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Books that can be used a a frame or spine:

Australasia’s Story  – HE Marshall (online here )
Our Sunburnt Country – Arthur Baillie (revised, updated ebook can be found here )
A Short History of AustraliaErnest Scott (also one by Manning Clarke)
History of Australia – Clarke, Hooper (Scholastic)
Seeing Australians – K Adams
The Australia Book – Eve Pownall
Australia, The Wide brown Land For MeAdnil Press
Australian History Pictures and NarrativesJanette


Australian Sea Stories (ASS)
Australian Explorers    (AE)    Cassell Australian
Australian Aviators    (AA)
Too Many Captain Cooks – Alan Tucker
Examines ‘the history of black/white relations across the
continent’, from the arrival of the first explorers to the
present day. The thought-provoking illustrations could provide the
stimulus for discussion and debates on relationship between white and
indigenous Australia.
Discovering Australia’s Christian Heritage – Col Stringer
My Place – Nadia Wheatly & Donna Rawlins

Australians In History Series  -currently OOP

Bennelong written By Joan Phipson
The Golden Dream By Nancy Keesing
Jackey Jackey  By Margaret Paice
Margaret Catchpole  By Nance Donkin
Matthew Flinders : Explorer And Scientist  illustrated By Victor Hatcher.
River Rivals  By Ian Mudie
The Golden Dream Nancy Keesing
The Singing Wire Eve Pownall the above 3 are in the Australians in History series
Tarka the Otter by Henry Williamson – British book
To Ride a Fine Horse  and others by Mary Durack
Treasure from the Earth  by Donald McLean
Riders to an Unknown Sea by George Farwell
Trail Blazers of the Air by Kylie Tennant.
By Gravel and Gum by Nancy Keesing


Children of the Dark People – Frank Davison
Brown Men, Red Sand – Charles P Mountford
Ballander Boy – Colin Thiele           
The Way of the Whirlwind – Mary and Elizabethby Durack
A great book for a realistic look into aboriginal life. The story
centres around Nungaree and Jungaree and their little baby brother, so
aboriginal life is seen through the eyes of children……..for
A Little Black Princess – Aeneas Gunn
Aranda Boy – Rex Ingamells
My Place – Sally Morgan (older children) abridged version available.
Walkabout – ?  (book and video)
Bushtucker Food –(picture book)


1606    Jansz
1616    Hartgog
1629    “Batvia” ASS – Voyage of Disaster
1642    Tasman – Tasmania
1688    Dampier – Dampier and Cook – Great People in Australian History R.Copley
Pirates Don’t Pick Flowers – Richard Scotchilds
1768    Cook     ASS – The Narrow Escape
James Cook Royal Navy – Finkel
Endeavour Reader
        The Young Captain Cook – Frank Knight
Aboard the Endeavour; Cook’s Voyage – Bruce Stannard
This is the log that Cook kept while aboard The Endeavour. This book
has truly excited some of the children to keep logs daily journals of
their own!
The Voyage of the Endeavour –  Wendy Macdonald.
Is a beautifully laid out ‘story’ of the voyage by most of others on
board. The story is rich in personal detail about the people, the cook,
the carpenter, the sail maker and Tahitian Priest who could whistle up
a wind!! The ‘Blue’ etchings and blue water colour drawings capture the
time, and spirit and excitement!
I Wish I’d Sailed With Captain Cook – Leonie Young
Simply written, this story describes a little of Cook’s early
life and his voyage to discover ‘Terra Australis’.
He Went With Captain Cook – Josephine Camm
1787    Mutiny on the Bounty – John Barrow
Captain William Bligh RN – Hamlyn



1788    John of the Sirius – Doris Chadwick
John of Sydney Cove – Doris Chadwick
For the Term of His Natural Life – Marcus Clarke
The First Fleet – Alan Boardman
An Uncommonly Fine Day – John Anthony King
The story of the ‘first’ Australia Day, chronicling the
arrival of the First Fleet at Botany Bay, Phillip’s further
exploration and eventual decision to establish a colony at Sydney Cove.

A Mother Reads To Her Children – ?
The Convicts Daughter – Joyce Nicholson
Family Book of Mary Clare – Eleanor Spence


    Peter the Whaler in Southern Seas – Max Colwell
Crusoe Boys – Vincent Servente


1791     Bass     Bass and Flinders – Great People … Eve Lewis
Voyages of Matthew Flinders – Hamlyn
        ASS The Wrong Ship
        Trim – Matthew Flinders
        Matthew Flinders: Explorer And Scientist
1804    George Caley    AE An Impassable Barrier
1813    Wentworth, Blaxland, Lawson
1814     The Crossing of the Blue Mountains – Alan Boardman
The need for the colony in Sydney to extend beyond the Blue Mountains,
and the journey of Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson across the mountains
and through to the plains of New South Wales are simply told in this
1829    Sturt     AE Trouble on the Murray
1830’s         A Saddle At Botharambo – HJ Samuel
House by the Water – Nance Donkin – Sydney
1835    Mitchell
1837    A House is Built – M Barnard Eldershaw
1839    They Came South – Mavis Thorpe Clarke
The Brown Land Was Green – Mavis Thorpe Clarke
Emma Keppler – Colin Thiele
The Seeds Inheritance – Colin Thiele
1841     Eyre
1844     Leichhardt    AE The Folly of Leichhardt
1848     Kennedy    AE – Kennedy
Bright Star – Gary Crew
When John Tebbutt, an Australian astronomer who made several remarkable
discoveries during the 1800s, visits a school classroom, he realizes
one of the girls potential and invites her to visit his observatory.
Ages: 7 upwards
Kings in Grass Castles – Mary Durack
Lillipillie Hill – Eleanor Spence

GOLD 1851

    To the Goldfields! – Rachel Tonkin
A picture book story about a family going to the diggings in the 1850s, and the life they lived there.

1854 Eureka – Eureka Stockade – Richard Butler
Eureka Stockade – Alan Boardman
The simple text and cartoon-like illustrations make this telling of the
events leading up to the Eureka Rebellion accessible to younger and
older children

Cobb and Co
When Cobb and Co Was King – Will Lawson

1859 – The Adventures of Burke and Wills – Frank Clune
    Burke and Wills – Roland Harvey
A simple description of Burke and Wills’ ill-fated journey into Australia’s interior.
1860   Passing of the Aborigines – Daisy Bates
Bark House Days – Mary Fullerton
1865   Not Only In Stone – Phyllis Somerville – Moonta Copper Mines
1867    Escape to Murray River – Robert Elmer
    Captive at Kangaroo Springs – Robert Elmer
1870 Ned Kelly – Frank Clune
Bushrangers Christmas Eve –Play by Kylie Tennant
    Bushboys and Bushrangers Series– Father James Tierney
Acacia Terrace – Barbara Kerr Wilson
This story traces the history of Acacia Terrace, from its beginnings in
the 1870’s and chronicles the lives of the families who lived there
against a backdrop of increasing urbanization.
1874 Giles
1890’s    Boer War
Breaker Morant – ?  and video

1894     A Fortunate Life – AB Facey (abridged version available)
Seven Little Australians – Ethel Turner
    The Family at Misrule – Ethel Turner
    Little Mother Meg – Ethel Turner
Heart of Green Valley. –  Meredith Resce
Set during the early days of the Australian colony, Meredith Resce’s
beautifully written historical fiction series follows the adventures of
young female pioneers.
Mary and Frances – Eleanor Spence
The Story of Mary McKillop


Federation: Changing Australia – Anna Cidor
This book takes you back in time to show you Australia before and after
Federation. The easy-to-access information is presented in a ‘before’
and ‘after’ format.

1910    I Can Jump Puddles – Alan Marshall
We of the Never Never – Aeneas Gunn
    Lightening Ridge      }
    Flynn of the Inland    }           Ion Idress
    Silver City                 }
    Cattle King                }
    Flying Doctor Calling – Ernestine Hill

Papa and the Olden Days  – Ian Edwards
The text of “Papa and the Olden Days’ in conjunction with
Rachel Tonkin’s evocative illustrations, provide a look at life
in Thoona in country Victoria about 1910. All elements of family life
are touched upon – school, entertainment, local characters and events.
1910    AA – Duigan, Hart

1911     Mawson in Antartica
Australians In Antartica – Colin Heath

WW1 – Lighthorse to Damascus – Elaine Mitchell
600 Horsemen – Col Stringer
Desert Column – Ion Idress
Videos – Gallipoli  & Anzacs
Simpson and His Donkey – Victorian Readers 5?
Jim and Wally – Mary Grant Bruce

1920     This Was My Valley – Rocky Marshall – Farming Story
Billabong Series – Mary Grant Bruce
River Murray Mary’ by Colin Thiele.
A story set in the 1920’s, about Mary Agnes Baker who lives with her
mum and dad at Gum Flat Farm on the banks of The Murray. The story is
filled with excitement, humour, drama encounter with a tiger snake and
poetic description of the River Murray and it’s surroundings! It is a
long picture book. Ages: 11yo and over
1930    Longtime Passing
– Hesba

Riding High –  GA Smith
Mail For the Back of Beyond – John Maddock
Seventh Pebble – Eleanor Spence  (older readers)
Golden Fiddle – Mary Grant Bruce (older readers)
Hell West and Crooked – Tom Cole (older readers)
The Tram to Bondi Beach  – Elizabeth Hathorn
A nostalgic slice of life in Sydney in the 1930’s.
Sun On The Stubble – Colin Thiele
Daughter of the Valley – Mireen Teusner


What Was the War Like Grandma?  – Rachel Tonkin
Looks at life as a child growing up in Port Melbourne during World War
II. Changes to life in the family, school and community are described,
as well as ways in which children contributed to the war effort.
The Naked Island – Changi Railroad – (older readers)
Missionary Turned Spy – APH Freund


1950     Daughter of Two Worlds – Oldfield
Poppy Treloar – Pixie Ohara
The House That Guilda Drew – Dutch Migrants
When I Was a Kid – Rachel Tonkin
A picture book about life in the 1950s, done as a series of vignettes
drawn from childhood memories – neighbours, trips to the beach, notable
events, domestic routines, schoolboy pranks. Text and illustrations
have been meticulously researched to give a fascinating glimpse of the
Memorial – Gary Crew
A Moreton Bay Fig tree, planted as a memorial to Australian soldiers
killed in World War I, looks set to be cut down by the local council. A
young boy tells the moving story of the tree, as related by his great
grandfather, grandfather and father, each of whom has participated in
wars over the years. Interweaving themes of war, memory and
conservation while bringing the legend of the Anzacs to a new
generation, with brilliantly original collage illustration. Ages: 7
Another October Child – Eleanor Spence

Storm Boy and Other Stories       
    Fight Against Albatross Two (Story of oil rig and oil spill)
Blue Fin – (Tuna Fishing at Port Lincoln), Dew on My Boots,
Mrs Munch and Puffing Billy.

Listen to the Wind          Decedents of Islanders bought to Australia to work
Pastures of the Blue Crane
    The Honey Forest  

Spark Of Opal           
    New Golden Mountain       
    Iron Mountain           
    The Min-min   

        Graeme Green
Power Without Glory –  (older readers)