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      AussieHomeschool Closing Down   11/14/2019

      All good things must come to an end and AussieHomeschool is no different. It is with much sadness yet even more necessity that this must be so.   As of Sunday evening, 17/11/2019 the Discussion Forums will close. The Classifieds, for now although not indeterminate, will continue as is.       Why is this happening now? In all honesty, it probably should have happened many years ago but I created this forum, which originally a homeschool classifieds forum for Aussies, about 20 years or so ago. I, along with others for whom I am gratefully indebted to, have spent many, many hours sweating, laughing, praying, crying, writing, apologising, pleading and speaking about this wonderful place. In this day and age of Social Media, along with our ages and therefore differernt stages of life, it is simply not viable in any way for it to continue. You may think differently and that's okay - you honestly have to have lived through some of the dramas and learning opportunities that we all have to truly appreciate why we have the standards that we do - they were borne out of necessity and not undertaken lightly. Much blood, sweat and tears have been spilt over this place. Even more friendships, learning, debate, love, prayer and great times have been had becuase of AussieHomeschool. No one could ever be more thankful for it than I.

      I understand you may feel frustration or even anger and for that I apologise, I feel you. But now it is YOUR time to go out and spread the word of home education and its benefits. Share YOUR story, tell those you know and don't know about homeschooling and what is has done for your family.   On behalf of John (my long suffering and patient husband), myself and the ENTIRE moderating team over the many years - I THANK YOU and WISH YOU ALL THE VERY BEST IN ALL YOUR ENDEAVOURS.   God Bless, Susan (HomeGrownKids /  AussieHomeschool)

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Found 3 results

  1. I have the following items for sale. Prices do not include postage. The New Augsburg's Drawing - Book 1 - Paperback Excellent Condition $10 How to Draw & Paint by Kirsty McLean - As New - Never Used $12 Britten's Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra Classroom Activity Book by Wesley Ball (Incl. CD) - As new - never used $15 https://www.amazon.com/Young-Persons-Guide-Orchestra-Classroom/dp/1423410572/ref=sr_1_1?crid=13ATOX998FTMA&keywords=young+person's+guide+to+the+orchestra+britten+classroom&qid=1574038361&sprefix=young+person's+%2Caps%2C379&sr=8-1 Usborne Book of Art Projects - Hardcover - Exc Condition - Never Used $8 https://www.bookdepository.com/The-Usborne-Book-of-Art-Projects-Mini-Spiral-Bound-Fiona-Watt/9781409500995 Please message me or leave a comment below if you are interested Please note: Prices do NOT include postage from Brisbane
  2. I have the following items for sale: Math U See Primer teachers manual and DVD - $30 Math U See Alpha teachers manual and DVD - $15 Math U See Beta teachers manual and DVD - $15 All About Spelling Level 1 teachers manual and All About Spelling Level 2 teachers manual Level 2 - $20 each Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons - $10 Junior Analytical Grammar: Mechanics student workbook (new) - $15 The Curious Kid’s Science Book - $15 101 Rhythm Instrument Activities For Young Children - $15 Paddle to the sea $15 Prices do not include postage. Thanks for looking
  3. Hi all, Please see the list and follow the links to anything hyperlinked to get an idea of the title i've listed. I prefer to post in 500g ($8.55), 1kg ($11.55), 3kg ($14.55) or 5 kg ($17.65) satchels which is why i've listed all the weights of individual items. I also prefer direct bank deposit. Thanks for looking, Coco Fiction 1 Tunes for Bears to Dance to – Robert Cormier 65g $3pp 2 The Magician’s Elephant – Kate DiCamillo 225g $3pp as new 3 Dragon Keeper (hardcover) – Carole Wilkinson 430g $3pp 4 The Thief – Megan Whalen Turner 215g $3pp as new 5 Taj and the Great Camel Trek – Rosanne Hawke 260g $3pp as new 6 Beorn the Proud – Madeleine Pollard 285g $3pp as new 7 Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze (hardcover) ex-library – Elizabeth Foreman Lewis 535g $3pp We loved this as a read aloud. When Young Fu arrives with his mother in bustling 1920s Chungking, all he has seen of the world is the rural farming village where he has grown up. He knows nothing of city life. But the city, with its wonders and dangers, fascinates the thirteen-year-old boy, and he sets out to make the best of what it has to offer him. First published in 1932, and although China has changed since that time, Young Fu's experiences, like making friends, are timeless. 8 The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time – Mark Haddon 165g $3pp as new 9 Homecoming – Cynthia Voigt 215g $3pp as new 10 Parvana – Deborah Ellis 185g $3pp as new (makes a great companion book with Kinglake to Kabul and Secrets in the Fire for a literature study (see Allen and Unwin guides) https://www.allenandunwin.com/browse/books/childrens/young-adult-fiction/Parvana-Deborah-Ellis-9781865086941 Based closely on real life, this is the exciting and inspiring story of Parvana, a young girl growing up in Afghanistan, as she struggles to make a life for herself and her family under the harsh rule of the Taliban. 11 The Breadwinner DVD – the story of Parvana $5 12 From Kinglake to Kabul – edited by Neil Grant & David Williams, 340g as new $3pp https://www.allenandunwin.com/browse/books/childrens/young-adult-non-fiction/From-Kinglake-to-Kabul-Neil-Grant-and-David-Williams-9781742375304 Kinglake had one day of disaster with far-reaching effects; Kabul has endured 30 years of war. In this remarkable collection of young people's writing, students from schools in Kinglake and Kabul share their stories of resilience, courage and hope. 13 Secrets in the Fire – Henning Mankell 165g $3pp (an excellent companion book to Parvana and Kinglake to Kabul for a literature study involving other cultures) https://www.allenandunwin.com/browse/books/childrens/young-adult-fiction/Secrets-in-the-Fire-Henning-Mankell-translated-by-Anne-Conn-9781865081816 The extraordinarily moving story of a young girl who steps on a land mine in Mozambique, and her indomitable will to survive. 14 The Listmaker – Robin Klein 255g $3pp 15 The Valley of Fear and Selected Cases – Arthur Conan Doyle 300g $3pp old and browning 16 Magyk Book 1 – Angie Sage 485g $3pp as new https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/769483.Magyk The first part of an enthralling new series leads readers on a fantastic journey filled with quirky characters, clever charms, potions and spells. Ages 9+. 17 Small Steps: The Year I got Polio – Peg Kehret 210g $3pp, as new https://books.google.com.au/books/about/Small_Steps.html?id=jewURb1hS8YC Ten years ago, in a riveting story of courage and hope, Peg Kehret wrote of the months she spent in a hospital when she was 12. The book deeply touched readers of all ages and received many awards and honors. 18 The Unforgotten Coat – Frank Cottrell Boyce 290g, as new $3pp http://www.walker.co.uk/The-Unforgotten-Coat-9781406341546.aspx Winner of the 2012 Guardian Children's Fiction Prize, this magical and poignant book is enriched by stunning and atmospheric Polaroid photos. Two refugee brothers from Mongolia are determined to fit in with their Liverpool schoolmates, but bring so much of Mongolia to Bootle that their new friend and guide, Julie, is hard-pressed to know truth from fantasy. Ages 9+ 19 The Thieves of Ostia – Caroline Lawrence 205g $3pp as new https://www.amazon.com/Thieves-Ostia-Roman-Mysteries/dp/1842550209 Flavia Gemina is a natural at solving mysteries. The daughter of a ship's captain living in Ostia, the port of Rome, in AD79, she and her three friends, Jonathan, a Jewish boy (and secretly a Christian); Nubia, an African slave girl; and Lupus, a mute beggar boy, must work together to discover who is beheading the watchdogs that guard people's homes, and why. 20 Catherine Called Birdy – Karen Cushman, 160g $3pp as new https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24137.Catherine_Called_Birdy 21/22/23/24 Stars175g, Camp X 165g, Ricky 305g, Run 210g all by Eric Walters in good condition, $3 each pp or $8 for all Good for English units in Years 6 – 8 https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2487924.Ricky https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/580791.Camp_X https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/580770.Run 25 The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler – Gene Kemp115g, as new $3pp https://www.allenandunwin.com/browse/books/childrens/childrens-fiction/The-Turbulent-Term-of-Tyke-Tiler-Gene-Kemp-9780571313914 26 The Apothecary – Maile Meloy 360g $3pp as new MUSIC 27 The Rudiments of Music – William Lovelock, old and browning 50cpp 140g 28 Art of Teaching Pianoforte Playing – J Alfred Johnstone 50cpp 515g very old hardcover, OK cond with gems of wisdom 28 Sing Clap and Play the Recorder Bk 1 for beginners – H Cox and G Rickard. Very worn condition and covered in red see-through contact. $1pp 210g 29 Usborne book of More Easy Recorder Tunes OK condition 260g $2pp 30 Imaginary Music – Tom Johnson 350g $2 pp. Quirky book, check out this link to see what’s inside: https://www.google.com/search?q=imaginary+music+tom+johnson&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjGxIm2__3fAhVIKo8KHd2rBnIQsAR6BAgCEAE&biw=1601&bih=865 31 Songs of Travel – Ralph Vaughan Williams. Good condition. $2 pp 165g AUSTRALIANA 32 A Boy’s Life – Jack Davis 240g $4pp, good condition. A recollection of childhood and adolescence from warm family life in Yarloop to the shock of Moore River Native Settlement. This book celebrates a great Australian. 33 The Gallipoli Story – Patrick Carlyon 235g $4pp, browning but good condition. Takes young people on a tough journey deep into the heartland of war. A powerful piece of storytelling that brings history to life and shows us the human faces behind the grand story. 34 All the Proud Tribesmen – Kylie Tennant, old ex-library hardcover 385g $2pp The book tells the story of a 12-year-old boy from an imaginary island in the Torres Strait and of a volcanic disaster that drives the local fishing and pearl-diving population to migrate to a neighbouring island. 35 Storm Boy – Colin Thiele, 170g $1pp, very old copy 36 Flags and Emblems of Australia – Jill B Bruce, 160g $3pp, good cond. 37 One Land Many Stories – Pyne, Bowe & Connolly, 855g $5pp good condition ART 38 Gray’s Anatomy a fact-filled coloring book by Freddy Stark PhD good cond. $4 pp 405g https://www.amazon.com/Start-Exploring-Anatomy-Fact-Filled-Coloring/dp/0762440732 39 Cambridge Visual Arts Stage 4 – v. good cond. 910g $5 pp https://www.cambridge.edu.au/education/titles/Cambridge-Visual-Arts%3AStage-4%3Aedition-1ed/#.XEZ6hM8zYUQ 40 Learn to Draw Fantasy Art – Mike Jefferies 275g, $2 pp good cond. https://www.qbd.com.au/learn-to-draw-fantasy-art/mike-jefferies/9780007924868/ 41 The Story of Art – E H Gombrich hardcover 14th ed. good cond. for such an old book. 1275g $10pp 42 Artistic Pursuits Grades K-3 Book 1 – Brenda Ellis 610g $10 pp good cond. MISCELLANEOUS 43 Kevin’s Pearls of Wisdom (from Seachange) 110g 50c pp 44 A Summer in the South – James Marshall. Old hardcover showing signs of wear 240g 50pp 45 Little Men – L M Alcott ex-library copy, old and browning 210g 50c pp 46 Mister God This is Anna – Fynn, old browning and inscribed inside front cover, 120g 50c pp 47 The Time Machine – H G Wells hardcover, very old and browning 190g 50c pp 48 Prince of Tides – Pat Conroy, old, dog-eared and browning 320g 50c pp 49 The Hours – Michael Cunningham, browning, 175g, 50c pp 50The Last of the Mohicans – Fenmore Cooper, old browning hardcover, 210g, 50c pp 51 Mars National Geographic – as new, 325g, $1pp 52 The Song that Sings the Bird – Poems for Young Children, hardcover, inscribed, browning, 360g, 50c pp 53 Catch Me the Moon Daddy, 12 poems from other countries, 95g, 50c pp https://www.amazon.com/Catch-Daddy-Literacy-Links-Fluent/dp/0790116103 54 Ocean Geographic Issue 46 10/2018 Water Planet Edition, as new, 410g $1 pp 55 Sunnylea: A 1920s childhood remembered by Jean Metcalfe, hardcover, browning but ok cond. 485g, $1pp 56 French Dictionary – Oxford Starter $2pp 465g good cond 57 A History of Ideas – Kevin O’Donnell 240g $1pp v good cond. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1112537.A_History_of_Ideas 58 Birds of the Blue Mountains – small paperback 50c pp 150g good cond. 59 Tell Me When? Answers to hundreds of questions. 6 subjects: History and Events, Our World, The Natural World, The Human Body, General Knowledge, Science and Space. Very good con. 555g $5 pp 60 Blake’s Writer’s Guide for primary students – Merryn Whitfield, 410g, good cond. $5pp https://www.blake.com.au/Blake-s-Writer-s-Guide-p/9781921367526.htm 61 Hi Tech Food Stage 4 – Cathryn Sullivan, 245g, good cond, $5pp https://www.booktopia.com.au/hi-tech-food-technology-stage-4-cathryn-sullivan/prod9781740813112.html 62 My TV: A lower highschool drug education resource – a commonwealth government initiative – comes with CD ROM, 245g, $1pp https://trove.nla.gov.au/work/28025144?selectedversion=NBD24810078 63 PD Health PE student Bk 2 textbook – Robert & AdrienneLees, 430g, good cond. Hard to find at the moment, $8pp https://www.booktopia.com.au/personal-development-health-and-physical-education-book-2-book-2-robert-lees/prod9780074715239.html 64 The Big Big Big Book of Brainteasers – The Grabarchuk Family 985g, good cond. $5pp http://www.ageofpuzzles.com/Books/GrabarchuksBooks/BigBigBigBook.htm 65 Leonardo da Vinci Inventions: Pop up models from his drawings, hardcover, good cond. 685g $5pp https://www.booktopia.com.au/inventions-pop-up-models-from-the-drawings-of-leonardo-da-vinci-jasper-bark/prod9781406318289.html 66 Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding: a science curriculum for K-2 – Bernard J Nebel, awesome book, has pencil notes of mine throughout, otherwise good cond. 925g $15pp https://www.amazon.com/Building-Foundations-Scientific-Understanding-Curriculum/dp/1432706101 67 Oxford Children’s book of famous People, hardcover, old but OK cond. 1600g $3pp https://www.amazon.com/Oxford-Childrens-Book-Famous-People/dp/0195215184 68 Oxford Insight History Stage 4 (7), 965g, good cond. $10pp 69 Science Focus 4 - 2nd ed This is a stage 5 text, 1030g OK used cond. $3pp 70 Core Science 2 – 2nd ed This is a stage 4 text, doesn’t have CD ROM anymore, has some pen and pencil marks, 745g $2pp 71 Core Science 1 – 2nd ed This is a stage 4 text, doesn’t have CD ROM anymore, OK cond. 725g $2pp 72 Kids Learn to Crochet – L Guy & F Hall,310g, good cond. $3pp https://www.amazon.com/Kids-Learn-Crochet-Lucinda-Guy/dp/1906007446 73 Usborne, Summer things to make and Do, 225g, good cond. $3pp https://www.amazon.com/Summer-Things-Make-Usborne-Activities/dp/074607669X 74 Diary of a Wimpy Kid books 1 – 6 and 10, good cond. 1500g in total $8pp 75 Family Pilgrim’s Progress, Hardcover, v good cond. 620g $5pp https://www.koorong.com/search/product/the-family-pilgrims-progress-childrens-edition-jean-watson/9781845502324.jhtml 76 Little House on the Prairie – Laura Ingalls Wilder, 7 books (only On the Shores of Plum Creek missing), very old and browning and some loose pages, 975g, $6pp