, soft story, laced with a bit of wonder and magic that captures the reader to continue the story of this auspicious cafe. Ages 8-10 teacher plans and activities:   https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Browse/Search:van gogh cafe The Mysterious Shrinking House by Jane Louise Curry pb gc $5…. Mindy found the miniature house hidden in the attic of the old barn. It was so perfect it looked like a real house - that had somehow shrunk. But she never guessed its terrible secret - or that she herself would be trapped inside!” A reviewer: I first read this as a 7 year old. I have re-read it every 2 or 3 years since...and now I am 50. It still draws me in even after so many readings. I would suggest this for any child or adult, for that matter! Ages 7-10 North To Danger by Dale Fife pb gc $7…Twelve-year-old Arne undertakes a two-hundred-mile trip on skis to warn his father of a German invasion of their town on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard. Arne, after an evacuation order is given to his town by the Allied forces, His father is the leader of a resistance movement against the Nazis, and has escaped capture by leaving with a scientific study group. Arne decides to find his father in order to warn him of the incoming Nazi occupation. This is a true story. Written for a younger audience. Ages 9-12                          
    • morialta4me
      Hello Everyone, Hope you enjoy the books below, some sound really great!!! Added bonus you help a family with your purchase! Enjoy! Thank you for looking, God Bless Teresa The Holy Man’s Secret A Story of India by Jean Bothwell hb wdj ec $7…Premi Singh was a very lucky girl, for though her family were quite poor it was able to send Premi and her sister, Shanti, to the Christian mission school in the nearby city. For a village family, in India to have two educated daughters was a very special thing indeed! Fascinated by everything around her Premi often wonders about the Holy man who always sat nearby at the crossroads….here in this delicate and delightful story we become part of Premi’s adventures, new beginnings and life! Ages 10++ The Holy Images by Meriol Trevor (author of Sunslower, Sunfaster- Catholic Author) hb wdj (rare this book will not be reduced) $25….. A novel based in the time of the destruction of the Roman Empire in the west. Anna born in the year of the first sack of Rome by Alaric the Goth, lives to write her own story. She is now an old woman in the city of Ravenna, last seat of the Emperors but by this time ruled by Gothic chiefs. Anna recalls her British mother becoming wet-nurse to the daughter of a lady of the imperial household; so she grows up in the palace of Ravenna, in the midst of a court officially Christian but corrupt, and a centre of intrigue. Even under the Emporess Galla Placidia, whom Anna admires, the Empire is always under pressure from the barbarian invaders. Anna is in Rome when Italy is menaced by Attila the Hun and lives through the sack of the city by Generic the Vandal. The threads of her own life, her disappointments, are woven into the disasters of the empire itself. Intending to write a history, she finds herself writing a personal narrative, brooding on events, the people, the ideas of her time, and ending where she began, gazing at the mosaic images in the tomb chapel of the Empress Galla Placidia, Ravenna….totally convincing of a richly colourful yet distant age. High school to adult.https://www.adelaidebooksellers.com.au/product/140376/The-Holy-Images-Trevor-Meriol Josh by Ivan Southall hb wdj ec $4…His great-aunt insists on calling him 'Joshua'. But his name is 'Josh'.Fourteen-year-old Josh begs his parents to let him go for a holiday with his mysterious and eccentric great-aunt Clara. His cousins have gone. His dad went when he was fourteen. Everyone but Josh has gone. It's a kind of family rite-of-passage. His parents eventually give in.And so begins a holiday that starts out confused and ends up violent. The tension is racked up in scene after scene as Josh struggles to comprehend his aunt and her relationship with the kids of Ryan Creek, the town founded by his great-grandfather.It's 1936 and the Depression has hit rural Victoria hard. Josh Plowman is exhausted by the time the Saturday evening train from Melbourne reaches Ryan Creek. The powerful, compelling writing of this classic book - its pacing and fragmentary sentences - seem way ahead of their time. Riveting. The Shakespeare Stealer by Gary Blackwood hb wdj ec $10…It is the year 1601, and Will Shakespeare is testing some of his plays in the Globe Theatre in London, when the 14-year-old orphan Widge is hired to steal one of the play scripts. In the process of gaining access to the theatre, Widge is befriended by the troupe, and they treat him as one of their company. Now he must choose whether to betray his friends or risk punishment from his master. Each book has a page of Historical Background, great way to incorporate these into your history studies.An exciting historical novel for Ages 12+ Shakespeare’s  Scribe by Gary Blackwood hb wdj ec $10…When the fear of the plague causes plays and other public gatherings to be banned, the Lord Chamberlain's Men go gypsy, traveling from town to town, to pay the bills (or make an effort at it). Young Widge goes with them, trying to work hard and be useful while a new prentice, the unbearably perfect Sal Pavy, makes life just a little less tolerable. At one of the towns, there is an altercation over whether or not the players should be allowed to perform and Shakespeare's right arm is broken. Thus, Widge becomes Shakespeare's scribe, taking down the dictation for a play requested by none other than Her Majesty. The troupe meets different hardships and obstacles as they travel, plus a mysterious and questionably honourable man who may or may not be Widge's father. Widge always tries to do the right thing, but is eventually faced with a situation where good and bad are not so cleanly cut and the wrong choice could ruin his life.Great reading, tinged with fun. The main character ends up in Shakespeare's acting company, The Lord Chamberlain's Men, in the first book, and the story continues here. Each book has a page of Historical Background, great way to incorporate these into your history studies.Ages 12+ Shakespeare’s Spy by Gary Blackwood pb ec $8…In this third adventure for young Widge, apprentice to William Shakespeare's London theatre company, we find the city in a depressing and uncertain time, waiting for the ailing queen to die, afraid that the new king may ban theatre performances altogether. Widge is also facing personal dilemmas as he tries to get passage money for his friend Julia to get home, and he makes a play for Shakespeare's daughter -- literally; Widge boasts to her that he is writing a play, and when she asks to see it, he decides he really must write one. WS gives him a play he's given up on, which is funny because many say it's one of Shakespeare's "least good", and I think it also allows kids to entertain the idea that history is not really written in stone, and that many stories fill our past, each one unique and interesting. Each book has a page of Historical Background, great way to incorporate these into your history studies.Ages 12+ The Sign of the Golden Fish  A Story of the Cornish Fishermen in Maine by Gertrude Robinson hb wdj *as new* $15…..in this book are set out the thrilling adventures of 14 year old Chris Tobey, a Cornish lad, who sailed across the Atlantic to find his family who had preceded him to New England. Robert Tobey, Chris’s father, famous for his fish-curing in his native country, was a marked man in Puritan England, where Oliver Cromwell was in power, for he had helped the young Prince Charlie to escape to France after Charles I’s defeat at Naseby. So Robert had taken his wife, baby and his goods and chattels over to the New World, leaving Chris to carry on the family business, and follow when he could. Soon Chris found himself bound apprentice on the Sparrow, under harsh old Captain Barrett, Puritan skipper. But Chris ‘jumped ship’ on the stern and rock-bound coast of Maine. He hid on the beaches and in the forests till he found his way to the little village of Machigonne, where his father had set up his fish curling sheds - only to find temporarily deserted and his parents away. …..how Chris brought the Cornish skill in fish-furring to America and carried on the Tobey tradition, and how he discovered the vast lands where the red man still lived as King, and developed a respect for their proud tribes, make a dynamic and inspiring story. Ages 12+ Long Ago Children Books: The Virgin and the Angel by Ruth Harris hb wdj gc $8…Renaissance Florence, shimmering under the summer heat, was a painter’s city, full of colour and life. 13 year old Laura makes friends with a gifted artist, becomes his model and has a fascinating glimpse into his workshop. But despite their friendship, the painter’s air of sadness puzzles Laura. She knows his sorrow is in some way connected with his unfinished panting of the Virgin and the Angel, but it is not until fever strikes the city that she learns through her own struggle with death and a long illness how she can help the artist to finish his painting.  Ages 10+ The Lacemaker and the Princess by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley pb ec $10…Eleven-year-old Isabelle is a lacemaker in the town of Versailles. One day as she delivers lace to the palace, she is almost trampled by a crowd of courtiers -- only to be rescued by Marie Antoinette. Before Isabelle can believe it, she has a new job -- companion to the queen's daughter. Isabelle is given a fashionable name, fashionable dresses -- a new identity. At home she plies her needle under her grandmother's disapproving eye. At the palace she is playmate to a princess.Thrown into a world of luxury, Isabelle is living a fairy-tale life. But this facade begins to crumble when rumours of starvation in the countryside lead to whispers of revolution. How can Isabelle reconcile the ugly things she hears in the town with the kind family she knows in the palace? And which side is she truly on?Inspired by an actual friendship between the French princess and a commoner who became her companion, Kimberly Brubaker Bradley offers a vivid portrait of life inside the palace of Versailles -- and a touching tale of two friends divided by class and the hunger for equality and freedom that fuelled the French Revolution.This book is a good child-safe summary of the sacrifices made at the beginning of revolutionary democratic thought to get to this point. It also illuminates what court life was like in 18th century France and puts names and faces to previously dry history.Great book, great story. Well written and thought provoking. Ages 9++ The Glass Knife by John Tully pb ec $5…A powerful story set in the strange world of pre-Columbian South America. The Tio-Cada is the ‘Chosen One’ — chosen to take part in the Miracle of Re-Birth. On the Day of the Spider he will be sacrificed on the altar of the Sun-God, his heart cut from his body and displayed to the multitude . . . only to appear again next morning restored to  life. Tio, as he is known to his friends, has lived his life preparing to take part in the ceremony but when one of those friends, more knowledgeable than the others, warns him, ‘gods are fickle and priests are cunning’ he begins to wonder if the Miracle of Re-Birth is as straightforward as it seems? His desire to satisfy his curiosity leads him into strange adventures and remarkable discoveries. The Secret Code of Poetry And the Art of Understanding It by RoseMary C. Johnson (Text) pb *AS NEW* $27….The Secret Code of Poetry is unique among poetry courses not only for its Catholicity, but also because it combines poetry appreciation with an in-depth study of “how a poem works.” Hands-on activities and memorisation assignments increase the student’s appreciation for the beauty of poetry, while clear explanations and step-by-step analyzation assignments de-mystify poetic techniques such as enjambment, alliteration, meter, irony, and more. The Secret Code of Poetry is an ideal preparation for high school literature studies. Even as it reflects on the beauty and truth in poetry, it also teaches skills that are crucially important for future literature studies. As the author points out, these skills are even more necessary for students who plan to attend college, since “the ability to critically analyse texts and ideas is central to a college education.” In particular, the student will learn: to decipher difficult grammar and word-choice to grasp the essence of what is being said; to look beyond the literal level of a text; to pay attention to details, thinking about what they mean; to study the structure of a work and the relationship between its whole and its parts; to discern what is most important in complicated ideas; to understand irony; to think through ideas for himself.Each lesson ends with activities that engage the student's attention and allow him to practice what he has learned. These activities range from “Practice!” and “Analyse This!” assignments, to poetry memorisation and recitation, to compiling a personal poetry anthology, to writing an original poem. Together, the text and workbook form a complete, one-year literature course for seventh, eighth, or ninth grade. The Student Text contains 27 lessons and a 30-page anthology of select poems. This anthology consists of more than 100 favourite poems by poets such as Dickinson, Frost, Hopkins, Wordsworth, and Shakespeare, and includes all the poems needed to complete the activities in the text and workbook. Non-consumable. 184 pgs. The Secret Code of Poetry And the Art of Understanding It by RoseMary C. Johnson (Student Workbook) pb *as new - only one page marked which has been erased* $15….The Student Workbook includes “Practice!” activities, “Analyse This!” assignments, tips for writing poetry, unit tests and reviews, and a complete answer key (including answers to “Analyse This!” assignments). 100 pgs.  
    • morialta4me
      Thank you Mrs Nells, I have added them to your pile! Next list coming up! God bless and thank you Teresa
    • nells
      Hi Teresa, Please add these to my pile.. Waiting for Anya the house that guilda drew the california gold rush   thanks, Nells
    • ManyBlessings
      Thanks, @nells!
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      AussieHomeschool Suppliers List

      EDITED TO ADD: This list is outdated and needs updating. FEB 2017 in alphabetical order… ADNIL PRESS – We are distributors for The Institute for Excellence in Writing, All About Spelling, Teaching the Classics, Logos School,Life of Fred Maths,Times Tales, Motherboard Books, Adkins Productions, Janette’s Australian History Pictures, Graham Braddock Art, Nineveh’s Crossing. And of course, our own resources, including Voyages in Phonics,Voyages in Language and Literature, and ‘Australia, the Wide Brown Land for Me!’ ALWAYS LEARNING BOOKS – Beverley Paine – Writer and publisher of home education books, unschooling and natural learning books. Now stocking books by John Holt, John Peacock, Grace Llewellyn, Linda Dobson, Mary Griffith, Ann Lahrson-Fisher, and others. Publishing Homeschool Australia e-newsletter and Unschool~Kidz! e-zine. AUSSIEHOMESCHOOL CLASSIFIEDS where members can buy and sell their resources for free! You are bound to grab a bargain. AHS Digital Store E-books and links to quality resources. Using the digital store supports AussieHomeschool. AUSTRALIAN HISTORY PICTURES– Janette’s Pictures Of Australian History and timeline figures; are intended to be used, to teach Australian history. They are a series of pictures or scenes with accompanying notes and rhyme on Australia’s first 100 years of history. They are designed to create windows and hooks; windows that give you a picture of what was going on at a given time and hooks that inform and encourage children (and adults) to investigate further. CHARIOT PRESS: Suppliers of Learning Language Arts Through Literature, The Learnables, Singapore Mathematics, Doorposts, and more. Chariot Press will be closing down (see notice here) and resources will be available through Education Reformation. CORRESPONDENCE PIANO LESSONS: This successful method uses a set of video tapes for demonstration of piano technique and normal phone calls for weekly, individual tuition with music tutor, Ruth Drew ATCL from south-east Queensland. EDUCATIONAL FAMILY BOARD GAMES – Traditional Kids maths games and puzzles, geography. Brainbox, Akumulate, Mancala, Oware, Congklak & Chess Sets and Chess tutors. Free shipping in Australia. EDUCATION REFORMATION aims to provide Australian home educators with original Australian homeschooling curricula. Creator of Language Lessons from Australian History (supporting Janette Ingham’s Our Australian Story), Phontastic Spelling Tactics, Education Reformation Copywork Series and suppliers of carefully selected living books to enhance your family’s homeschool experience. FREE POSTAGE Worldwide. Author Joelle Grubb is a long-time Christian homeschooling mum of five children. Free postage within Australia! GOLDEN BEETLE BOOKS – Rudolf Steiner Education and homeschooling teaching manuals. HEART AND HOME – Family Resources for Building Healthy Hearts and Happy Homes. Stockists of quality reading and listening materials for young Christians, including the Miller Family Books, the Moody Family Series, and various character building and training books. Parenting and homeschooling products by the Maxwell Family, Jeff and Marge Bath and Dr S.M. Davis, and health resources such as Grain Master Whisper Mill and Easiyo Products also available at very reasonable prices. HOMESCHOOL AUSTRALIA – Beverley Paine is an Australian author, home educational consultant, and publisher of homeschooling books. She has a special interest in unschooling and natural learning, though her site includes material of interest to all Australian home educators, with information, articles, links to newsletters, and more. HOMESCHOOLING DOWNUNDER is run by Michelle Morrow, a homeschooling mother of four children. This publishing business provides quality science, English and history homeschooling resources written with the Australian homeschooler in mind. We have developed a few Downunder products for sale but we want to be more than that. We want to serve homeschoolers by giving access (for free when possible) to distinctly Australian and New Zealand books and resource materials.On this site you will find original products for sale and free educational resources. All our products can be found on our product list and resource index. KAREN’S AUSTRALIAN USED HOMESCHOOL BOOKS Lots of hard-to-find titles! KINGSLEY EDUCATIONAL (KEPL) – Australian company – sells Christian text-books & other materials, provides assistance with home education. No longer importing resources from overseas. LEATHERWOOD BOOKS – Australian family-owned business. Catalogue includes a wonderful selection of living books. LIGHT EDUCATIONAL MINISTRIES (LEM) Sells Christian text-books (A Beka, Bob Jones University Press, Christian Liberty Press, etc.) Provides assistance with home education. MATHS AUSTRALIA Maths Australia is the sole distributor of the Math-U-See® program in Australia. Math-U-See® is a favourite amongst many AussieHomeschoolers. POSITIVE ACTION for CHRIST Bible Curriculum specialising in curriculum for elementary, middle and high school ages. STEINER EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS and books. VERNA HEIGHT EDUCATIONAL produces Educational Resources For Schools, Homeschoolers And Independent Learners. Supplying Grammar On One Hand: A Tool Kit For Writers, Enjoy Essay Writing, and Learning To Read And Write With The Bible.  
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