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Please delete. Items gone.

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items all gone now.....



All items come from a smoke and pet free home and are in goo to excellent/brand new condition. PM me if you want photos or more information about any of the titles.

Thanks for looking.


Primary Science, RIC Publications.  VG cond. Lessons with BLM's. Books: A, B and C available. $5 each. $3 each

DK Eyewonder, Dinosaur. Good cond. PB $2. $1

DK Eye Know, Hardcover, book has pages with flaps, designed for early grades. Exc cond. Titles available: Plant, Water and Tree.  $4 each.  $2 each

ABC Book of God's Creatures, Rod and Staff.  Wonderful nature book as a great alternative to the usual Dr Suess's ABC.  PB in exc condition $3. $1

How To Dig a Hole to the Other Side of the World, Faith McNulty.  PB brand new condition (it was a double up) Sonlight Pre-K.  $6. $4

Is a Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There is?, Robert E Wells.  PB brand new cond. Sonlight Pre-K. $6. $3



Primary Australian History Book A, RIC Publications.  PB good condition. Lessons with BLM's. $4


Primary Mathematics 4B Workbook, US Edition. Singapore Math. Good cond, not used (double up). $4. $3

Primary Mathematics 5B Workbook, US Edition. Singapore Math. Good cond, not used (double up). $4. $3

Primary Mathematics 1A Instructors Guide. Singapore Math.  Spiral Bound, Brand New cond. Suitable for Third Edition and US Edition workbooks. $5. $2

Primary Mathematics 1B Instructors Guide.  Singapore Math.  Spiral Bound, Brand New cond.  Suitable for Third Edition and US Edition workbooks. $5. $2

Primary Mathematics 2A Instructors Guide.  Singapore Math.  PB, VG cond.  Suitable for Third Edition and US Edition workbooks. $5. $2



Letters and Sounds Activity book, Ladybird Reading.  Phonic Sticker Fun. Not used, so all stickers there. PB, VG cond. $2. $1

Sounds and Pictures, Ladybird Reading.  Hardcover, little books.  VG cond.  Set of 6 books: Alphabet sounds, vowel books.  $5 SET. $4 SET

Phonics Sticker Activity Book, Ladybird Reading.  Not used, all stickers there. PB, VG cond. $2. $1

Phonics books, Ladybird Reading.  Hardcover, little books. VG cond. Set of 6 books: Alphapets; Splat Cat; Hot Fox; Stunt Duck; Sheriff Showoff;Frank's Frock $5 SET. $4 set



The Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book, Bob Hartman.  PB, VG cond. Also goes with Sonlight Pre-K.  $6. $4

Uncle Wiggily's Story Book, Howard R Garis.  Hardcover, good condition.  Sonlight Pre-K. $6. $5



Health, Safety and Manners 1, ABeka.  3rd Edition (current one). Student Reader is PB, good cond, some cover creasing.  Teacher Edition is spiral bound with soft front cover and hard back cover, Exc cond.  $15 SET. $10 SET

Bambino LUK set.  For ages 3-5.  Includes 6 tile Tile set with cover in Exc cond, no marks or scratches.  There are 10 books to go with with tile set.  Each book has instructions in German, English, French and Spanish!  My youngest loved this!  $25 for the tile set and books.  $15 SET




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items sold

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Under The Sea, Usborne Begginers. Hardcover, as new condition. SL Core A Science. $4

Discover & Do DVD Level K, InquisiKids.  Sonlight Core A Science. $8

Then and Now, Usborne Talkabout Book.  PB good cond. Sonlight Pre-K $2

Living Long Ago, Usborne. PB VG cond. Sonlight Core A. $5


First Thousand Words in English, Usborne. PB, VG cond. Sonlight Pre-K.  $4

I Can Read it! set, Holzmann.  PB. Fair condition as Book 3 has torn but retaped cover.  Reading set and word lists for Sonlight Grade 1 Readers $2 SET

The Family Under the Bridge, Natalie Savage Carlson.  PB, Exc cond. Sonlight reader Core A $4

The Light at Tern Rock, Julia L Sauer, PB, Exc cond. Sonlight reader Core A $4

Twenty and Ten, Claire Huchet Bishop.  PB VG cond. Sonlight reader Core A $3

Mary on Horseback, Rosemary Wells.  PB Exc cond.  Used as a Sonlight reader in older cores. $3

The Best Trick, Rebecca Lewis.  PB, good cond but some cover creasing and red Core A spine sticker. Sonlight reader Grade 1 $2

The Bravest Dog Ever, True Story of Balto, Natalie Standiford.  Step into Reading Level 3 reader. PB Brand New cond (bought two). Sonlight reader Grade 1. $4

Little Bear, Else Holmelund Minarik.  An I Can Read book, level 1.  PB Good cond, Sonlight reader Grade 1. $2

Usborne Greek Myths. Hardcover, smaller edition from Sonlight. Core B read aloud. Brand new cond (bought two by mistake). $5


I am interested in these

Please PM me with a postage quote

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Hi Juanita6!  I will work out best postage for you and PM you tomorrow morning.

Thanks for your interest :) 

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I am interested in the geography songs book and CD. What would postage to Brisbane be? Please PM me.


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Hi Amy,

I have sent you a PM with postage.

Thanks for your interest :) 


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List is updated to remove sold items.  All items must go - make an offer for bulk lots!!!

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I was wondering if the following is still available please?

How To Dig a Hole to the Other Side of the World

Many thanks, 


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Hi Mignon

Unfortunately I have already moved on the majority of these titles, including the one you wanted! Sorry.

I was unable to log in for a while so I couldn’t delete my post and then I promptly forgot.



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