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      AussieHomeschool Closing Down   11/14/2019

      All good things must come to an end and AussieHomeschool is no different. It is with much sadness yet even more necessity that this must be so.   As of Sunday evening, 17/11/2019 the Discussion Forums will close. The Classifieds, for now although not indeterminate, will continue as is.       Why is this happening now? In all honesty, it probably should have happened many years ago but I created this forum, which originally a homeschool classifieds forum for Aussies, about 20 years or so ago. I, along with others for whom I am gratefully indebted to, have spent many, many hours sweating, laughing, praying, crying, writing, apologising, pleading and speaking about this wonderful place. In this day and age of Social Media, along with our ages and therefore differernt stages of life, it is simply not viable in any way for it to continue. You may think differently and that's okay - you honestly have to have lived through some of the dramas and learning opportunities that we all have to truly appreciate why we have the standards that we do - they were borne out of necessity and not undertaken lightly. Much blood, sweat and tears have been spilt over this place. Even more friendships, learning, debate, love, prayer and great times have been had becuase of AussieHomeschool. No one could ever be more thankful for it than I.

      I understand you may feel frustration or even anger and for that I apologise, I feel you. But now it is YOUR time to go out and spread the word of home education and its benefits. Share YOUR story, tell those you know and don't know about homeschooling and what is has done for your family.   On behalf of John (my long suffering and patient husband), myself and the ENTIRE moderating team over the many years - I THANK YOU and WISH YOU ALL THE VERY BEST IN ALL YOUR ENDEAVOURS.   God Bless, Susan (HomeGrownKids /  AussieHomeschool)


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More Alice by Yates Wilson (after Lewis Carroll) hb gc $6....More Alice' is a continuation of the original Alice adventures written unashamedly in the style of Lewis Carroll and illustrated with John Tenniels' Alice in mind. The work was begun following a request from the author's daughter who, when ill and having listened to the two famous 'Alice' stories, asked for more Alice.


Little Things by Prajaub Thirabutana hb wdj gc $5....Little Things is the story of village life in north-east Thailand. It is told by a young girl, Sumlarn Meesin, as she grows from childhood to maturity. On the face of it, it is a simple tale. But to read it is to step into another world, which is now fast vanishing under the onslaught of Western 'civilization'.

Prajuab Thirabutana, the youngest of ten children, has spend most of her life in north-east Thailand. She is unmarried, but, like many single Thai women, she has adopted a child and lives in the provincial capital of Ubon, near the Cambodian border.


Lucy Jane at the Ballet by Susan Hampshire hb wdj gc $5... Lucy Jane is sent to stay with her aunt when her mother goes in to hospital. Aunt Sarah is wardrobe mistress at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden and Lucy Jane is swiftly drawn into the life of a ballet company. 


The Roundabout on the Roof by Hans Baumann(author of  several of historical fiction books)hb wdj gc $5....


The Day Jean-Pierre Joined the Circus by Paul Gallico hb wdj $2....Jean- Pierre is a slightly magic guinea pig who lives with Cecile Durand, in this book Jean-Pierre's adventures include Paris and a circus


The Day Jean-Pierre went Round the World by Paul Gallico hb wdj $2..a delightful tale of the travels of a guinea pig and the letters sent "from him" from all over the world. A good way to share the map with a young one! An absolute must read from any parent to their child or for any child to read on their own.


The Dog with a Bad Name hb gc $2....This is an engaging story of the trials, tribulations and ultimate redemption of a young man trying to live down a dark episode in his life. It is well written, with compelling characters, and although it seems to be targeted for young people, it is sophisticated enough for even the oldest of adult tastes. What a pity no one writes this kind of material for young people, any more. Lots of great lessons to be learned in this kind of story. This is an enjoyable and engaging adventure of a different time with well drawn characters who inspire much affection and concern.


The Pochetto Coat by Ted Greenwood hb wdj $2...Ted Greenwood is an Australia children's author and winner of at least four awards. here Was Once A Lively Young Actor Named Fellipe Who Made Himself A Trick Coat With A Thousand Pockets And Gave Himself The Stage Name Of Pochetto. He Was The First Pochetto, But Over The Years There Have Been Many Many More. 


The Sun's Babies by Edith Howes hb gc $3....Stories about plants, animals and fairies through all seasons of the year.


The Cunning Little Vixen by Rudolph Tesnohlidek  (illustrated by Maurice Sendak) hb wdj ec $5....First published in 1920, this hugely popular Czech tale is only now translated into English.he original tale behind "The Cunning Little Vixen" is literate and fascinating, a story for people who like "folk-tales," not a simple "childrens story" at all. The illustrations were evidently made by Sendak in preparation for a production of the famous Janacek opera.This story is nothing short of excellent, and a wonderful candidate for reading to childen


Nikita's Childhood by A Tolstoi hb gc $5....A lyrical story, originally published in 1922, with autobiographical elements of a childhood in a Russian village, Nikita's Childhood is considered one of Tolstoi's major works


The Painted Staue by Stephanie Claire hb wdj gc $3.....Danny and Adam solve the case of the missing statue.


Everybody's Land by A.Rutgers vander Loeff (auhor of Avalanche) hb wdj gc $3...


Camerons Calling by Jane Duncan hb wdj gc $



The Noel Streatfeild Easter Book hb wdj gc $2.....Noel Streatfeild finds Easter the loveliest holiday of the year. In this anthology, she looks back on her own Easter holidays as a girl and introduces each story and poem--by a number of different authors--with a recollection of her own.


Corcoran's the Name by Olaf Ruhen hb wdj $3....


Zia by Scott O'Dell hb wdj ec $4...A young Indian girl, caught between the traditional world of her mother and the present world of the mission, is helped by her Aunt Karana, whose story was told in Island of the Blue Dolphins.


The Willows in Winter by William Horwood hb f-gc $2....For now, in an act of homage and celebration, William Horwood has brought to life once more the four most-loved characters in English literature: the loyal Mole, the resourceful Water Rat, the stern but wise Badger, and, of course, the exasperating, irresistible Toad. The result is an enchanting, unforgettable new novel, enlivened by delightful illustrations, in which William Horwood has recaptured all the joy, magic, and good humor of Grahame's great work - and Toad is still as exasperatingly lovable as he ever was. 

Susan at Herron's Farm by Barbara Wilcox  hb wdj gc $2...The wonderful story of Susan's experiences when she goes to work on a farm.When Susan arrived to work at Herron's Farm, she sensed at once the air of mystery there. Why did the colour drain from John Herron's face when he first saw her on a wet July evening? Why did his housekeeper let her dishes crash to the floor as Susan walked in through the farmhouse door... Ages 14+


The Strange Story of Pippin Wood by Irene Byers hb wdj gc  $2....


The Cave by Richard Church hb $4....Exciting adventure if a little old fashioned. Map essential to follow boys exploits. If you want an 'easy' read don't. If you want a very well thought out plot about adventuresome boys in an extremely realistic plot setting buy it!!


The Cradle Ship by Edith Howes hb gc $2....A delightful fantasy by well known New Zealand writer, Edith Howes which was first published in 1916 with the delightful and delicate illustrations by british artist and printmaker, Florence Anderson. When twins want to know where their new baby came from, their mother takes them on a voyage of discovery aboard the Cradle Ship.[The story of the arrival of a new baby, interwoven into a fairy story.]


The Sun's Babies by Edith Howes hb gc $2.....Stories about plants, animals and fairies through all seasons of the year.


The Puffin Book of Nonsense Stories illustrated by Quentin Blake pb gc $3...The stories are a marvellous mix of nonsense. Classic stories include extracts from Roald Dahl, Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear and Margaret Mahy. These are combined with less well-known but equally anarchic material - from authors such as Jane Austen and Evelyn Waugh. The stories are selected and illustrated widly by Quentin Blake, and are written by authors such as Lewis Carroll, James Thurber, Edward Lear, Jane Austen, Noel Coward, and Evelyn Waugh. A great opportunity to expose myself and the children to authors i might otherwise pass by.


The Cloister and the Hearth by Charles Reade hb gc $3....Beautifully written, The Cloister and the Hearth is the tale of the forbidden love between Gerard Eliassoen, a young novice scribe and illuminator, and Margaret Brandt, the daughter of a physician. The story takes place during the late Middle Ages. The story is not only bitter-sweet but also a fantastic 15th Century romp with our hero, Gerard, getting into all kinds of scrapes, some of which are fraught with danger while others are absolutely hilarious.From an educational standpoint, the book contains a meticulous recreation of fifteenth-century European life with mention of various historical persons, often describing the events, people, and practices in minute detail.  Reade's knowledge of the Medieval times are unparalleled. HIGHLY recommended!


Lawrence Welk's Bunny Rabbit Concert hb ec $2...A budding musician acquires a devoted but unusual audience.


Enid Blyton's Bluebell Storybook hb gc $3...


Warne's First Book for Children hb gc $3...


My Picture Story Bible hb wdj ec $3...It has almost of the narratives from the Bible without commentary or explanation. It does a really good job of being faithful to what the Bible actually says. It tells hard stories on a child's level but faithfully.


The Golden Children's Bible hb gc $3...As a fawn drinks from a stream, the serpent proudly observes something from a tree--Eve is offering the forbidden fruit to Adam! The Fall, and all the other timeless stories of the Old and New Testament spring to life for your children through this colorfully illustrated Bible with clear and simple text. It has also been approved by an editorial board consisting of leaders from the Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish faiths. A Golden classic for 30 years! Recommended for ages 8 to 12, 510pages.



Great People of the Bible by Rev. Jude Winkler hb wdk ec $7....A terrific guide to the people of the Bible from a Catholic perspective. At first glance, this oversized picture book may appear to be for children, but that is not really the case. The text is not written to children but in a straightforward manner to the Catholic Christian. Each person is given a two-page spread with a gorgeous religious painting of the subject on the left. The text on the right can be used as a devotional or study tool as it gives what biographical history we know of the person, the time period the book of the Bible was written. The purpose of the book where we find this person and the message we are to learn from the person, along with some theological discussion of many topics. Suitable for  ages who are mature enough to understand the level of information. I would certainly use this in a homeschool setting, for older children , say 14+ or as the base for a Bible study as books and chapters of the Bible where the people can be found are listed. The book does have an imprimatur. 



The Little Princess An Allegory on the Eucharist for Children by A. M. Tennant hb RARE and OP $15...

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