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Variety of Books 2

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Hello again,

Hope you enjoy the list!

God bless



The Hummingbird Bird Tree by Ian McDonald hb wdj gc $3...Excellent novel especially for Trinidadians in order to understand the social structure after colonialism...Alan was too young to understand why his parents preferred him to play with the other white boys on the estate. But gradually, he learned that if he was going to meet Kaiser and Jaillin, he had to pretend he was going to meet someone else, he had to pretend he didn't enjoy spending time with his friends, he had to pretend he didn't mind when he wasn't allowed to invite them to his party. Sometimes, horribly, the pretending became real, and Alan found himself in betrayal of the friendship that meant so much to him.



Where Four winds Meet by Mary Drewery hb wdj gc $6...


The Summer Travellers by Barbara C. Freeman hb wdj gc $6...A tale of travelling people, loosely set in the nineteenth century. A boook of delicate charm, her books are delighful and very readable...you will want to try and find her other books!


Ace The Very Important Pig by Dick-King-Smith hb wdj gc $3....



Shark Beneath the Reef by Jean Craighead George hb wdj ec $10....


A House for Spinner's Grandmother by Edith Unnerstad hb wdj gc $2....


Pinquo by Colin Thiele pb gc $5... 


The Adventures of the Black Hand Gang by H.J. Press pb gc $4......Frank, Angela, Ralph and Keith, known together as the Black Hand Gang, prove their skill as detectives during four exciting episodes in which they uncover a forger, capture a burglar and enlist the aid of the local police when things get a bit sticky. Every story has illustrations which provide the clues discovered by the Gang. All the necessary clues are shown so you can be a detective with them. But you have to be sharp to keep up with the Black Hand Gang! As the Gang tracks down the criminals, you can keep a score of clues you get right and add them up at the end of the book.


The Glory House by Charlotte Morrow pb gc $3...


Noah's Castle by John Rowe Townsend pb gc $1...The coming winter was going to be a hard one and not because of the weather. As England descends into economic chaos, sixteen-year-old Barry Mortimer's life turns upside down when his father moves the family from their cozy home in the city to a grim, brick mansion on the outskirts of town. Why isn't anyone allowed to visit the Mortimers' new home? What is Father doing in the cellar and why is he keeping it a secret? As rumors of skyrocketing prices and food shortages become reality, Barry's world begins to crumble. Can his family hold together as a nation collapses around them? NOAH'S CASTLE was originally published in the 1970's, so the book reads as a contemporary-historical novel, though that in no way detracts from the power of the story. Townsend has a great voice in Barry; simple but strong. While readers will identify with him, his sister Agnes, and some other characters that come along, the real star of the novel is Barry's father, Norman. It is timeless, action-packed, and very satisfying read. Ages 12+



The Voyage of the Frog by Gary Paulsen pb gc $7..


Ice Race by Gary Paulsen pb gc $7...


Little Playmates Pictures; Stories and Verse  by Blackie hb gc (vintage) $1.....A collection of short stories and poems written for children, brought to life by enchanting drawings. Ages 7++


The Marzipan Pig by Russell Hobin hb gc $8..... 


Margie Merry-Mouse by Willy Schermele  hb gc $4...


The Magic Sleigh-Ride by Joy Wallace hb gc $3....a lovely compilation of stories for young children, especially girls.


The Farm Dog by A.R. Lloyd pb gc $2...


The White Fox by Brian Parvin pb gc $2....The White Fox is an exquisite journey of love and danger set in the future, long after mankind nearly destroyed the world in ‘The Great Burning’. Our titular character, the nameless white vixen, is an exile from her tribe, following her destiny in the search of green and fertile lands to fulfill prophecy.

Exhausted and starved, she is saved by our main protagonist, Chalon the dog fox. He must be her guardian and protector and must safely lead her across the world to the south and the Singing Tree, where she can fulfill prophecy and bring life back to the dying world. The prose is beautiful and it lends an air of beauty and magic to an already special book. The descriptions of the settings are so vivid and clear that it’s like  physically being transported to another world.

The Runaways by Victor Canning pb gc $6...This is the first book of Victor Canning's trilogy. It was written for teenagers, but adults will also find great pleasure in reading it. Canning's love of nature and detailed knowledge of plants, birds and animals makes this story instructive as well as exciting.

On the same stormy night that a cheetah escapes from Longleat Wildlife Park, teenaged Samuel Miles also escapes. Samuel had absconded from an approved school and been picked up by a police patrol car, but a tree falls across the road and Samuel takes this opportunity to run away again. Accused of robbing an old lady, the boy knows that he is innocent and is determined to stay free until his sailor father returns and helps him to prove his innocence.
The cheetah finds shelter near Imber Army Range. Samuel takes a job as a kennel hand but spends his free time exploring the moorland. He glimpses the cheetah, discoveres where she is hiding, and begins to study her.
The cheetah gives birth to cubs but one day Samuel discovers her body. The cubs will not survive on their own. How can Samuel help them without giving his own presence away?



The Black Bear by Virginia Frances Voight pb gc $2....



The Tramp and the Dog by Chris williams pb gc $2.....The tramp, Bill, had been born a Roma—he distinguishes between Roma gypsies and “diddies” (didicoy) or non Roma gypsies— but lost his home when, on his mother’s death, her caravan (vardo) and possessions had been set alight and burned in the Romany tradition. The story is of Bill, now in his latter years, and having confined most of his tramping to the South East England.  It is the dog, an abandoned border collie, that chooses to take up with Bill. The tramp is initially anxious to be rid of the burden of his unwelcome companion, particularly when upon trying to hand the dog in as a stray....yet?


Green smoke by Rosemary Manning pb gc FREE...This book " Green Smoke " is about the magical adventures shared by a child , Susan , and a dragon "who lived by the sea " , this Green Smoke it's full of all the things that friends really do , like sharing biscuits and stories , and forgiving each other for getting cross . R.Dragon isn't one of those frightening dragons you may know , because he has no teeth ans was tamed by St.Petroc after a life of doing wicked things like eating sheep and maidens.


Sons In The Saddle by Mary Durack pb gc $3....Mary Durack's KINGS IN GRASS CASTLES is an Australian classic. Since it was published in 1959 it has gone on selling as new generations of readers discover the pastoralist saga of the Durack family and their cattle spreads across the continent. Now, nearly 25 years later we have the sequel we have been waiting for..." BULLETIN Sydney The second generation of Durack men were not only hardy pioneers, used to droving cattle thousands of miles through the grandeur of north-west Australia, they were also educated travelled men, at home in the worlds of commerce and politics. This story, taken from diaries, letters, and legal documents is the story of Michael Durack, Mary Durack's father, and his vigorous generation. "When the third book in this family saga appears, we will have one of the most illuminating series of books ever written on Australian life.


The Rock and the Sand by Mary Durack pb gc $3...Interesting read on Missionaries in Australia , specifically the Kimberleys from early 19th to mid 20th century.

Detailed history of missionaries and missions in the north-west of W.A.,



Keep Him My Country by Mary Durack pb gc $5..


King's Solomon's Mines by H. Rider Haggard pb gc $2....H. Rider Haggard's King Solomon's Mines has entertained generations of readers since its first publication in 1885. Following a mysterious map of dubious reliability, a small group of men trek into southern Africa in search of a lost friend-and a lost treasure, the fabled mines of King Solomon. Led by the English adventurer and fortune hunter Allan Quartermain, they discover a frozen corpse, survive untold dangers in remote mountains and deserts, and encounter the merciless King Twala en route to the legendary hoard of diamonds.

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Hello, there are lots of animal-lovers in our house!


Please add these to my pile....

Where four winds meet

Ace the very important pig

The farm dog

The black bear





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